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But the finish so i said: let’s let’s, uh let’s come back in this. When we come back in this locker room, let’s be able to say we competed and they’re all special that’s right, try to tell everybody when they say you know which one. How does this one feel compared to all the rest? They all feel they all feel. Amazing there’s never been one that felt bad it’s like christmas. You know people say how was your christmas i’ve never had a bay one and they can be great at both things. A lot of people say you can’t, be a great mom can’t, be a great coach can’t do this, and that – and i think you can do it all Music well well. Well, we are finally here. The final four is tomorrow night: it’s, pretty unbelievable. How fast the season has gone? The tournament is gone. I feel, like i kind of just made my bracket picks uh. You know just the other day and now we’re already down to the last four teams, but the tournament has been nothing short of spectacular so far, and i am looking forward to these final four matchups um, even though we’ve already had a ton of great games. I’M thinking that we’re going to get a couple more so obviously we’ve got south carolina and stanford and then we’ve got arizona and yukon in the late night game. So again, i’m going to be covering all four of these teams kind of what they’ve done throughout the tournament in order to have so much success to get them to this point, not just on the offensive end, but even more importantly, on the defensive end.

So i hope you guys do enjoy the video another x’s and o’s breakdown coming at you and looking forward to these big games. So if you do enjoy the videos make sure you like leave a comment below who you think is going to uh going to take home the championship this year and without further ado, let’s get right to it, starting with south carolina all right dawn, staley’s squad is Ready for another run in the final four and their strengths to me lie in obviously many areas but we’re going to focus on three main concepts which i believe are their points in the paint, their defensive versatility and their ability to push the ball up the floor. With pace and get out in transition all right before we get to those three things, though, i do want to point out this opening play that south carolina tends to run at the beginning of each game, whether or not it’s. The first play like it was in texas or you’re, seeing here just in the first corner, it’s kind of like a floppy action is what i would like to call it kind of like an nba term, where there’s a single and a double screen, where ziya cook. Typically, is the one coming off she’s gon na choose which side she wants to come off of and as a defender, this is tough to guard because you’re in the middle of the floor pretty much on an island, and you just have to react to whichever way She goes, and somebody like ziya cook, who is really really fast, is not an easy chase behind a screen and the ability that she has to shoot.

The ball forces you to not be able to shoot the gap either because she will fade back for a shot and whoever can take care of the basketball. The best is going to have the best chance to win. I hear you’re gon na see the defense go through the middle, like what i was just saying and destiny henderson instead is gon na knock down a shot. You can’t shut a player down like like that, like as a coach, you can’t just say: don’t shoot the ball don’t. You have to teach her along the way. So don stanley was talking about how ziya cook got some heat earlier in the season for maybe taking some contested shots, or some looks that you know. Maybe a fan wouldn’t love to watch, but tan staley is absolutely right. When she’s talking about you got to let a player play, especially someone like zayako, who has the ability to play isolation, basketball to create her own shot when she’s feeling good, you see how good the south carolina team can be seeing her finishing ability here in transition Along with destiny, henderson who’s, another speedy guard that just has the ability to finish just not over the first defender, but over that help, defender and that’s, where south carolina really separates themselves their ability to finish at the rim in transition with speed. That is unmatched at the same time. Ziya cook knows that getting the ball to aliyah boston in the post is actually going to make it a lot easier for her to score.

We got to play as a team. We’Ve had some sparks where we weren’t playing as a team, everyone wasn’t getting involved and the flow wasn’t there. So that’s the main thing we’re working on now making sure the flow is there everyone’s touching the ball, uh running it through aliyah she’s, a very keep factor. Just factor to this team rebounding and just doing everything we need to do to win and over their last five games. This is exactly what they’ve been doing you see here. They have four players in double figures, and three of them are shooting over 40 from the field, so they’re definitely sharing the ball and getting touches everywhere on the court. Now you’re gon na notice, in stark contrast to their ability to get out in transition and really be lethal there when they do get opportunities to slow the ball up in the half chord or from an after timeout situation. They will take their time and get into sets. They love elbow entry sets where they can find mismatches in the post area. Bria beale and victoria saxon have made a living off of just finding a player that’s out of position and sealing them up in order to catch a lob pass from the top of the floor whenever they have a mismatch which feels like often because of their athleticism They’Re really just able to out out jump their opponent for easy laps. Credit goes to the guards for being able to make a lot of these entry passes and then it’s also nice to have someone, like alia, boston who can just turn off of a down screen and absolutely bury her defender for an easy.

