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Just your thoughts on wanting to do that and uh how that came to be and why it was important to you i mean i think, it’s pretty simple, as you know, wanting to do it. Why um you know any way you can honor those two cardinal legends it’s, a special something that one of my you know, one of my buddies and i we talked about you know what can we do for at least for opening day and and for the season And uh, that was something we came up with to you know: honor honor, both of them um, just absolute legends, carmen legends, baseball, legends and uh. You know it’s just gon na be they came out great it’s gon na be fun to wear them. My other one um, the mlb, released it’s kind of pre season hype, video today a lot of prominent players in it. I think 11 teams make an appearance, no cardinals. What do you make of of just where this team is, and do you think you guys might be in a position to take? Take some folks by surprise this year? I don’t care for any of these videos. Never have i don’t, follow them on any type of social media, it’s all the same stuff that they do so all right. Who cares? We know, we know who we are. We know how good we are and we know what we can do um. You know we had a guy adding on our not out to our team and uh it we got ta, we got ta.

We got a really good group of guys in here and uh. These guys can handle adversity, no matter what it is um. We saw that last year we saw kind of what this team is made of and uh just being able to go through the season and being go through the ups and downs that we went through so it’s, uh and i’m. Just looking forward to taking the field with these guys for 162 and getting a full run of things, you want me to run this one ronald, jose, hey uh, jack thinking back toward the high school. Have you talked to uh max and uh other teammates about your? Your three of you all starting on opening day tomorrow and was that anything back in school. You got three ever talked about: uh it’s, not something we ever talked about in school, because i don’t think when they were there. I don’t think people thought i was going to pitch at that point until my my senior year um. We definitely knew that you know lucas and max were going to get we’re going to start on opening day together at some point and uh. I think i was the third one that was kind of added to that i don’t think uh. We really knew that that was gon na be a possibility, but it’s cool man i’m happy for both those guys really happy for lucas really happy for max um. Both those guys have been you know studs the last couple of years and they’re.

Just you know they work so hard. The amount of work that they put into things it’s fun to see it’s fun, to watch it’s fun to be surrounded by guys with that caliber and have relationships with them. So um it’s fun to watch their their work in the offseason and and just see it paying off for them have you spoke or texted to them in the last few days we talk all the time, it’s, nothing new, so um. You know if, and i wish i could – you know – tune in and watch them, but you know i’ll be uh, i’ll, probably go back and watch it uh on friday or something see how they see how it went. Thank you, jeff jones, belleville, news, democrat jack. The importance of an opening day started for a pitcher obviously has a cares. A lot of symbolism with it does last year’s feel different. Does that i don’t know how do you compare getting that honor last year? Given the way the season shook out to what it’s going to be like this year in a full year with fans and a little bit yeah, i mean it’s going to be fun to have a full. You know whole 162 to go out and compete with these guys um. You know in terms of opening day, i think every start that we take whether it’s in spring training or whether it’s uh. You know the last game of the season takes on the same importance.

Um so there’s no added importance on it on it being opening day. There’S man it’s not to you know like uh, you know talk down. The fact of you know it’s cool to be starting on opening day, but every start that we take on is the same importance. It uh we give the same level of commitment to it and, and you know, preparation and everything so it’s it from start one of spring training to the last start week in the season. Each one takes on the same amount of prep and importance so it’s uh it’s, just something that uh yeah i mean it’s gon na be fun to go. Do it it’s, just it’s. Just start one start one of the year. The second one i wanted to ask you: do you uh, do you think adam’s going to be out here, leaning back in bp, like at every park, all season to make a point about pitchers heading we’re sitting here watching like jack home runs during bp this afternoon? I think you’re going to see it in in game. I mean we’re going to try to do everything we can to. You know push for pitchers hitting you know going forward so um. You know we didn’t get a lot of that bats in spring. So you know we’re gon na we’re gon na give it everything we got. But you know we work on a day in day out, he’s fun to watch take vp.

He was you get the position players out there. First time we fit around them so he’s trying to put a little bit of a show for them uh but yeah john marowski, hey thanks! Congratulations! Jack! On the open day assignment again uh! I wonder jack! If you could share what you might have been doing in april of 2005, when yadi made his first ever opening day start way back then, and maybe what you make of just his longevity in the streak that continues here to this day, she is uh that’s, a Crazy thing to kind of think about, i mean i was you know. Third fourth grade, probably uh, i don’t know probably doing something – probably probably playing ball with with a bunch of the guys that i grew up with and are still close with to this day. So it’s uh it’s a crazy thing to think about, but that dude is uh. You know he’s an inspiration for each and every one of us and him and him and wayne to to be uh to be out there still doing it still going strong and uh to do what they do. It’S an inspiration. You know to continue to play that long and want to you know at one point want to be considered. You know the old guy in the clubhouse it’s thanks jack, stl, sports, page and jack. One of the things that every team is going to deal with this year is the workload on the starting pitchers and the up tick.

