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The second stage is when you’ve got tons of files to copy. You know that each minute of your time is viable and you just want to do it as fast as possible, maybe without without breaking the bank here so you’re looking for the fastest and most affordable reader. The third and final stage is when you want transfer not only to be as fast as possible, but also you want a comfortable and elegant reader on your desktop without searching for ports in the back of your computer, and here you don’t mind paying a little more For that comfort views and look kingston workflow station with its modular build, got you covered in both second and third stage. Let’S, take a closer look at their usb hub and sd card reader, i’m, thomas walchak, and welcome to beyond the time Music. How can one product be both fast and affordable, as well as comfortable and more expensive? Here we have kingston with its modular design. The workflow station is a component that is designed to stand on your desk. It doesn’t have any card slots by itself. For that you need additional card readers. The box with the workflow station contains a usb mini hub with usb 3.2 gen, 1 and usbc to make it a card reader you buy card reader separately. There are two available. You can get either one with two micro sd slots or one with two standard sd slots. It would be cool to have maybe a sata drive module, but for now we need to use usb for that.

In the docking station. There are four slots in which you can put the readers. Each one has a usbc at the bottom to connect, and now you have two options to use the readers you can use it in the docking station or just connect it with the provided usbc to usbc. Cable directly to the port on your computer. Why do i think that’s a great idea? Each reader costs about 35 dollars which isn’t that much for a fast, usb c usb 3.2 card reader. However, the docking station is 130 dollars if you’re at stage 2. So you want an affordable and crazy fast card reader. You get just the reader itself and use a cable to connect it to the computer. What would convince me to choose this one is that when i get to stage three, so i don’t mind spending more money to get a nice looking and very comfortable solution. I just could i could just buy docking station and use the readers that i’ve been using on their own it’s. The same thing that i liked about the serp motion control system. In my review i can buy some parts of that – maybe two genie minis, because that’s? What i can afford now, but when i get maybe some new well paid geek, i know that i don’t have to sell those to expand my kit for 3 axis movement. I just get genie linear and everything works together flawlessly same here.

I i don’t have to buy new readers, just get the docking. Of course. The most important factor in such readers is speed. We will test it in a minute now. Let’S take a look at build quality. The docking station has a nice weight, so it stays firmly on the desk. I like that, bear in mind that it needs external power. So now so we have two cables here, usb to usbc to connect it to the computer and power supply that you need to plug into the wall. The readers, on the other hand, are very light, maybe it’s a good thing for travelers, but because of that they feel very plastic in hand. The readers installed in docking station look very nice to me. There are kingston logos everywhere, but we can put them another way and we have clean grey plastic installing the reader is fairly important in such product. The installation is very well designed. One little flaw i see here is that the readers could fit a bit more tighter in the base because they can slightly wobble, not a big deal, it’s visible only when you touch it, but, as i said earlier, i consider the docking station as something that people Buy to get very stylish and well made way to use card readers generally. Besides those little flaws, i’m pretty happy about the build quality, now let’s jump into the most important thing for card readers, so speed, i’ve tested this reader against my usb 3.

0 card reader. That i’ve been using until now and the built in card reader in my dell laptop, and i knew that it would be better than my old render, but i quite surprised it’s also better than the reader. In my laptop. I was copying exactly the same amount of data about 80 gigabytes, half of that were stills, half video, both on pc and laptop. I was copying those data to fast nvme, m2 ssd drive, so we won’t get a bottleneck when it comes to drive speed with kingston workflow station. The process took a little less than six minutes with speed about 290 megabytes per second for the first half, which were videos, video files and about 210 megabytes per second for the second half stills. So what’s interesting is that the video files copy faster for some reason using a usb 3.0 card reader. I got speeds about 80 megabytes per second for stills and about 90 megabytes per second for video files. So again, video files are faster generally using the same card and with exactly the same data. We have to wait three times longer for the files to copy with this one. The process took about 16 minutes so 16 minutes versus 5 minutes with a built in laptop card reader. I got the same speed as with the usb 3.0 card reader. As the last test, i’ve tried the card reader provided in the kit with the kingston fastest cart line. I mean every time you get this card, you get a small card reader using usb 3.

0 in the package. I’Ve tried that on my pc and laptop and i got the same speeds as on the workflow station, so about six minutes of copying and over 200 megabytes per second speed. We can see here that we get some similar similarities in reading speed and there is a simple solution to why that happens, and why a small car card reader that we get for free with the card is a fast is as fast as the big usbc workflow Station beside the usb version, the the card reader uses, we have different sd card standards in this case difference between uhs, 1 and 2 interface. Let’S start the story from a brief introduction of why i got the fastest kingston card available. The canvas react plus series with a speed of 300 megabytes per second, when i bought sony a7s 3, which is a video centric mirrorless camera. All my current sd cards were too slow to record anything higher than 4k 60p, so i needed faster cards. First, i got sony tough, serious cards, which is, of course recommended by sony and it’s crazy, expensive. As for an sd card, after a few weeks, i found that people also use the kingston card and it’s half the price, so i got it and i can recommend it to everyone who has a7s iii, the same performance for half the price. Those cards have one visual difference from my previous cards. They have two rows of contacts which is characteristic for uhs two standard cards.

This lets the cards be faster than uhs1 cards, so those those with only one row of contacts. Now, as we have different cards, we also have different readers, and not all of them will use the second row of the contacts, and i believe this is what we have here. Kingston workflow station and the reader provided with a card has the ability to use the ua trace 2 standard and the card reader i owned previously and that from the laptop don’t, this proves the kingston sd card i bought for a7s iii was an even better deal Than i thought previously, because the sony card doesn’t have doesn’t come with a card reader, but let’s get back to the workflow station as we proved this reader will use the full potential of your card with slower cards. You won’t get the same speed as i have. However, in the built in reader in the laptop, the transfer speed was limited by the reader. Speed with kingston transfer is limited to what your card is capable of. As i proved, the reader provided with a cart can be as fast as the station and for sure, is a great option. If you don’t want to spend more money in workflow station you’re getting more slots and you can transfer files from multiple cards at once. Bear in mind that you will get slower transfers using more devices simultaneously using two uhs 2 cards. The same i used for the previous tests.

The speed drops drastically the biggest advantages of the workflow station. Is that it’s comfortable to use – and it looks nice on the desk for sure it’s, not device that is necessary for your work, but maybe it’s, something that you want to make your everyday work a little more productive and pleasant. On the other hand, the kingston canvas react plus sd card series is probably the most affordable super high speed card that you can buy, and i would recommend it to everyone who needs a card with a v90 rating and 300 megabytes per second speed, and that is It i hope you find this review useful if so, please consider subscribing to my channel, especially if you’re interested in time lapse, photography, which i teach in many of my tutorials here.

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