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Today we looked at the vp groups, he’s saying back, hitting. Have you guys, uh? You know worked out when all this is going to happen. Well, we have we have in his case. You know 48 hours, so um we actually just got off a long phone call right now with a lot of people centered around the roster. So those conversations are happening um. You know trying to get different points of view and everyone’s. You know able to weigh in on different things before uh. We make a final decision and when these kind of decisions happen obviously you’re a former player you’re. Very you know attuned to the fact that this is you know, player’s career. How does one handle it, especially with veteran players like detroit um? As best you can? I mean try to be transparent, where you can be um uh. You know there’s always a compassionate element that uh, you know, i think it’s important then, and i think we do a good job of never taking it lightly when we are dealing with somebody’s livelihood, but also understand that this is our job to make this call and To make difficult calls and we’ll do it to the the best of our ability and and try and serve our team and and individuals as best we can. We go next to sweeney murty go ahead, sweeney aaron. Do you have anything uh further on justin wilson at this point he might start to throw no, he won’t throw for at least a few days um.

You know, hopefully, by the end of the week, uh he’ll start back on on throwing again. Okay, um it’s been kind of a quiet spring for clint frazier, and i kind of mean that in a good way you know there’s, usually a lot of noise surrounding him he’s having a pretty good spring without standing, not right um, i mean what do you think Of what’s happening here, the opportunity he ends for him, uh he’s he’s come in. You know again one of those guys that came in in really good shape, prepared ready to go ready to work. His work has been excellent. Um. You know like like what he’s continuing to do on the defensive side of the ball, with the just being kind of entrenched in his routine and his work out there um you know, has – has been physically sound to be able to get regular at bats. So i feel like his build up, and his progression has gone well and i’m looking forward to him going out and having a really good year. What does it say to you that he’s been able to do this for a month now, with without the normal noise that is associated with well i’m? Not surprised i mean this is you know, we’ve seen this development in this maturity really over the last couple of years, so um you know excited about where he’s at as a player as a person and um, you know looking forward to him.

Being you know one of our mainstays, eric boland, please on you, you have the next question. Do you have an update on clark schmidt? Still not throwing he’s got just a little bit of discomfort in there still he’s able to do quite a bit upper body and weight room things um, but until he is completely asymptomatic, he won’t start his throwing program, we’re hoping that’s imminent in in any day, but Until he gets any level of discomfort out of there, he won’t start a throwing program and then relating to jordan, montgomery, you expressed confidence in him from day one of spring training really dating back to um last year. What specifically has stood out about his spring to you so far, um? Well, he he threw really well again. Yesterday he went over and faced a number of philly sitters, a lot of their big boys over in clearwater yesterday and and threw the ball really well um. Just just you know, being more in control and command of his delivery, repeating his delivery, more throwing more strikes, consistently, um, the uptick and stuff. You know the curveball and the changeup have always been really good kind of swinging, miss pitches for him, but i’ve really liked how he’s used both his actually all three as fast balls. Now, with the cutter, especially his last two outings he’s really used his cutter really effectively um, you know able to use the four seam at the top of his own, the good two seam fastball, so his his pitch package, i feel like right now – is really good And and he’s getting more and more consistent uh with that pitch package, um and and as a result, he’s had a really good spring and and uh.

You know i feel like he’s in a really good spot as we get ready to start the season go ahead. Uh next question to pete caldera pete eric and garcia your rotation to the number five spot. Would you anticipate the other guy to be in your bullpen, or would you rather have have one of those lengthened out um yeah? Do we view the both of them? As starters yeah guest appearance from mark feinstein mark, please unmute id hi, martin um, two quick ones. You said you guys have 48 more hours on first. How have you sort of assessed his his spring been really good um? You know, one of the things i wanted to do is get him a lot of work at first base and kind of see what that looks like i’ve been i’ve been. No, i don’t want to say pleasantly surprised because you know i’d heard. I know he’s done that before and he’s kind of looked apart, but um. He certainly looked the part to me over there. I feel like he moves naturally over at first base. We know what he can do in the corner. Outfields i feel like he’s he’s healthy. I feel like his swings in a pretty good place. He’S impacted a number of balls for us um, so he’s shown, i think everything we could have hoped for uh when when we brought him in and sort of the same question that pete asked, but on michael king, do you view him as a starter only or Do you look at him as a guy who could be kind of that swing, man of the bullpen yeah he could be, he could he he could possibly be both and we i definitely view him as a starter and feel like.

I feel like michael king’s, made a lot of progress from last year into the winter and now into this year. I feel like he’s, a he’s, a better pitcher now than he was several months ago. Um. I i feel like he can be a starter in this league, but i do think there’s also a role for him uh, potentially in the bullpen as well. I like, where he’s at given all the uncertainty of, add workloads and names coming off the short season. Do you think having to carry more than one long man in your pen, some other manner just talked about, maybe needing more than one of those guys who can give you two threes at a time yeah i mean you know, i guess your definition of long man Um, you know, i think you’re gon na look at our pen and see a number of guys that you know can be anywhere from two to four inning type, guys you know some guys are you know, starter ish that are down there.

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