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Okay, okay, okay, good news is that we got the rode microphone working with the macbook and one laptop there we go. Is that weird? I can see a fan above my head now, that’s the difference in the camera. Alright guys let’s get into it today, um. If you share the same ethos as we do, then i encourage you to join our movement. Man i’m, just seeing so much negative news around the internet right now and it’s, so uh it’s heavy and it just brings the vibe down. What we’re, looking for personally at the mtop community are guys who see the value and standing into their true power, as i believe personally, that there is nothing more beautiful on the planet when it comes to the human community than someone who stands in their true authentic Power, so we are trying to do our very best to deliver that to each individual that joins us so that they can bring upon the unique frequency and their unique signature to their community and to the world at large. So if you’re kind of the person who’s going through some hard times, but has that, has that heart inside of you to do better for not only yourself and your family, but for others that i truly truly truly encourage you to come and learn what we know Make it your own and then go out into the world and make the positive difference? Man i’m, so red. In this thing, let me just try turning this weird thing off.

Do i get a little bit of extra cooler? I don’t know who cares? Okay, so let’s get into today’s market update, um, yeah it’s, confusing all right it’s, so confusing um we’ve got this downtrend that’s happening right, but where price is right now is that needs to get that resistance action in so that it has a better idea of what It wants for itself, okay, so we’re dealing with a teenager and it’s adolescents going. I don’t know what my body’s going through right now: uh it’s, all emotional and all these weird things are happening to me, um so that’s. What bitcoin’s feeling the poor guy that’s? Okay, bitcoin we’ll stay about you even during this difficult time and what’s going to happen is what i’m anticipating is it’s, going to push up against this pressure and then continue our anticipated leg that we have been suggesting is going to be what bitcoin does for the Longest time into the quarterly cycle, um, you saw in yesterday’s market update that we have a lot of bullish energy in a downtrend, and that is very confusing. For so many guys they are really taking a lot of heat and a lot of struggles. So i haven’t rescaled this um to maybe adjust to what we’re, seeing right now and see what i’ve done is i’ve added a line in like this ghost line that has been connecting these highs more or less, to make this market a bit more predictable for when It drops the way it has so i’m going to do the same for the under i’m just going to connect.

So what i’m doing is i’m i’m connecting the anchor point right down to this line over here, as i have over there and when you do so there is this pretty obvious shape that comes through right. You can see over. There is the resistance, resistance resistance and over here or support rather and then up top here is the resistance. So what i could be making a mistake around is just simply scaling this correctly i’m, making this price action fit inside that environment, but into one of these. Instead, so that’ll be my next little project that i’ll get around to as soon as the market update is done and i’ll send it out to the mtops community, so they get to see what’s going down in this town over here. Well, that sounds so cheesy over. Here on to the weak cycle, um in terms of weak cycle, i should maybe name that to the weak cycle weak cycle. We saw some really weird um market uh movements over here, that’s throwing the boat around a bit it’s kind of bundled up our first six. Turning point so one two, three four: five: six into the first two quadrants all right: it doesn’t work for our quadrants averages. Normally we get two and a half turning points per quadrant. Now we have six in the first two, so i mean even for the pro traders we’re going like what are you trying to do here? Bitcoin like play fair mates, because some guys are taking major losses, which is something i’ll talk about next and uh.

We got the turnaround points and because we’ve had six in the first two quadrants we authentically and organically knew that sticks will be a long run up to seven. Why is that it’s? Because we have to get ten turning points in per cycle right? So if we have six in the first two quadrants, then of course from six to 7, it needs to be a long run, and at that moment before getting into this trade, we saw lower highs. Lower lows: lots of lower has lost a lower low, so we thought let’s not get into the lung here. Some guys did. If you did well done. You got some money for yourselves, but also you’re trading in a very risky environment uh. So if you get the profits, don’t think that’s, safe, predictable profits, it’s, not the way we roll it m types. We prefer the same predictable profits right anyway, so we came into seven seven got involved in this triangle over here and then dropped out and then frustrating me. So it came up to this two over one uh, which i actually said yesterday to the crowd. That’Ll go one or two places because of just the amount of time that it needs to to make up so we’re going to see some bouncy action into that area. Let me just highlight for those who don’t quite understand what i’m looking at so let’s go Music. There it is there, it is there.

It is all right so that’s pretty much what the shape of this uh segment is. Looking like, i think, it’s going to drop down to the 53. uh. I won’t cry river if it doesn’t but it’s just one probability that could happen next, uh, the other. No. That is the probability i think, because if it has to come to this point, it will um unvalidate the evaluate it’ll cancel out this being the lower low. So i want to take that option away i’m going to stick to my original forecast. I said it’s going to come down to about 53 100. guys if you are using my calls to short or to trade on, do so responsibly. Man, if i see another message from you guys saying i blew up my account: i’ve lost the majority of it eight hundred dollars in my thousand dollars account when overnight i wan na. I wan na, send a voice note back. I will send you a video note back laughing at you, because what are you doing guys get focused? This is serious. Think of the long term game keep your capital so that, when opportunities that are predictable and obvious and easy pop up, you can climb into them and make that account expand exponentially. If you’re rushing the now moment and forcing the market to try and give you profits. You’Re gon na land upright and that’s, not a good look on you, especially not to when you walk around the day.

