Stock, Value investing, Stock market The 6 TOP Stocks To Buy in April 2021 (High Growth)

, i’ve spent the last month analyzing hundreds of stocks, and this is my list of stocks that i think are the best buys right now be sure to watch all The way through to get my full analysis on each of these companies i’m going to go over key numbers, recent news and why i expect them to grow reach out to private internet access for sponsoring this video, so let’s get started. The first company on my list is square stock, ticker sq. This is an american financial tech company from california that makes point of sale, software and hardware and also offers financial and marketing services right now square is trading at 213.60, with a 52 week low of 42.33 and a 52 week high of 283.19. If we take a look at the one year price chart, you can see just how rapidly this company has grown so, starting from about one year ago, last april, in 2020, we can see an almost linear growth all the way up to about 275 dollars per share. With a recent sell off bringing it closer to 200 meaning this could be a great time to get in right now. Square has a market cap of 97.106 billion dollars a p e ratio of 485.45, which is absolutely insanely high in earnings per share of 44 cents, and they do not pay out dividend. We can see that square has a five year price to earnings growth, ratio of 4.10 and a price to book ratio of 36.

21. Looking at the profitability, we see a profit margin of 2.24 and an okay return equity of 9.69. The revenue in the last 12 months was 9.5 billion dollars. They have total cash of about 3.85 billion dollars and they have a pretty good current ratio of 1.88 meaning they have 1.8 times the current assets, as they have current liabilities. It’S always interesting to see what the analysts have to say so on a scale of one to five, one being a strong buy and five being a cell analyst, currently rates square as a 2.3 meaning it is a buy and the current analyst average price target is 266.60, which is over twenty percent higher than the current price of two hundred thirteen dollars and sixty cents right now. Cash app has over 35 million monthly active users, and that number is going up each and every day profit is up over 200. Thanks to this highly successful platform and really they’re just getting started, gross payment volume on cash app hit 377 million dollars in the most recent quarter, which is up 162 from last year and also from 2012 to 2020. Total gross payment volume went from 6 billion dollars to over 110 billion dollars and what’s crazy is that square is paying under five dollars to acquire a customer for cash app and they are netting an average of 41 in gross profit per user. Although square is definitely very overvalued on paper, the upside for this company is crazy.

They are less than two percent penetrated for the p2p cash app business and three percent penetrate for their point of sale. Business, meaning that if the digital payments market reaches two trillion dollars in the next five years, which it very well could and they continue getting market share, then we will see exponential growth in squares numbers. The last couple months have seen quite a correction in square’s, price and that’s. Why? I think right now is a great time to pick up more of it. This is one of the stocks that you hold for a long time and make a lot of money doing so so yeah don’t buy the stock if you’re just going to trade. It short term because you very well could lose money doing so, but in the long term, this one’s going to be a great hold. The next stock on my list is abv stock, ticker abbvv. This is a biopharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells many different products like humira and imbruvica among many others. Right now, avi is trading at 105.98, with a 52 week low of 71.43 and a 52 week high of 113 dollars and 41 cents. Looking at the one year price chart, we can see that the stock went from about 75 dollars one year ago, all the way to about 95 a share. And then we saw a correction bringing it back down to around 80 in november and since then, it’s shot up in value and stayed relatively consistent near at around 105 to 110 dollars per share.

Avi has a market cap of 187.037 billion dollars, a pe ratio of 38.96 earnings per share of 2.72 cents, and this is actually pretty great dividend stock with their dividend yield. Currently, at 4.91, their price to book ratio is 14.15, which is quite high. They have a profit margin of 10.08 and a very, very good return equity of 187.7 percent. In the last all month, they hit a revenue of about forty five point: eight billion dollars. They currently have total cash of eight point: four nine billion dollars, but their current ratio could be a little bit better right now, it’s sitting at zero point, eight four. Now, as far as what analysts say right now, they are rating avi as a two meaning. It is a buy and the average analyst price target is 122 dollars, which is almost 20 percent higher than the current price of 105.98. So, besides being a great dividend stock. One reason why avv is an attractive stock is because of the forecasted performance for this year. They are forecasting in earns per share of 12 and 40 cents for 2021, which, in my opinion, actually makes avi stock a pretty well priced stock right now, just last year, avv closed on its 63 billion purchase of allergan, which is the creator of botox in a Huge cash cow company – this was a pretty controversial acquisition, but i do think that it was a smart move. Humira, which is abby’s lead cash, cow drug will start seeing competitors in 2023, and although this will have an effect on revenues, that drug will remain a cash cow also.

