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As you know, next week guys i’ll get my second shot of uh uh pfizer and two weeks after that, i’m technically uh, safe. Okay. So i urge you to go out there so far, moderna has had a bad second shot reaction. Uh johnson johnson is only one shot. Efficacy is lower best choice, i think, is still pfizer. So all right guys now frieza also is going to come in with a pill that was out there yesterday as a pill uh for a vaccination so uh that could that put pressures a little bit on our vxrt so remember to hydrate yourself all right guys, all Right let’s go uh, no, no housekeeping items other than will continue to strive to manage, go from fear to greed and fear to greed. Just back and forth, it’s sar uh uh uh stop and reverse. I think if you read the wiles welder in the 60s and 70s, he did a great work on this, but there were no computers that were doing this by hand so stop and reverse. Basically, we have two primal modes as traders, the fear or the greed. If you’re on the floor, you would see that that the look of the faces that you get the fear, the voice, the the anger, the pleasure all that you’ve seen face of people there well we’re, trying to digitize that here to charts and indicators and, first and Foremost, trust your indicators moving forward econ calendar, as you know, uh we are gdp and jobless claims lost since pandemic gdp.

I think a little bit of high side we’ll see uh, i think it’s a tremendous pressure uh on the economy to move at that rate, but we’ll see we’ll, see, remember probably penned up demand. So uh biden said it could be eight percent. I don’t know about that: we’ll find out, you know, i’m, not a big, violent fan, but we’ll find out. All i know is there’s a lot better than chaos. We had um international trade. 8 30 should be that hi susie. How are you hi? Scott i’m? Sorry, hi nancy, i’m, sorry, man, hi, nancy, okay, 86.7, uh versus uh, h6. Yes, in line there’s very line, yeah and remember this is negative, so that’s how they report this consensus. Uh imports one point: four percent: lower exports. One point three point: eight seven, lower yeah, yeah, okay, okay and then uh. What else do we have here to worry about this week, uh personal incomes came and gone let’s. Take a look at that and again that ten that’s, a big number we’ll, look at top of the hour exactly 40 uh 38 minutes from now. Let me take a look at what this value is. First, the peg uh where’s that comfy there we go all right. 81 to 80 to 86. glass was that 683 consensus. 83. Okay, keep that in mind. This is uh euro michigan yeah. Now remember some people get that early because they pay for it yeah. I don’t know why they do this that’s ridiculous.

I had a big conversation. The other day, with a keeper fellow from that that part of the world about why they didn’t allow that. But i guess capitalism says if you have more money, you have a little bit better access. Excuse me, which i think is not right, but you know who cares what i think uh personal income? The device was 10. consistency. 72. We came in line there. Okay consumption, i don’t care pce here, um personal conception, experiences yeah. I don’t know about that. There was a time i think what’s his name bernanke was key on this pc stuff, not sure i’m. Getting recalling it correctly. So don’t quote me: uh revised point one: jesus yeah, okay, so what are we we’re down? Seven now, okay, all right what what time’s rotation at the eighth note we’ll take it. We went through that eight, not eight thirty i’m. Just looking at that uh, we rotate it at eight, twelve, okay, before the number gotcha, okay, good enough, uh moving forward, not a whole lot change except yes, it was interesting it’s just that we want to test it to 50 more. It came back up close above that 20 bar zero sick. Can we continue we have to if we don’t, this is going to be in more trouble than you think we are. This is a this. Is the problem so you’re going dropping going underneath coming for retest? Can making it can’t make it fail, fail, fail, fail, that’s, that’s, the big problem: that’s a 50 bar could be part of also by the rumor, buy the room or sell the news so wow, 0.

28 0.41. Look at that ratios, yeah we’re made down okay. Now bo was saying this was a 90 percent evolve. I don’t know if i buy that i need to get hold of him and go over that because i don’t read this at 90. 90 means that it should be at nine right. Think of it. It’S, a ratio so ah the 90 percent yeah it’s 90 over 10. So it should be nine. We had a 6.24 even this was a 6.58 remember down to up top volume ratio so that that doesn’t control but that’s what we have there cis uh, continue to slightly improve on the margin. You can see that not here, okay in that case, but you can see what’s happening there and we’re pulling up on the iclone oscillators, okay, dt dt. We came back on trans big way yesterday, big way, we improved on russell, not a whole lot, but we did uh that’s what we were looking for uh. So we had an up there. There did not have an update here. We almost came to unc unchanged at dx. Remember i called out for unchanged several times on the on enqueues big day for trans okay, big day, all right, listen if they get rid of the filibuster, they got ta get all of this stuff done, including the infrastructure they have to. Ah, so i don’t i i don’t know if i want to go there, but i do want to see some money on some of these bridges.

They’Re scary, not my partner, but they say midwest center chicago louisville, these areas – oh my god. These are hubs of transportation. These are problems waiting to happen. Well, we always fight the last war. Remember that, as donald rumsfeld once said, okay long and short long and short still in a short area, we have not reversed yet it’s early uh, not getting any readings. On 52 weeks, higher lows y or winners in the middle we’re, not near the highs or the lows we’re way away from the lows, it’s going to stay around zero we’re near the highs, but the intensity has uh slowed down. Of course, this was just a snapback reading. We really needed to go uh up up up up and get like 140 160. This area up here. This is a weekly weekly view of the same data get to one forty one sixty one. Eighty, then we have a pending top, then yeah, that top could be uh tradable shortly. Yeah uh, we went back to plus one on sp1 uh again forget the values. Look at the chart pattern: that’s that’s, encouraging if it stays between plus one plus two, all these babies will pull up. You’Ll see why just the way this thing is set up, it’s a little bit forward. Looking i can’t give you the secret sauce, but i’ll tell you something: there’s, some uh there’s some secrets in there yeah to figure that’s. Why we scramble everything – and this is not.

