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Yankees dodgers padres. What? If we told you none of the above, you know what let’s dive in to our first game: we’re going chronologically, we’re, going to start with the mlb matchup that kicks off everything, it’s toronto and the yankees roo versus cole. These are two decent teams: toronto’s up and coming. They got young bats. We know who the bronx bombers are: we’re gon na go with garrett, cole, the veteran and the bronx bombers here, so new york yankees over the toronto blue jays number, two cleveland vs detroit great matchup, i love i’m wearing the cleveland jersey, uh. Unfortunately, cleveland got rid of their best player in lindor. He went to the mets. Are they rebuilding? Are they retooling? We don’t know. On the other side, the tigers they have boyd on the mound grossman, some mid uh tier level, guys they picked up they’re a good team but bieber’s going on the other side, i’m. Going to tell you right now, though, i don’t trust shane, bieber they’re talking about trading him already. I like that his head is probably not going to be in the game here and we’re, going to go with the tigers on the money line, but our best bet number one of the day is tigers, indians over seven and a half. So we like the tigers that’s our pick for who wins, but our best bet in that game is cleveland tigers over seven and a half runs number three on the slate is the baltimore orioles.

First, the boston red sox, orioles have means and boston has avali on the mound. Uh baltimore is in its third fourth 19th year of rebuilding they’re, not a good team. We know that boston had one of its worst years. Ever last year. They were in last place. They sucked they’re terrible, but they do have good pieces in place. So we are going to take boston over baltimore. Here means he had a higher high era last year. I think uh he keeps doing the same thing. Boston’S going to win pretty easily number four we’re going to minnesota and milwaukee. This is going to be a best bet game for us. Minnesota has maida and woodruff’s going on the bump for the brewers, maya, uh and the twins are looking to compete in the al central, maybe champions of the years al central uh, we don’t think so, but they will be competing for it. On the other side, you got the brewers, the brewers starting pitcher that’s, where their question marks are. However, their bullpen is one of the best in baseball, so should be a close game, but our best bet and the winner of this game is gon na, be the twins. I think it’s at like minus 110 it’s, a good price for a twins team. That is very good and can hit a lot of home runs. Woodruff is a little shaky on the bump, so we’ll see how he fares. I think the twins score four or five runs by the six and the bullpen doesn’t matter for the brewers, so minnesota best bet number two.

Our fifth pick of the opening day is going to be the pirates cubs game. This is going to be another best bet. Our third best bet of the game pirates are bringing cool uh. He is one of the worst pitchers and the pirates themselves are the worst team in the major leagues. These guys are awful on the other side. Uh hendricks is throwing for the cubs and let’s, be honest, he’s, not a great opening day starter but he’s decent much better than cool. With that said, the cubs. How was their offense? You know they lost a couple pieces and they really didn’t do any moves. It’S. A surprising thing coming out of chicago it doesn’t look like they want to get better. It doesn’t look like they’re trying to win championships anymore. They’Ve slowly had a decline over the past couple years, especially since that world series championship over the cleveland indians. But i digress. The best bet, number three of the day is in this game: um we’re, not really sure who’s might win this game, we’re guessing the cubs because they got the better pitcher on the mount, but there’s going to be runs. Hendrick’S, not great coal, sucks he’s not going to throw well uh. The line is actually frozen at the moment. It’S going to be seven seven and a half on this, i would even take it up to eight and we’re gon na go over so pittsburgh cubs over seven seven and a half eight whatever you want it to be uh.

That is our third best bet of the day before we get into our sixth uh bet of the day or six uh uh game of the day. Just a quick shout out to one of our subscribers russ. He actually gave us this hockey, indians, jersey, very awesome, and he also sent us a bottle of bertems stadium mustard. This has the indians logo, which is officially gone if you’re. Looking for that mustard, all you have to do is click the amazon link below it’s, the best stadium mustard you’ve ever had it’s like nine dollars, so check out that link go buy some mustard eat some brats hot dogs, whatever you do on opening day and it’s Gon na be a good day, but let’s get back into our picks number six. You have atlanta and philly. This, i think, is going to be one of the best games of the day. Both these teams have dynamite offenses and they have pretty good starting pitchers. On the mound you got freed and nola going at it, it’s gon na be close, but we do like the offense and maybe bryce harper uh to finally do something with the phillies on opening day, like he did in washington, so we’re gon na take the phillies On the money line there seventh game of the day we got dodgers and the colorado rockies. Now they are in colorado, kershaw, one of the best pitchers. We all know that has been struggling a little bit in spring training, so we’ll see if that comes into the regular season.