From last year, when you didn’t pitch, you know hardly at all. Is that something that you’re concerned about, or you think about or have a goal as far as innings, pitched or anything is concerned, how teams are going to handle that i’m not i’m, not concerned about it? I think we’ll we’ll go about it as a team and we’ll see kind of how things stack up and it just you know, comes comes about. You know the preparation that we put in especially myself. Putting in the offseason preparing to make 35 starts a year, and you know 200 plus innings whatever it is whatever is asked, but all i can do each and every game is continue to go out and make pictures until shilthi comes and tells me that’s it, and So that’s uh that’s what’s what the focus is each time i step on the mound and then uh you know once i’m off, then the focus goes into getting ready for that next time out getting ready for that next start, so it’s uh it’s just going to Be about it, you know, like i said, it’s going to be about you know, taking the mountain and uh continue and execute until he tells me you know, that’s it and then prepping for the next one randy carricker espn 101 hi jack uh, taking nothing away from Your defenses of the past now that you’ve added aronada with the infield that you have, can you or will you change your approach at all? Do you need to try as hard for strikeouts now with the infield that you guys have we don’t, i don’t ever try for strikeouts strikeouts just happen if i get out on the first pitch and i get a ground ball to short or whatever.

If i can pop up on the first pitch that’s, just as good, if not better than you know, punching that guy out on on three four pitches, you know i just saved a couple: a couple and uh. You know more time you can get guys in and out get in and out um on the first few pitches. That means you’re in control. It means you’re in command. So you know we’ve had a really good defense. We’Ve, had you know studs out there i mean you know long won gold glove. The last two years, paulie’s been there uh goldie’s. You know he’s awesome over there at first and you know tommy’s gon na step in a second he’s he’s done a really good job. Whenever he’s been in the field, and then you got that guy over there at third, you know it helps so strikeouts happen. I don’t know you don’t, really not really working for them, there’s, there’s time and place in certain situations where you know. Maybe you get into a point: you need one, but for the most part, it’s just games about getting outs, doesn’t matter, whether it’s, strikeout or you know, get a ground out on the first pitch yeah. Where would you kind of evaluate yourself coming out of spring physically from a mental standpoint, and how much does this coming out of this normal spring compared to last year, getting a little bit more amped up for this season and – and you know just getting back into Kind of this normal routine that was kind of taken away from me last year.

No, i mean it’s, it was good to get a normal spring in good. To get to kind of you know, go through a whole whole spring training whole build up um, so we feel good. You know it’s it’s looking forward to getting out there and you know going after it, for you know a full season, so it’s gon na you know it’s gon na be fun. I i i just feel ready to go mike reeves illinois, radio jack i’m, just wondering how much does the cold, weather and weather conditions affect, how you pitch, or have you noticed in the past that it’s mattered that much given what tomorrow may be? I mean it. Doesn’T change the game. We’Re still 60 feet, six inches away, plates still 17 inches, so nothing else changes just some cold weather. Obviously you know you got to handle the conditions, but nothing about the game. Changes goal is still uh goals stay the same so i’d say you control, what’s in front of you control the game that you can that’s about it jack one other thing not asking you individually what you did or didn’t do. But what do you have a feeling about getting the covet vaccines for the players? And you know if that’s going to help kind of normalize things a little bit and ease some of the restrictions um, you know that’s, i mean that’s a mlb thing that’s on whatever they want to do with it.

I know there’s been talks about um. You know what the restrictions the let up on the restrictions might be um. I haven’t looked too much into it, because we’ve been fully informed on on what those are going to be so um we’ll kind of figure out as uh. You know, as we get a couple weeks into this thing: derrick gould, post dispatch, hey jack i’m, just wondering we heard a lot about how the protocols last year may have impacted with some of the hitters and what they could do. Video wise and everything like that. How’S preparation been for opponents this this year. Is it back to normal as well? I mean. Are you looking at the reds and you’re like okay i’ve done this before? I know how to ready for this team what’s the interaction going to be like during a game. As far as you know, adjustments you need to make uh, i mean i think it’s going to be a little bit easier, this year being able to get in and make adjustments and and look at you know the normal things that you kind of look at to To prepare, i think certain guys were missing that last year and it took away from that little bit of preparation aspect, which you know. I always it that little preparation aspect that you can get it whether or not it gives you an advantage, maybe mentally it gives you the advantage. You know knowing that you’re that prepared and you’re ready to go and prepared every for every single circumstance.

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