Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball, Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Final four, University of Connecticut "The Hoops Central Podcast" E33: Paige Bueckers Win POY, Talking UConn/Arizona, Final Four Matchups

The men’s women’s basketball tournaments we’re, going to go over the 316 results, go to the elite. Eight look at the final four pairings as well: that’s, the big big part of our show, but we’re going to start with uh some recruiting news, a big big piece of recruiting news with one of the best players in the class of 2021 and five star. Shooting guard trevor keels out of paul vi catholic in virginia he has committed to duke – and he is the third player to uh – come on board for duke 2012, nationally, so top 20 player, big pickup for duke yeah. I mean good for that. Yeah, i mean you know they were one of the favorites. You know throughout his recruiting process and you know there’s some other schools like virginia and villanova um that could have landed him but um. You know duke’s still gon na line players, even though they had the type of season they had, which wasn’t very good um this past year, but um. They have a good three player class right now, and you know this is definitely gon na, be the last commit for the class um most likely but um. You know, it’s um good for them. Duke’S class ranks third national in 2021 and second in the acc, aj griffin and paul ventura. The other two players signed on for duke both of those guys have signed their letters of intent again kills we’ll be doing that very soon, as he uh just committed today.

To the duke blue devils, so i wanted to get that piece of recruiting news in and talk about that a little bit but there’s still march madness, going on and there’s still games happening in the ncaa tournament, we’re gon na start the men’s tournament, and we left You last week with the sweet, 16 previewing and talking about the games looking ahead to these matchups, so we’re going to start first with gonzaga the top overall seed, they beat creighton. The number five c 8365 succeeded usc over the seven seat, oregon 8268. This is again top left hand corner of the bracket, so those two teams uh went on to play each other gonzaga and usc gonzaga is still undefeated, winning that game 85 to 66 over the trojans yeah, so gonzaga into the final four top left hand corner top Right hand corner: we had baylor the number one seed in that region over the five sheet: villanova 62 51 and the three seat arkansas ending the cinderella. Cinderella run for 15 seat oral roberts 72 70. So those two teams ended up going to play each other in the early date with baylor winning 81 72 going down now, uh going straight down to the bottom right hand, corner we had the hc loyola and the 12th seed oregon state oregon state continued its run By winning that game 65 58 two seed, houston defeated the 11 seed, syracuse 46 and then in the elite. Eight.

Those two teams, matched up in houston, got that win 67 to 61 and the bottom left hand corner of the bracket number one seed, michigan down the 4c4 to stay 76 58, the 11th seed ucla 88 78 over the two seed alabama and then ucla kept it Going first, four to final four 51 49 win over michigan. I mean i mean you don’t, always see the low. This kind of seed, uh good of the final four uconn, was like an eight seed when they won it. Syracuse went to the final four five years ago as 11, or something like that. Ucla hasn’t been the final four in over 10 years since russell westbrook so and kevin love. So i mean what a storybook run for them exciting. You know this is a very talented team. Look out for them. Uh, you know they’re dangerous. They beat michigan, so we’ll see if they give the zags a game. Remember they upset the gonzaga. Remember that famous game. You know yeah uh 15 years ago, or so you know um, so i mean they they’ve upset them before in the tournament you know so you never know but and then so really they’re. The only upset team here – yeah houston, the two and the other to one seat, so chalk, except you i mean ucla, though, is a main program like a big name, so yeah they’re, all they’re, all pretty big names here. Uh houston, though, hasn’t been that until recently, the last few years so they’re back to that 80s level, right now, i’m interested to see this um first time in the final four since the 80s.

