Good Friday, Jesus Why Is Good Friday So Good? (Catholic Holy Week)

Thank you for joining with us over this time where we’ve been reflecting upon saint alphonsus, liguori’s lenten sermons. Today he has some wonderful thoughts that we’re going to go through, but before we begin, i got a question for you when you look at the crucifix, the crucified christ. What do you see? This is what saint alphonsus sees see, how he holds his arms stretched out to embrace thee his head bent down to give thee the kiss of peace. His side opened to receive thee into his heart. What does thou say? Does not a god so loving deserve to be loved. So my friends, i invite you to see the crucified christ and see his arms outstretched reaching for you, his head, drooped down, to give you a kiss his side open wide to receive you into his heart. So when you look at the crucifix, you have to conclude, is not nails holding jesus there, but the power of his love for you, and this is what makes good friday so good. What does he gain? Who refuses the cross? He increases its weight, but he who embraces it and bears it with patience, lightens its weight and the weight itself becomes a consolation, for god abounds with grace to all those who carry the cross with good will. In order to please him by the law of nature. There is no pleasure in suffering, but divine love when it rains in a heart enables it to take delight in its sufferings.

I feel like this is very very, very true. There is no delight in suffering from a secular perspective. People flee from suffering continuously. You know so much so that now people can choose when they die legally and i feel like i’ve seen families. You know i’m thinking specifically about a cousin of mine with their newborn baby, who had contracted meningitis, and it was such a terrifying time and when they, i remember, asking them like. How did you cope through that and they said from a human perspective, it would seem like impossible to go through that struggle. You have this newborn baby and you don’t know what’s happening there’s, a brain bleed, there’s, swelling there’s. It just seemed like it was complication after complication, and yet there was a sweetness that came with the cross and a peace that came in the midst of the storm that they couldn’t explain and i feel like that’s what it’s like whenever we unite our sufferings to The cross it becomes sacred, it becomes beautiful and it becomes sweet in a mysterious way. I’Ve, given some thought to this too, you know we all have to suffer. The question is: how do we suffer? We can either embrace the cross or resist the cross, and saint alphonsus’s point is to the degree that we resist the cross, the heavier the cross actually becomes in northern saskatchewan there’s trap lines and people set these traps to catch. You know game wild wild game.

Friends of ours who are part of this group – and i hope you see this – their dad – set a trap and ended up catching a massive wolf big alpha wolf. But as he approached the trap, he noticed that the wolf was still alive, because the wolf knew the harder it resisted to the snare around its neck, the tighter it would become and it would choke you see, that’s what happens when we resist our crosses it’s, like It snuffs the life out of us, and so when suffering comes into our life, we recognize it has been allowed by the divine plan of god, always for some good. So what should we do? We don’t fight against it, but as soon as we resist it’s like it just comes around our neck and it starts choking the life out of us, but when we accept it that very struggle of accepting it becomes our resurrection Music and at god’s due time, he Releases us from that snare. Now it might be in this life, and so we learn a lesson and we grow in virtue or there’s. Some crosses that we just have to carry until our natural life expires. But then we experience the full weight of that resurrection in heaven, but there is no cross that does not have purpose. We must change our tastes in order to become saints. If we do not arrive at a state in which bitter appears sweet and sweet bitter, we shall never attain to a perfect union with god.

In this consists all our security and perfection in suffering, with resignation, all things that are contrary to our inclinations, as they happen to us day by day, whether they are small or great, and we must suffer them for those purposes for which the lord desires that we Should endure them, namely to purify ourselves from the sins we have committed to merit eternal life and to please god, which is the chief and most noble end at which we aim in all our actions. So these readings are really long and janelle, and i we read them separately then come together and we today have highlighted the same readings out of everything that we could talk about. So why did this stand out to you? Well because he said that we must change our tastes and i think okay, what are my tastes? What do i love? What are my little comforts and things like that? I need to change those things and give them up. I feel like for the love of jesus. We need to lay it all down, and does that mean i’m gon na be perfect, of course not like, but the thing is that we have to trust in the mercy of god which saint alphonsus has been actually reiterating multiple times in these readings that we need To trust in his goodness for us, but at the same time we need to do our part yeah. So the the reason why it said to me is: we must change our taste.

It was that same phrase as well. Like change, my taste in food changed my taste in how i spend my spare time change my taste in what i delight in change, my taste in basically not because it’s bad, but just to change it to me, meaning that i need to let it go so That i’m, not so attached to it, that it replaces my comfort, soul, comfort, which should be jesus right and again. This is the spiritual life to settle for anything other than jesus is to ruin our salvation right yeah. So he this is why he’s so firm. So friends, let’s just change our tastes so that jesus becomes our soul delight and you know – and this is possible – this is not some sort of theoretical thing that just only certain special people, no, you can find your soul delight in jesus christ, that’s possible for you, Because that’s god’s will for you in this life, so let’s not sell ourselves short, so you’re telling me that i can live without coffee i’ll. Let you pray about it. I i know that’s true. I could live without it. So friends, on this good friday, please pray along the rosary up there. I also want to point your attention to meditating upon the passion of jesus christ. Saint alphonsus liguori, has the beautiful stations of the cross we’ve created a prayer video for that as well i’m. Going to link up there, and also in the description please take advantage of it today, it’s particularly relevant, and one last thing today is good friday.

So you know what we start today: the novena to the divine mercy and so ken, and i would like to invite you personally to join us and where can they go? I link in the description as well so we’re gon na have a private facebook group, and these videos will also be on this channel so uh. If you thought you were done with us after easter sunday guess what we got nine days of divine mercy novenas for you, so please join us for that as well.

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Good Friday, Jesus : Joining Our Sufferings to Jesus