I am a big believer that allergan’s products will continue to do well with decreasing taboo over medical aesthetic procedures throughout the us and the world so yeah. This will only add to abby’s cash revenues. In the last quarter, we saw berkshire hathaway buy up 4.27 million shares, which is always comforting to hear i’m sure buffett likes abv’s, consistently growing sales and earnings low valuation compared to many other companies, as well as its strong dividend, though not a terribly high growth stock. Like others on this list, i have full confidence that avi will continue innovating and delivering good news to investors, plus its dividend of almost five percent is a great perk that almost ensures your money will grow. This is a solid, long term investment that will contribute to a diversified portfolio, so yeah that’s why? I will be picking up more shares of this company, so i want to take a second and thank this. Video sponsor private internet access, the world’s leading no logs vpn private internet access is the best at hiding your ip address and keeping you safe online. I take my online security very safely and you guys this is one of those tools you really should get at. Some point with private internet access: all your internet traffic is encrypted, making your internet use anonymous and a lot safer. You also get benefits like being able to access geoblocked content on streaming sites, and it conceals your location and identity when working remotely.

For example, i deal with sensitive information all the time when working from home or when traveling, when using public wi fi, i like to have that extra bit of security that comes with using a vpn. What i do is i’ll go here, set my location to anywhere in the world because they have the largest server fleet in the industry and i’ll click. The turn on button, pia works on all platforms, from laptops to mobile phones and smart tvs, with one subscription protecting up to 10 devices. At the same time, so yeah your entire digital footprint can be protected right now. You can use my link and get two years plus three months free for only 259 per month, and they also have a 30 day money back guarantee to me. That is an incredible investment. I’Ll drop the link below so definitely go check them out and now back to the video third on my list is uber stock, ticker uber. This is a tech company that was founded in 2009, that has services like ride, sharing food delivery and more so right now, uber is trading. At 54.71, with a 52 week low of 21.67 cents and a 52 week high of 64.5 cents, uber was hit pretty hard at the start of the pandemic. Just like other ride share companies, and we can see that their price remained in the low to mid 30s. For a long time until november, when their price suddenly shot up since then, the price has been quite volatile and hovering between fifty dollars and sixty dollars per share.

Uber has a market cap of 101.679 billion dollars, no p e ratio because they are not yet profitable and yeah. That equates to an earnings per share of negative three dollars and 86 cents. Their current price to book ratio is 8.17 and yeah looking at the profitability. This company has not looked strong. Their profit margin is negative 60.76, but yeah, really when you’re buying this company. You are betting on the future, you’re, not really betting on any profitability right now. Its return on equity is also negative at negative 46.92. In the last 12 months, uber hit revenue of 11.14 billion dollars and looking at their balance sheet right now they have total cash of 6.83 billion dollars and they have a pretty good current ratio of 1.44 right now. Analysts are rating uber as a 1.8, meaning it is a buy and the average analyst price target is 69 and 5 cents, which is almost 30 higher than the current price of 54.71. So when looking at rideshare companies it’s important to note that we need to consider the current negative profitability of them, as well as the future of driverless cars, if you don’t, think that uber or lyft are going to be able to cut drivers at some point and Replace them with self driving vehicles, then this is probably not the best stock to buy. I personally do think that it is very well in the future of ride, sharing so that’s. One big reason i really like uber, yes, profit margins are still very negative, though uber is less negative than lyft.