Oh god i lost 800. I lost 80 percent of my accounts if you’re feeling bad i’m, sorry but feel bad, because this is a game of champions. If you’re out there thinking that bitcoin wants to be your friend and bitcoin wants to give you thousands of dollars, profit just for a little bit of energy and a little bit of time, and just because you watch the charts, you need to get that money back Because that’s, what bitcoin owes you forget that mentality guys? This is war on the battlefields we’re out there against thousands upon thousands upon thousands, tens or thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of other people who want exactly what you want. They want profit, and do you think bitcoin was this big institutional money environment that just goes here’s profit public, here’s, profit public? Please take a profit, no son, there’s other people who are watching the same thing, who are around that same table they’re putting their money in the game so that you can earn that from from this. So if, for example, no one brought money to a poker table, there’ll be no money to win in the poker table, so what’s happening here is you’re in the field against i mean we’re, all friends and everyone wants to hug and have a good time and everything. But but you are you’re: a poor you’re pulling profits from an exchange that is liquid because other guys have lost so it’s the smart money versus the dumb money.

That’S this game accept it or don’t, accept it, but that’s how it goes. So when you take 80 loss on account, don’t feel bad don’t feel. Oh shame. I lost my money. Oh i feel so bad uh. I need this money for other things. Don’T feel bad, feel owned, feel defeated. There are guys out there who took you to the cleaners, feel it feel as if you’re beat up in the street, because i want you to feel that pain, so you don’t do stupid stuff anymore, maximum maximum maximum. Okay, i don’t care. If you have a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, the maximum risk that you’re allowed to get into evolved in my community is 10 leverage and 10 percent of positions or 10 percent of accounts. So 10x leverage just to be clear and 10 of account. So when you get into a trade you’re effectively putting the size of your account into the trade, if you do the maths so 10 let’s say let’s, say, for example, we have a hundred dollars, so ten dollars times a hundred dollars. I just thought: maybe i shouldn’t go in too long, because trading view is so weak at video. Oh, my gosh, my brows will probably drop this recording, but whatever let’s go for it anyway. So if you have a hundred dollars, okay and you 10x leverage 10 to 100 you’re putting in a hundred dollars into that trade. So if you have a thousand dollars and you 10x 100 you’re putting a thousand dollars in a trade, so you’re always putting the the size of your full account into the trade by keeping 90 of the account to yourself that’s the beauty of leverage trading.

So don’t go beyond that guys, the bitcoin movements. These swings are long enough for you to really make good money on that alone. 10X leverage 10 of account maximum, because if you continue down the route of going i’m impatient, i need to make this money. I found this other guy knows what he’s doing on the internet and i’m going to put everything onto this call and it’s a free signal, and you know like they’re like this is me. This is me this is me boom and you get liquidated. Oh boom. You get stop realized, i don’t feel, like i don’t feel anything towards guys to go through that experience. I feel towards the guys, who put the time, effort and energy to learn my material and make it their own and then didn’t see something or didn’t come to the community to share their ideas on the probability outcome of this that’s. The guys who put on the work i feel for but the freemium guys and the guys who are over leveraging and then trading from a place of idiocy, will that just wear that pain if you’ve lost a hundred thousand dollars. Wear that pain, because it was in the market taking their money from you, it wasn’t that your money is going to southern air. There are guys there are smart guys like me who are going. Thank you so much for that donation. Thank you for the donation. From your personal account to put it on to the exchange, so liquidity is there so that i have money to earn by being smarter than the other guys at trading so that’s what it is you got owned.

So if you don’t want to be owned, then step into your power. If you don’t want your own, be smarter than everyone else in the marketplace and that’s where we come in and that’s what we’ve been doing and the results showed them themselves so we’re. Having so much fun on the side, we’re doing wonders of uh of profits and trading i’m, making hundreds of dollars right now on this trade all right and how? How far as deep on this trade? Knowing that i would so anyway, so that’s what’s happening on the side. If you have a calling to to have fun and step into your power and be authentic self and level from inflation, a place of inspiration and not obligation, you know where to come. Man we’re waiting for you if you want to continue with the free signals and over leveraging and putting your accounts at risk, have fun in your corner of the internet. My friend, because that’s, not where we’re at we’re at the front line here so that’s. My little vibe for today i’m in a great mood. I hope you are too it’s a fantastic weekend for unlimited possibilities.

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