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We’Re going to talk about our predictions for the season and uh it’ll be a perfect opportunity for everyone to go back in the fall and point out what kind of idiots we are uh before we begin make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel and find us On facebook and instagram now david, let let’s begin making fools of ourselves here. Uh first let’s talk, who you think is going to be the offensive end mvp for the season. Oh now that’s a tough one, because we got a couple of good candidates, but i’m gon na go with nolan aaron otto um as much as i want to give it to goldschmidt. I think aronado is actually going to be behind goldschmidt in the lineup, which will add to even more uh chances for just scoring rbis and just making things happen. So my thoughts on this would be nolan aaron it’s going to be your most important offensive player. Yeah. You know it it pretty much is a coin flip uh at this point you know it may come down to one one. Guy has a uh, you know for 15 slump and the other dozen uh and over 162 games. You know who knows: um i’m gon na go with goldschmidt uh. I i think i think he’s going to benefit from having aronado right there in the lineup with them um, and you know, there’s a part of me that that worries that aaron otto, maybe his numbers dipped just a little bit uh, not being at coors field uh.

Even if it’s just a modest dip, it still may be enough to where goldschmidt has a better season um. I guess i guess my other question is who’s batting first between the two yeah and when we see what happens there, i think that’s going to be very telling in terms of in terms of who has more production and whether or not it stays consistent depending on Matchups or if one’s, in a slump or if mike shell, keeps it pretty consistent throughout the season, no matter what now let’s take a look at pitching. Who is your team cy young winner? I chose jack flaherty because the stuff is there uh. The biggest thing i want to see out of him is consistency. I know he’s rubbed a lot of people, the wrong way with his off season, antics on twitter and whatnot and like challenging the team through arbitration, but if he puts all that behind him and pitches the way he can, i think he could easily be a saiyan It’S just a matter of consistency with him um i don’t know what the rest of our uh starting rotation to me, it’s kind of suspect, because i mean you know what you get with wainwright, but everybody else is borderline injury prone. So who knows that’s? Why i’m going with flaherty yeah, yeah um so based on everybody’s ceiling, it’s, clearly jack flaherty has the highest ceiling. Um i’m gon na go with wayno. I think wainwright is going to be steady all season long.

I think flaherty will have a couple of games where he’s got that no hit kind of stuff, but i also think he’s going to have almost like a mediocre, lancelin kind of game where he just labors his way. You know 95 pitches and four and two thirds innings. I think he’ll have enough of those that wayno ends up with the best season overall, but, like you said between the two of them, they both need to pitch well, given uh it’s, just given the issues with pitching, and this kind of goes right into our next Category here most important player on the team for me, i’m going carlos martinez and it’s like i was just beginning to say you look at wainwright and flaherty. You pretty much know what you’re going to get you look with kk on the shelf for at least a few starts and miles michaelis for who knows how long uh, dakota hudson’s out for the year uh recovering from tommy john you’re. Looking at uh daniel ponce de leon and john gantt both are capable of on a given night going. You know, seven innings, one or two runs something like that, but you can’t expect that from them they neither one has shown the ability to consistently do that. That leaves carlos martinez, who we all know what he’s capable of both good and bad yeah. He doesn’t need to go out there with the no hit stuff that he has somewhere within him every single time, but he needs to not go out there and one and two thirds seven runs five walks type of thing.

Uh, like his first spring training start of the season where he absolutely imploded. He can’t have those kind of starts uh. If the cardinals are going to be successful, especially while the cardinals are waiting to get uh kk healthy yeah – and you never know what you’re getting out of michaelis whenever he comes back, if that’s, why? I didn’t mention him, because i think he’s crap shoot at best. Fair enough um, i think my most important player probably is tommy evan uh. The reason why i’m going with him is because he is the start of your offense right now. They have him at short, uh let’s face it. We don’t have any other second baseman. Unless you want to put matt carpenter in there – and lord knows, you don’t – want him up at that um also with evan he’s, your backup outfielder, your backup, shortstop, possibly your backup third baseman. He pretty much can back up everybody because he’s our uh utility guy. However, he needs to play a solid second and he needs to have a good at bat. Every time he’s up, um, i’m, not looking again for home, runs or anything like that. If anything, i want to see him with a high average in a high on base percentage uh to get in front for uh goldie and aaron otto uh. So in my opinion, this team goes if evan goes yeah. You know if he bets if he bets 280 and has an on base percentage approaching 400.