Of course, i mentioned seeing this matchup against baylor because um you know it’s gon na to me, be about the defensive houston, trying to stop that great offensive baylor and you know we’ll see if houston can hold them down. You know point to loud. You know they’re their tops in the country and ucla has a good group of guys um good good players on their team, and i think they can hang around gonzaga um. You know it’s it’s far out to say they’re gon na beat gonzaga but um. You know like really far out but um, but i think early on in the game, though they’ll be in it. They’Ll hang around um and so see what they can do in that game. Yeah i’m really interested as well, because you look at the game against michigan that’s, a team that can score held into 49. That was a defensive low scoring game, but this gonzaga team is just something else: they’re, so efficient, offensively, jalen, suggs, cory, kisper, true timmy. All these options that they have on the offensive side is uh, just incredible and then them hard supplying very well, but johnny druzang is the guy that can give ucla a chance. He had near 30 against michigan and i believe it was 28 points something around there. In that neighborhood, so he has to have that kind of game. If you say that wants to even be in the game against gonzaga, so again, gonzaga, ucla, baylor and houston playing.

I think everyone would definitely agree. Gonzaga is gon na win that game there against ucla, but baylor houston, that’s, that’s, more that’s, baylor’s gon na definitely be his favorite coming in, but houston can give him a run. So uh look for that as well to be a really really entertaining game. That’S. The first game tomorrow uh, which will be uh, bayley houston and then followed by gonzaga and ucla, so the men’s tournament winding down, as is the women’s tournament and uh we’re gon na talk about the results here as well in the alamo region, the one seed stanford, The top overall seed, stanford 8962 over missouri state and the 2c louisville upset they defeated the 60 to oregon 1642 oregon was looking to get that upset, didn’t happen and then stanford louisville in the elite. Eight and louisville got off to a great start led at halftime, but stanford really wore them down in the second half 78 63 win for the cardinal in the riverwalk region. The number one seed yukon over the five sheet – iowa to see 92 72 baylor over the 16th michigan 78 to 75. uconn and baylor, played an outstanding game. We’Ve. We talked about this uh in a separate video with the game. Recap: uh yukon uh, winning 69 67 paige becker’s 28 points in the game and a controversial call late. Everyone knows about that. We’Ve all been talking about it. So with all that, you come into the final four for the 13th straight time by the way uconn in the final four mercedes region, one seed, nc state uh lost to the forces of indiana 7370 and three seed arizona from the two seed texas, a m 74 59, so that set up indiana, arizona, 66, 53 wildcats winning there and finally, in the hemisphere region.

South carolina and texas moved on south carolina beating georgia, tech, 76, 65 and texas, upsetting maryland 64 61, and that was the of course. The two results there in 316 and then the elite eight one seed south carolina over the uh. Sixteen texas sixty two to thirty four, expect three one seeds in the final four, but there is also arizona uh in the final four, so you know that’s the only upset team and they they were a topper. They weren’t upset. They were like a four seat anyway. So not huge upset, i mean they’re good teams. I said on the last show it’s gon na be an interesting match with uconn um. These two rarely play i don’t know if they’ve ever played – and you know honestly early in the game, how how arizona has if they have a good start, how they handle themselves um, then the stanford south carolina game, that’s, one that you know it’s it’s gon na, Be i think, high scoring, and you know just a lot of great players on both teams, yeah for sure i think that’s definitely going to be a close game. I like stanford in that game. Again, i think i talked about this on the march. Madness preview show that we did stanford is the team that could beat uconn right now. The way that they’re playing it, because i definitely think uconn will advance to the championship. Game and espn power index gives yukon the best chance to win the championship.

Out of these four teams – and i i i can agree with that right now – just the way that page backers is playing but stanford is a team that again we saw in the second half against louisville. They just completely dominated that game and they’re deep they’re, the deepest team in the country they play. Really they play a lot of people, they’re really talented, so i think they will win that game against south carolina. We’Ll see a yukon stanford championship game, but i think south carolina could get that done there. I have a feeling about that it’s going to be thai it’s, going to be really close, uh that game yeah. It should be a thrilling game because these two, the best teams out of their respective conferences, which are great conferences, the fact 12 in the sec again. But then you have paige beckers, who was just named ap women’s player of the year first freshman to win player of the year in women’s, basketball and paige. This year has done so many things for uconn carrying this team. To this point, averaging 20.1 points, 4.8 rebound 6.2 assists per game. Also this season she was named biggie’s player of the year freshman of the year tournament, most outstanding player, all biggies, first team, all biggies freshman team, espnw player of the year as well; she’s the season uh single game record holder for assists 14 against butler earlier in The year most points 24 in the tournament debut against high point and uh.