As we know, his regular season usually doesn’t happen in the playoffs, although last year it did but we’ll see what happens marquez. On the other hand, young great starting pitcher for the rockies – he goes on the bump for the rockies, but they lost aronado their their offense isn’t as great as it used to be so we’ll. Take the dodgers in that game. Uh our eighth game of the day. We’Re, almost halfway through our halfway through you got arizona diamondbacks san, diego padres bumgarner starts nice lefty for arizona second year in a row that he’s starting uh but he’s old come on man. If you think this guy’s old, put in the comments below bumgar is old. Uh they signed up to a four year deal kind of surprising with his age and everything diamondbacks have a lot of injuries as well. San diego has darvish going and the best starting uh rotation in the mlb they went out. They got some great dynamite. Pictures they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. Um, unfortunately, grisham is out on the. I are to start the season, so they won’t have his bat, but you know what we think: uh all the other bats, tatis, jr, etc. Are enough for san diego to win this first game over the diamondbacks, so eighth game padres on the money line, number nine game of the day, saint louis versus cincinnati? This is gon na, be our best bet number four here, flattery versus castillo uh, on the hill for both teams, so st louis did upgrade their offense um a little bit.

They got aaron otto, as we mentioned, he came over from the rockies he’s gon na, be somebody who can help goldschmidt and protect some at bats there. On the other hand, the reds god we’ve been on the reds to do something with their team for years, and they haven’t done anything this year. It does look like they might take another little step forward, uh but vato. He might not even play opening day. He’S had coveted problems for the past two weeks, so what we do like here is flaherty gives up, some runs and castillo can give up. Some home runs aronado. I expect to go deep on opening day and we like the over seven and a half. So our best bet here is over seven and a half um. I assume that st louis is probably going to win this matchup. You might get a good price on the reds here, but uh over seven and a half best bet number four. On the day. Our tenth game of the day is going to be texas versus kansas city uh, texas, uh. Both these teams are going in opposite directions. Kansas city used to be awful texas is now awful. I looked at the lineup that’s, probably going to come out on opening day, and i recognized one name. You might not even recognize any they’re awful kansas city is going to win this game. They got keller going on he’s an up and coming young pitcher did very well actually against cleveland indians.

I watched a ton of them last year and keller pitched probably the best he has in his career against the indians, but he can looks to continue against all the other major league teams. This year. Um, you see some familiar faces on kansas city, some uh, some that were in some old places and now they’re in new places. Santana and ben attendee from boston, um and santana came over from cleveland. Good lineup and kansas cities might actually be above the indians and the tigers in the central. I look for them to compete for second or third place in the central, so anyways long story short kc easy win over the rangers 10 games in. We got five more to go if you have not subscribed to the channel yet make sure you become part of the grandstand bettors family. All we do is give you picks predictions and best bets each and every day we have a best bet. Leaderboard challenge. If you want to see any of that, just make sure you hit subscribe and smash the like button. If we get over 200 likes on this video, i will send a family of four to a baseball game of their choice in 2021. So make sure you hit that like button, but let’s get back to our picks number 11 game of the day tampa bay rays versus the miami marlins glass now versus alcantara. I think i said that right so tampa bay, winning the east last year, they’re overrated.

