New York Yankees, Opening Day, American League GM Brian Cashman on the end of camp & Opening Day

So i know money announced the uh the rotations line up as we start the season, and you know i think, that’s, where we kind of expected it. If you asked in the wintertime, where do you think it would look like if everything played out properly without without injury um and i think that’s how it would have been designed and it kind of played out that way? So you know so far you know camp in terms of starting rotations worked out uh. Well, much more to add, i mean just going through the normal spring training uh in the covid environment. So uh, you know any any little issue. That’S conveyed! You know you, you kind of react a little uh larger too, so we just sent them through all the protocols and thankfully you know um we’ve eliminated all all the stuff other than the fact that every now and then you can come up with not feeling really Well so uh, but no he’s fine. I talked to him on the phone and uh. You know he you know, but thankfully you know he’s smart enough to share hey. I just didn’t wake up feeling all that great and you you know over the last day or so so you just run through the protocols to make sure you’re, not in a worse spot and thankfully we’re, not yeah the pollen. The pollen down here in florida is pretty bad at times and it can get the best of any of us and uh.

So it’s he’s not been the first one we’ve had to deal with that in camp nor the last. But obviously, when someone like his name is expected to be in a lineup and then it’s not and it’s, going to raise the appropriate questions and concerns, and so um that’s what that’s? What we’re dealing with avoid time surgery today in new york, uh at hss by dr allcheck um that’s tonight, um justin wilson is gon na start the season on the dl he’s doing really well, but in terms of it’s one of those circumstances, because he’s a pitcher And we mapped out uh to properly now get him his bullpens. Then his live sessions and stuff. It would bleed into the start of our season. Uh physically. He feels like he could go and doesn’t want to be on the dl, but in terms of making sure that we, you know, get him built, we’re finished off properly. It just bleeds into the regular season, so we’re not going to have opening day dick t um. All right he’s got to be ready and let’s just have him on the roster. You know, and so we have a lot of difficult conversations to make sure that we handle his return to play protocols properly and make sure he checks all the throwing boxes. Uh along the way, which includes uh several bullpen sessions, a couple live batting practice sessions, uh prior to getting the all clear, so he’s he’s, certainly going in the right direction.

He did a bullpen today. He feels good, but but unfortunately, he’s got a few more hurdles to clear uh. You know for us to feel comfortable in releasing them back into the wild. So he’ll start the season on the dl retroactive i’m, not officially putting him on the deal by sharing that with you uh right now, uh it’ll be done uh prior to you know when the roster is uh due on opening day, but but in terms of how He’S feeling and how he’s responded to the downtime everything’s checking out, which is good, and hopefully that continues as he uh finishes off uh. You know his spring training that was interrupted with the episode coming off the mound uh not too long ago, uh in terms of zac reno, where they have a time frame. I mean we’re, certainly hoping uh to get him back, whether it’s late may or or june. I guess um but there’s nothing. I know he’s doing well he’s feeling well as he’s, going through his his post, surgical uh um physical therapy uh, but there’s, nothing more to add on him right now, and so i was white britain and wilson anybody else. We go next to bruce back everything and anything, including uh. You know getting your team vaccinated down the line at some point. You know and making sure everybody you know, gets staggered out and properly vaccinated and feeling good from it and then staying healthy on the field of play regardless and winning your games as many as you possibly can as soon as you possibly can so it’s.

All the above, you know, you know we want to have a great team on the field of play. Every time somebody watches us play and uh. We want to win as many possible games as you can, and then we want our fan base and the industry to be proud of the product that we’re producing um. You know, despite everything that’s going on in the time frame we’re in so we leave tampa. I think in pretty good shape, you know not with everybody we want to leave, but that’s true of everybody in any camp and we’re excited to start the major league season, and i know everybody’s excited to get fans back into the stands throughout the country. It’S a it’s, exciting time for the country to be opening back up again. Finally and uh, and every week is better news, which is great we’re. All you know i’m, not vaccinated yet and i’d say most of and most of our personnel are not player, wise or staff uh, because obviously the eligibility hasn’t been there and so, but it seems like every day or so there’s a new lower bar, which is great So we’re just you know patiently waiting for you know those windows to be cleared and a runway to land on. So we can, you know, you know, deploy you know, like everybody, else’s we’re, all waiting. You know and excited the you know to clear that hurdle too, but you know we just have to wait our turn.

So, on the vaccination side you know um whenever they give us the green light, meaning the medical staff that’s part of the state and local protocols and then we’ll start putting a game plan together and staggering it properly, but uh that hasn’t happened yet. But we know those days are coming sooner than later, because things are opening up uh around the country and that’s that’s great for everybody um. The other question you had was i’m sorry, the roster i’ll give you a few more um, so tyler wade’s on and uh and michael king is on um, so uh. I think that that puts us at 25 and we have a 26th final decision uh. That will be made here at some point, but probably not officially today and um, but i think those are two more names that you didn’t, maybe officially have just yet so you’re. A really tough reporter drilling down on that area is that is that what what’s? The last decision to be made uh who’s gon na basically replace wilson. You know on the roster, you know when, whenever he’s officially deal see a player he’s coming in great shape, he’s worked his tail off uh. You saw obviously a lot of on the offensive side. You saw more results early in camp, less results, late in camp um, you know, and on the defensive side, he’s definitely uh worked his tail off. I’Ve heard a lot of positive reviews from from our uh catching coach um and i think uh his receiving has been improved on that matter and then you collapse that all into it’s, march and february, and what do you make of it regardless so um? You know when we made the commitment to bring him back and continue that investment uh.