Currently they both are growing significantly, but yeah probability has always been an issue. Uber is still the global leader in ride sharing, as well as a global leader in food delivery, while most of its revenue comes from ride, sharing and food delivery. Uber really is a mobility platform with about 150 million monthly active users. Delivery gross bookings for uber eats grew 110 year over year, which helped offset losses from the pandemic. The recent passing of prop 22 in california means that they are still able to consider drivers as independent contractors, which is good news for this company, but at the same time, they recently lost a ruling in the uk saying that drivers must be treated as workers. Instead of as self employed contractors overall, i do think that uber should be a great long term pick and you’re really betting, that, as a mobility company they’ll be able to reduce costs and gain more market share that’s. One reason why i’ll be betting big on uber. This month, the next stock on my list is the vanguard, growth, etf, stock, ticker vug. This is an etf from vanguard that tracks the crsp u.s large cap growth index. When you buy this you’re, basically investing in a lot of high growth companies that i believe in so yeah, it can definitely be a safer and more diversified way to invest than buying individual companies. If we take a look at the vug page on vanguard’s website, we can see that there is a quick proc summary.

It just basically states that this is trying to track the crsp us large cap growth index, like i previously mentioned right now. One share of this etf is trading at 255 dollars and 18 cents and yeah. If you look at the performance, you can see that in the recent year this one has done extremely well think about 40 average annual return in the last three years. We’Ve seen a return of about 22.98 and since its inception in 2004, the average annual return has been about 11.3 percent. One thing i love about this etf is that the expense ratio is just 0.04. This is extremely low compared to other etfs and when the fees for etfs are this low, this just means that your money is growing faster and yeah. It feels good to not have to pay a lot of fees in last month’s video. I know i covered ark and just to give you guys some perspective, the expense ratio on that one is 0.75, so almost 20 times higher than the expense ratio on vg vanguard rates. This as a four out of five on the risk scale, and we can see that they have a total of 258 different stocks with total net assets of 144.8 billion dollars, and some of the largest holdings in this fund are apple, microsoft, amazon, alphabet, facebook, tesla visa Nvidia, mastercard and paypal, so yeah. If you like companies like those, then this is gon na, be a great fun to invest in so the crsp us large cap growth index, which this fund tracks is a bit higher risk than etfs like voo, but not as high risk or high growth as funds, Like ark, which is kathy wood’s innovation, etf, that i’ve talked about in an earlier video, the companies you’re investing in with vug are high growth, large cap companies, so yeah, usually in these videos.

Most of the companies i talk about are going to be higher growth and hence more risky. In the past decade, these companies have far outperformed the market, and that is why i am a fan of this etf. If you combine this with ark, vo vti and maybe an international stocks etf, then you will really have a well rounded portfolio, but yeah vug has performed very well in recent years, like i showed you and it’s a great way to invest in high growth companies without Taking on as much risk plus like i mentioned that expense ratio of just 0.04 is extremely attractive. Next up on my list is palantir stock ticker pltr. This is a us based software company that specializes in big data analytics for big government agencies like the fbi and the cia, their main products help companies manage, integrate and secure their data right now. Palantir is trading at 22.58, with a 52 week low of 8.90 and a 52 week high of 45.. This stock is wild, it’s extremely volatile, as you’ll see in the one year price chart yeah. Just one year ago the stock was trading under ten dollars and in november of 2020, it spiked in price remain around the 25 to 30 per share value for a few months saw another huge increase in price at the end of january, and since then, the stock Has tumbled back down to just over twenty dollars per share? Palantir’S market cap is 41.

147 billion dollars. They don’t have a pe ratio, they don’t have an earnings per share and there is no dividend. Look at the valuation measures. We see a price to book ratio of 27.02, which is very high, which means it’s definitely overvalued on paper and for the probability we see a profit margin of negative 106.75 percent, with a return on equity of negative 1′.76 percent, see on paper, this company does not Look strong at all they’re sitting on about 2.01 billion dollars in cash and they have a current ratio of 3.74, which is definitely one of its strong suits. Now a lot of analysts don’t like palantir and they’re, renting it as a 3.4, meaning it is between a hold and an underperformed, and the average analyst price target is 25.83, which is about 15 higher than the current price of 22.58 cents. So yeah, like i said, we recently saw a drop in prices for pound tier after a really big run up, and this could mean a great entry point for long term investors on february 18th, pound tier insiders were allowed to finally sell their shares and lock in Some profits, so this is one reason for the drop recently. We saw kathy woods, add 1.2 million shares of palantir to her ark fund. Now this is a very volatile stock and even the ceo has been frustrated and warned short term investors to back off long term. Investors will know how attractive the company is with this long tail revenue model, meaning contracts with the government and other clients get more and more lucrative over time.