The season record holder for assists has the most assists in the season already that’s the uconn record, so thoughts about page winning player of the year as a freshman. No surprise i mean that’s. What best player in the country yeah and we haven’t seen this um freshman in a long time, and you know yeah not surprising at all, and you know, and and after the season as he said, she deserves it absolutely and again, that’s why? I think uconn will go on and win it because the bigger the game is she’s going to play better. You know the brighter. The lights are, whatever analogy you want to use she’s going to come to play and she did that against baylor. Not you know letting the game come to her. She took it over and i expect her to do that against arizona, and i think they will advance and uh no matter who they play. You know she’s going to bring it it’s going to be about everybody else. Playing well christian williams, living else in dota, westbrook leah edwards, the core as well around hedgepeckers has to play really well, but she’s going to carry them and lead them for sure. So now we have our final four matchups and it’s going to be exciting. To see all these results again, so let’s predict to win each game: yeah uh, first uconn versus stafford or sc yeah. For me, i’m, going to go with stafford, uh against uconn and as great as stafford is and as well as they’re playing.

What are the records for stanford see like well how many losses stanford has two losses on the year and south carolina. I believe that’s, three three or four around there, so i’m gon na go stanford. They got upset yeah, they lost to ucla and an upset to colorado, and how about i see they had any bad losses, they did lose a game to tennessee and that was a little surprising. They lost to nc state who uh. Obviously, we talked about got bouncing the sweet 16 yeah 26 4 south carolina coming in and texas, a m um, so it’s gon na be close, um it’s, not kind of beating again let’s see they beat texas and that was a blowout um i’ll go to sc I’Ll go stanford, i mean you know just way they shoot. I don’t know if south carolina could keep up yeah and then, when we get to that point, you know whatever you can’t play, because we all agree they’re going to win. I think you come we’ll, get it done special yeah, most likely yeah. I just think the world taylor right we’re gon na go with baylor. I think the way baylor can wear you down kind of like we talk about stanford, the women’s. They can wear you down over the course of the game. I can zag and baylor to play just like in my bracket. I filled it out. Gonzaga bay won the championship, yeah um. Obviously you can say we all agree on that.

Um i’m feeling about and really i’m feeling about, houston in this game. You know: gonzaga went off for me, i’m, not faking that or saying that i really think they do um and – and you know i did procuration in my bracket but um. You know you know, you know right now, i’ll stick with that um! I did pick them to to cut down the nets and uh um. You know right now, i’m, just gon na go with that. So again, the final four pairings are set and we’re excited to see what happens in all of those games and uh, two more notes before we go uh sunday, uh april 4th uh. Look for this is a big big lineup on on cbs. That day, of course, the final four games are saturday, but sunday, uh you’re gon na see a lot of good players, best high school players in the country out for the american family, insurance, slam, dunk and three point contests and uh. This will be aired in its entirety at 1, 30 pm on cbs uh. This has already happened. All the everything has happened with this event. It’S gon na it was taped and now it’s gon na be uh played back on cbs uh. The dunk contest was won by kansas, signing kj adams, four star power forward. The three point boys contest was won by jordan, longino yeah we’ll find out sooner later for sure, both of those guys four stars and signed candace and villanova, and the girls three point contest was won by caroline ducharme.

A yukon sign, hd beat out uh easy fudd and a tiebreaker uh. Those two will be at uconn, coming up in the fall and uh again, uh caroline understand winning that one uh in the girls three point contest and uconn has a new target in the class of 2023 and this coach player bria cunningham out of california uh more Information uh with the uconn and their targets list, and everything coming up on blog and facebook and twitter and all of our social platforms. So again, episode 33 of the group central podcast, thanks for listening here today and we’ll be back next week talking a lot of stuff as well.

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