The the offense is going to do some damage uh on the other side, even if he gets hurt the uh yeah, the the shuffling of getting guys days off things of that nature, mike shilt runs out of options real fast. If tommy edmund gets hurt, he gives you that flexibility, as you mentioned, being able to play uh three in field positions and and the outfield now, which i think is our weakness area right now anyway, but sorry for interrupting no you’re fine uh. I was just gon na say with our next category uh over under, for wins, for the cardinals, uh, pretty sure on the graphic we put we posted yesterday it was 87 and a half that is a little higher than what most of the vegas books listed, which Is 86 and a half wins for the cardinals? So what do you think about that? Well, i picked over mainly looking at the central, i don’t think there’s many teams who have a better lineup and not saying we have a great lineup there’s a lot of holes. Uh in our team still, but i think overall on paper, if you compare teams, i think we have the best overall team, so i’m, looking at maybe 90 wins, 91 wins um, because i mean he was a pittsburgh’s just gon na be at the bottom. Then you have cincinnati. Who knows what they do? They have a lot of good young pitching, but nothing else.

Um milwaukee is gon na, maybe be in the mix. Maybe not you never know what they come out with and in chicago or chicago, but they look to be like revamping and dumping players and things like that. So based off the moves, this offseason, i think the cardinals added the most and probably strengthened their lineup. The most to have a shot at the division, i don’t think it’s going to be a very strong division, so if they can take grass of those easy games, i think they’re going to have 90 wins. I agree with absolutely everything you just said. I took the over as well. I think the cardinals you know sitting here right before the season starts, trying to think oh i’m. Going to that thing, they’re going to win 90! No, no 91! I mean come on that that’s that’s a little too nitpicky for six months down the road, but i i do think they’ll hit the over and be close to if not over 90 games. Uh it’s every team in the division, except the cardinals got worse. The pirates are, the pirates are gon na, do their best impression of the 2003 tigers and they’re gon na they’re gon na lose 100 games. The reds lost trevor bauer, the brewers uh, you know with their epic free agent signing of colton wong. You know great defense, but offensively um and then the cubs, like you said they look like they’re on step.

One of you know of just completely imploding the team and then rebuilding it uh. We may not hear from them another five six years depending on uh how this year goes for, for the division, it’s almost the cardinals by default and it’s, not because they’re that good the division, i think, may be the worst in baseball that’s even worse than the Al central yeah – i can’t, really argue with that yeah i it’s, because we’re we’re talking about rotation issues with the cardinals and still being number one in the division. I mean yeah. How crazy is that yeah uh this rolls into uh goes into our the last prediction that we had on our graphic yesterday. We both have the cardinals winning the division and it’s, not necessarily because the cardinals are so great. Yeah we’ll have a better idea of how good they are when they play. Teams like san, diego and uh la both of those teams are making a run for the championship, and you can tell by even atlanta, yeah yeah, even atlanta, that’s, another good barometer. If we can put up a fight against them, we might have something, but until i see it i mean the potentials there it’s just a matter of. Can they pull it out and stay healthy i’m? If you keep an eye on the blues, the blues haven’t done that so yeah uh. So last last one here uh david uh. This is just on the fly here.

So if you need to think about it, take a second, but we both got the cardinals winning the central, so they’d be in the playoffs. Do you see them doing much of anything in the playoffs i mean any team can go on a run you if you have a good one, two punch. So if kk comes back healthy and you have flaherty and wainwright and kk all pitching at their best, i could see them easily. Taking the first round um the mat it all comes down to hitting honestly um. How good is our offense going to be and that’s still up in air with the way our outfield is um? You know what you got in there and, although uh in goldschmidt, but you’re also one. I want to see something out of our shortstop paul to young that’s, another one we haven’t mentioned at all, yeah um. So do i think they go more than that. I think they could potentially get to the nlcs i’m, not sure they’d get past that yeah. I agree, i think the nlcs is the ceiling uh, which i mean yeah it’s pretty good, but i mean let’s face it: we’re cardinals fans, we’re, not braves fans or padres fans. We want more than that right. Uh cardinals fans want to be in the world series. Every year uh yeah, given the limitations of the offense even with aronado and goldschmidt, i think it would take kk, ueno and flaherty all being b, plus or better uh in their starts in a division series for the cardinals to have a chance to move on.

You know if it goes to a game. Four then you’re. Looking at uh who carlos martinez miles michaelis, you can chalk that up as an l, almost or ponce de leon, depending on how the season goes. Yeah you, you can’t count on that in the playoffs. You just can’t uh, i think a win in a game like that. Would be luck, so it would take the three. The big three uh starters uh, if you will they’d, have to be on for the cardinals, have a chance to advance anyway, uh that’s our predictions for the season coming up. Thank you for watching under the art sports stay tuned as the season unfolds and we’ll evaluate games and go from there.

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