We have not touched this since 2008. 2008 since inception. Actually, i was written on an aircraft flight from uh new york to l.a and uh. No, no, i wasn’t in la by then it was from laguardia to uh uh o’hare from laguardia to o’hare, or maybe it was midway. I don’t know new york to chicago yeah. Yeah that’s, what i said: it’s not that complicated. Actually it was just a light bulb, but if you think about it, if we can’t get in plus one two plus two, we don’t have a girl top in between we’re just vacillating. If we get below negative one and negative two and that’s, where this thing shines, then you see the drip, drip, drifter pull down. And then, if you hit the extremes, negative, three or plus three that’s, a pullback, hello, hello, it’s, measuring it against itself. So vixx and vx said global downside, big reversal yesterday, yeah yeah, that speaks on a good day. Yesterday, um let’s, see and uh let’s see. These are good right, sku here we’re coming back to 140, which is centralized so it’s coming to fair value. So to speak, remember this is looks at its own vibrations of last 20 bars so it’s coming to its fair value of the recent past. The last 30 days last 30 days, 20 trading days 21. Whether 30 is there what one calendar month that counter month, one one month forget through it here comes td: okay, no sign of a rendezvous here, yet surely uh we’re still heading up slightly uh sp2 also says i’m real, neutral value.

You know come and look at me where i am today or tomorrow. So, okay, we’ll wait, we’ll we’ll, wait for that. Vxx spread negative three and a half as of now. This is live. All of this is live this discharge uh, because all futures that are trading right now, good uh forget what some of these things i’m been looking at some stuff there on there on the hacks, uh, yeah, uh, plus 12 and negative eight. Are we improving yeah? Okay? Okay, uh, you know treasuries treasury’s optic here a little bit slightly slightly. Yes, yeah yeah yeah. I think this thing will still uptick. I think this is scare. I don’t think this is uh. These are big moves at the margin: it’s, not changing their balance sheets, but it does it. It does impact people who just got into bonds. If you recently got into bonds, uh uh, if, if you’re here at the like the the the thundering hurt, was it called at that mural? They talked to you too: hey you’re, getting retiring you’re, getting to retire. You’Re gon na have some mix you can’t just have stocks let’s buy some bonds for you, uh badabing yeah. This was the wrong time. They got killed yeah. So as distinguishing the rates you give back quite a bit uh, it was a lot if you’re locked down here, you’re in deep trouble. Let’S say you did last year at your end, you’re in deep trouble.

You’Ve lost a lot of your principle, just that’s how the box work. Okay, all right, let’s, go to overnight quickly. What time is it? 9? 21 yeah. I want to finish this in the next three four minutes. Just a quick review. Uh 30 minute my favorite uh to just have an overall view of what’s going on uh we’re up uh 0.3 percent. I always look at percentages. Murray murray taught me that look at percentages murray, okay, 0.07, which is meaningless almost unchanged almost on enqueue. You can see that chart. You could see again in the fact fractal view of things that we go to these levels. It bounces so that’s that’s what we want. Okay, all right. We continue to work on these. The dots have been awesome. Absolutely awesome in conjunction with sigma, but i cannot lose the view of what the otf is telling me, because that still gives me the the high uh advantage data which you don’t have these charts. But the thoughts are free and simple fear. Greed spirit agree. We go back and forth. You could see this beside the cycling back and forth. Thank you for programming out of trade station and mike burke on the bubbles, and we just added atr’s to it. That’S just been amazing all right. The key thing is also notice notice. The lag we have here between ci giving a signal and dmz they don’t go together. There’S, a little lag involved, that’s why the bubbles are based on dmz, but you could see what that event occurs and once we see this was a heads faking, but then it’s rotating they get back to the same color.

The colors continue tells you you could hear your position and on the dmc it’s easy just keep track of where your stop should be. So, if you’re long, the red should be your stop. You’Re short uh, uh green should be a stop on a drop site. Up. Remember, uh uh, of course, the brain rotates yeah. You want to be a little bit tighter uh here you could see what’s happening there. The first move to start it one screw that bubble starts it yeah and yeah you’re gon na get, because this is noise. Remember: there’s randomness, there’s violence, there’s, uh, uh news. All this adds up but as as the data comes in you could you could pick up to pick up the pattern and see where the uh uh mid maxes are that’s all we’re trying to do we max it? Okay, any questions for me: good luck, trading, it’s, friday, uh, one of the things i’m trying to instill in myself is to uh what uh uh george stands at it. The other day on seinfeld, walk away on a high note: try to walk away early don’t sit here all day: it’s it’s, not you’re, not you’re, not selling you’re, not paying for a movie i’m saying you don’t have to sit in the theater. The whole time make your money and get out of there. Okay have a great weekend.

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