If you look at how good palantir’s products are based on reviews, you’ll also get some new confidence in the stock, so yeah. Overall, i do think that this stock could be a great pick for long term investors, but short term holders may win or lose depending on the current volatile market. I’Ll be adding more of it to my portfolio, because i do think that it will be a great long term win next up on. My list is carnival corporation stock ticker ccl. This is an international cruise company that operates over a hundred vessels across 10 cruise line brands such as carnival holland, america and princess cruises. Right now, carnival is trading at 26.6 cents with a 52 week low of 7.80 and a 52 week high of 30 dollars and 12 cents. Ccl was hit hard by the pandemic, saw its price shoot up in june of 2020 back down after investors realized. That cruising would not start up for a long time and since november of 2020, this stock has performed quite well right now. The market cap for ccl is 30.145 billion dollars, there’s no p e ratio because they are not profitable right now, with an earnings per share of negative 13 and 21 cents. Their current price to buck ratio is a pretty low 1.47, which means that this company is close to being undervalued but yeah. One reason why this company is struggling so much right now is because of the profitability, because cruises have not been allowed to operate.

Their profit margin has been hit hard staying at negative 182.98 return. Equity is also negative at negative 44.58 percent and the last 12 months. They had a revenue of 5.59 billion dollars, they’re sitting on total cash of 9.51 billion dollars, and they have a current ratio of 1.22. So this is probably the strongest cruise in terms of its balance sheet, meaning that they are the most likely to survive. If this pandemic drags on even longer right now, analysts rate this as a 2.9, meaning it is a hold, but we can see that the trend is shifting, definitely towards being a buy and a strong buy. Now, for the average analyst price target, it’s actually lower than the current price, with an average of 23.36, which is over 10 lower than the current price of 26.6 cents. So carnival is another volatile reopening stock, because a lot of the sentiment is based on when cruise lines will be allowed to start sailing again. As of right now, the cdc says that november 1st is still the first date that sailing can begin. We saw a bounce up and down prices recently, because the clia aka, the cruise lines international association, had made a public plea asking the cdc to allow sailings starting in july, but that plea was declined compared to other cruise companies. Ccl has more cash on hand with about 9.5 billion dollars at the end of quarter 4. 2020.. The bad news, though, is that their debt has soared to 27 billion dollars, which will have a big impact on the long term profitability of this company, their interest payments are also going up significantly, but with cruising starting sooner than november.

Globally. We should expect to get some much needed revenues in this year. Right now, share prices are still close to 50 under pre pandemic levels, and i think that once cruise operations are back to normal by 2023, they should see a continual recovery in prices. This is definitely not a short term hold, but if you’re willing to hold for multiple years, at least – and i do believe that you should see a great return on your investment with ccl. So those are my top stock picks for the month of april 2021.. As always, i want to make sure that you guys do your own due diligence before investing in any stocks, just because the stock is on this list does not mean to just go out there and buy it. You definitely need to do your own research and i recommend doing at least one hour of research per company that you invest in i’m, not a financial advisor, and you guys should use this. Video for entertainment purposes only use it as a starting guide and if any of these companies look attractive to you go out and do your own research anyways, if you guys want some free socks, definitely check out the links below you get one free stock from robinhood Or two free stocks from beeble the markets right now are volatile, so use extreme caution when investing large amounts of money. Investing for the short term is always more dangerous than investing for the long term, so that’s why i recommend most people buy strong companies that you really believe in and just hold them for a long time.

That is the best way for you to make money investing in stocks. I hope you guys got some value out of this video and, if you guys did make sure to hit that like button and also subscribe to my channel to see more videos just like this, i make a ton of content about personal finance investing in entrepreneurship.

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