I got ta be honest with you. I think they lucked out red sox had a terrible year. Yankees had a bunch of injury problems. The rays are overrated and i’m going to tell you why in one word zanino this guy is still in the starting lineup. For the tampa bay rays, he is awful. He strikes out a million times. He only hits home runs and not a lot of them or he strikes out so tampa bay rays are overrated. I like miami, they have a lot of young, talented hitters in that lineup. If you remember last year, they went on a great run during the short and covid season. They looked pretty good, so we’re going to take miami over tampa bay in that matchup. It is the sunshine series if you will or the citrus series, so good luck to miami to on opening day game number 12 mets versus washington nationals. This is kind of a staple for opening day it’s a night game, it’s, scherzer and degrom they’ve played each other. So many times, especially in the first couple, uh weeks of the season, usually the nationals come through, but it’s a low scoring game. Now the mets have upgraded their offense, they got lindor, which is incredible. They have alonzo still, they probably have one of the deepest lineups that the mets have ever had in the history of their team. On the other hand, uh scherzer and washington, they added some power.

They got josh bell, they got schwarber and even ian gomes from the indians. Who’S got a little bit of power behind the plate, so uh it’s gon na be a maybe a high scoring game. But then you look at the pictures and you’re like whoa nobody’s, going to score anything. You know what we’re going to stay with the trend of washington beating the mets on opening day, as they have in many recent years um, even though the mets are probably the better team here so take washington, you might get them at some good value. Game. 13. Almost finished of the opening day is the white sox versus the los angeles angels. Both these teams have high expectations. Gila giolato is going for i’m, not saying that right, but he’s going for the chicago white sox. You got bundy going for the angels. Basically, the white sox uh have the best mlb bullpen in the league, and they had the most home runs in 2020. These guys are the new bombers of the bronx. If you will uh on the other side, everything revolves around mike trout. This guy needs to go to the postseason if he doesn’t go to the postseason this year. I don’t know what to tell you get off the team. Go play football, be a tight end. Uh the browns. Need you go there. So we’ll see it all. You know the angels have shohan otani, that guy is pretty good, uh, pitcher and hitter, but he’s had health issues.

So how well does he play? I, like the white sox white sox in this matchup that’s, the winner, the angels are going to struggle out of the gate yet again and they’re going to have to play catch up so chicago white sox over the angels in game 13.. We move to game 14. Our 10 o’clock starts here. Uh we got houston versus oakland. This is probably the second best game on the schedule other than the braves and the phillies houston and oakland uh i mean come on. Houston is gon na have to play in a stadium with fans. That is going to be sweet to watch, make sure you tune into this game that’s. All the story line is for houston in this game: oakland they’re being disrespected, they won the west they’re a good team, they’re underrated and they’re gon na go in with a chip on their shoulder in this game. I expect oakland to win and win easy in this. First match up uh and finally going into number 15 san francisco and seattle mariners. This is our last best bet of the day and the last game of the day san francisco has um gaussman on the hill and uh gonzalez is going for seattle. The word for this game and all we can do to sum up this game is optimism. Both these teams just have optimism. Seattle is a very young team with you know, signs of of of greatness last year and then signs of being just awful uh san francisco posey was injured so that you know derailed their season last year, but they’re a young team too.

So both these young teams going at it – and i think, whoever wins this game – might have the leg up on the better season and we’re going to take seattle that’s our fifth best bet of the day go seattle mariners over san francisco, i think it’s at 110. They’Re about even right now so that’s all of our picks, but we tease you at the beginning. We are going to give you our world series champion now: dodgers, yankees padres. Those are the big picks. Those are the favorites going into the season. We don’t believe in any of it i’m going to tell you right now. The 2021 world series champion is going to be the chicago white sox. This team, starting pitching, is average to above average. Their bullpen is the best in the major leagues and their offense can hit home, runs, get on base and score and that’s what you need to win in the major leagues i’m, going to tell you right now, they’re at 10 to 1 they’re going to go down As the season starts and they start to win so grab the chicago white sox at 10 to 1 to win the world series, so 15 picks one world series winner that’s. What we give here on grandstand bettors make sure you subscribe make sure you smash that, like button, if we get over 200 likes we’re, giving a family of four four tickets to their favorite teams, baseball game anytime this year in 2021 – so make sure you subscribe, make Sure you like and as always sit back, relax enjoy opening day in the major leagues.

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