That was a statement that we believe and hope he can continue to be. You know uh, you know a number one catcher in this game and, of course, obviously uh, especially with that bat, and so i think that the true test comes in in the regular season when uh, when that plays out so we’re gon na find out it’s. You know very similar, obviously never got a chance to see as much room just saw mostly from afar and limited scouting reports limited video views, but um not too dissimilar uh. You know – maybe maybe a you know, a slight difference in bilo right now, which is not unusual for his uh spring training norm, um so but he’s kind of advertised uh, you know kind of a silent assassin goes about his business in a very professional quiet way. Um you know and uh, so no he looks he looks good. He looks like he’s gon na help us, so that was the hope. Obviously, by signing him and we’ll just play it out so far so good because uh, he hasn’t pitched a lot. The last couple of years, do you have questions about his durability for the season or by seeing him healthy and pitching? Well? Is that somewhat answered for you? No, i think that their ability, stuff is going to be a fair question that nobody really it’s a fair question to be asked of us and of them uh and that’s, and we have a collection of those.

I mean whether it’s a jameson tion, whether it’s a corey clover, whether it’s, you know domingo hermond, because you know he missed so much time. Um, you know whomever and whatever, and even if you’re a reliever come off a 60 game. You know covet season where you only pitched. You know 18 innings, you know it’s. How are they going to be handling their workload as they approach a 40 or 50 innings? Or what have you so, i think it’s, fair of everybody and anybody, some maybe more than others, just because they’re coming off of an injury or a tommy john return, or what have you so uh, but bottom line is all we can ask for is do they Look like they’re competing uh, effectively and healthy at whatever stage of the game you’re at, and the answer right now so far has been yes and that’s. All we can ask for and we believe and hope that uh there is going to be a long term contribution and health for them and therefore for us, but nothing’s guaranteed but we’re going to do everything in our power and the best of our abilities. To maintain that uh separately, let me throw out before i forget so derek dietrich – has agreed to go to our alternate camp uh chirinos has agreed also to stay along um with us as well and be part of that alternate site, as he comes back from his Injury we’ve released julius chess scene as he’s evaluating uh his choices, uh per the mandate of his contract, um i’m, not sure if i have any more on that level.

But i wanted to throw those to the group’s way, just know that when we can keep on the field, he is, you know one of the scariest hitters in the game and um and he’s been able to stay on the field, obviously um throughout this spring. I know last year got interrupted really early. I think game two of the season we’re in dunedin. When i got that phone call but yeah, you know it’s hard to say you know. I know he. He looks good um but he’s the type of athlete that one he’s playing, of course he’s gon na look good. You know when he’s out on the field, he stands out um. I know he’s worked really hard, he’s committed. He actually has responded well and and to the training adjustments um. I believe his communication within our staff uh has been that it’s really. He feels it’s really positively influencing, obviously the ultimate outcome and the efforts that he’s putting forth there, but he works his tail off. He commit he’s committed to it. Uh, hopefully, we’ll have the uh the payoff of blessed full season of health. Um we’ll see, i don’t, know um but uh, but i know he cares about it. He’S trying he’s working towards those goals, um then we’re gon na you know, play it out, but it’s a competitive sport, regardless uh, and that makes you know anytime anybody’s thinking the field you’re gon na have that risk of an injury happening uh, whether you’re a pitcher Or a position player, so hopefully we can ward off all those keep them in the in the rear view, mirror uh, but at the same time recognizing that you know it’s 162 grind flying all over the country, he’s a big big man and uh.

You know. Maybe i might mean he’s a little bit more susceptible or not, but but we’re gon na do everything in our power, as is he uh to keep him healthy? So he can really impact that one column for us, because when we, when we are able to do that, he’s a force to be reckoned with, obviously, racism is uh, is not welcomed anywhere and uh and i feel horrible. Obviously i i have not had the article translated i’m aware of of uh of the article that there’s, you know he had he or his family uh, but his family is part of him. You know, may have experienced um, you know something, and so i can’t speak to it because it’s not that he shared that with me or therefore us um, but uh, but obviously there’s no place in this world for racism and and um and so it’s heartbreaking to Hear any of these stories that come out whether you’re within the game of baseball or outside the kingdom of baseball it’s, just we need to as a society a you know, a better job of making sure that that is unwelcome in any walk of life. And so uh i’m sorry to hear about it, but i don’t know the specifics to it. Okay, and just to make sure i understand you so uh tanaka or you know you weren’t informed of this situation. You, just you know, are learning remnant through my question or no, i uh i’m, not aware of of again i haven’t read the article and massier tanaka nor his interpreter did share that now i did talk to masih or tanaka personally, when he left to go back To japan and thanked him for everything here we had a really good conversation.

It was him and his interpreter myself and george rose, and it was a very upbeat conversation about. You know his time with the yankees and uh you know, and so it was.

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