Two south carolina scores. A ton of their points in the paint, whereas their final four opponent in stanford, relies on the three ball i’ll, be curious to see if stanford decides to front and back the post or if they’re, just gon na wall up and try and make the south carolina. Girls not be able to bury them and just force them to score over their defenders, but when they’re able to tangibly do what they did today, they made huge strides and that’s. All we were trying to do throughout the season is get them to a point where we can compete for a national championship. Now the last thing i’ll say about south carolina is that they’re definitely ready to compete for a national championship, like dawn stanley, said and it’s, not just because of their offense it’s, mostly because of their defense. Remember they kept texas, a team who just upset the highest scoring team in the country in maryland to zero points in the fourth quarter, that’s pretty unbelievable. South carolina’s versatility, especially on texas’s dribble, drive actions where they just want to go back and forth from side to side of the floor and south carolina’s ability to just switch these little handoffs and blur screens is really what kept texas out of the paint and unable To get easy baskets, and even when it was texas’s small forwards, getting these little handoffs south carolina’s post were able to just slide under and meet and you’ll notice that the south carolina players were never late or were never getting beat to the spot.

On any of this dribble drive action, this game was really slow in terms of pace. Every time up and down the floor. Both coaches seemed to call a play unless it was a fast break situation. Texas ran a bunch of stagger screens but south carolina’s speed and athleticism in terms of their guards chasing these screens hard didn’t phase them at all. They were able to either chase or shoot right through the middle and get right back to square in order to be in great defensive position and south carolina as a team defensively is holding teams to under 40 percent field goal percentage in the paint. But let’s remember stanford’s game isn’t played through the paint, so it will be interesting to see how south carolina is going to defend the versatile forwards that we’re about to get into next with the stanford cardinal you know, i challenged our team at halftime and i’m really Proud of how people stepped up thanks to an unbelievable second half with lights out, shooting thanks to ashton, prechtel, who came off of the bench stanford was really close to being sent home their ability to shoot the three really keeps them in any game and their posts Can handle the ball like guards making them a match up nightmare for opposing bigs, and when you don’t miss much it’s pretty easy to win a lot of games. You saw they struggled in the first half when their threes weren’t going down so for south carolina.

The key to this game is gon na, be to run them off. The three point line make them take mid range twos and again i say it in every video, but threes are worth more than two. What makes them even better is that all five players on the floor can shoot the three we saw post players like ashton, prechtel, come in and have huge games right off the bench, so they move off of the ball on their princeton, like offense, cutting and screening. For each other to get these open shots. Okay, i love this set here. It starts with a typical chin action. Dribble handoff ball reversal, but there’s no flare screen at the elbow right, usually there’s a little bit of a flare screen with a post. Instead, lexi hull goes right into a fake down screw in with fran. Believe the post jumps out. Thinking that she’s going to have to chase off of a down screen instead back cuts, the elbow entry jump shot watch as both players head towards the screen. They raise their hand, giving the screen signal, and this tells the defense that they’re gon na set a screen. They both know that they’re not gon na go set a screen, but their body language sells the cut and gets them open. You see, haley jones here is their dynamic stretch, four, who can pretty much do it all? She plays like a guard out on the perimeter. Can drop dimes like you see here, get to the rim.

The shot blocking presence of south carolina is definitely going to be a factor, though so i don’t know how much success she’ll have driving to the basket, but her ability to knock down that mid range shot. Could be a difference maker, okay, another one of my favorite sets here: you’re gon na see a little stagger screen and then a screen for the first screener. So watch this one again in slow motion. There’S a screen with an automatic curl read by the guard. Watch practical’s defender slightly help on that curl creating room for hayley jones to set that second down screen to get prechdal the wide open shot on the wing. She finished six for six with 16 points and look at her parents reaction. This is what the ncaa tournament is all about. She played great defense, she rebounded and obviously her. I thought her three was the shot that really just kind of said all right: we’re back stanford’s leader, keanu williams, struggled in the first half, but she came alive in the second half. I just want to break down a couple of the reads she made off of the ball screen that i thought were really impressive, just playing within herself and not going too fast here. The help defender on the weak side is already loaded up, so she just makes the easy pass right to her teammate, nothing fancy about it. She shows great patience on the pick and roll by always waiting for the screen and then not going off 100 miles an hour watch how she engages the screener’s defender and sees that there’s no help on the roll and just throws it up for cameron.

Bring to lay it in nobody’s, going under screens with keanu williams, she’s too good of a shooter. So once she gets that defender to go over, she’s already beat her man now she’s reading the screener’s defender and that’s the level two defender so she’s reading. If that defender is too far back, she’s gon na go and shoot that mid range pull up right around the nail and the foul line area which, honestly, if i’m playing drop coverage, that’s the shot that i’m okay giving up. She uses a high level move, which is called the hostage dribble here to keep her defender on her back and then on that last dribble. She takes a hard pound to get away and create space to be able to elevate into that jumper in this one. She uses the same move off the side, pick and roll to draw the help defender and then hits prectal for the pick and pop all right on to the second game of the final four, the yukon huskies will be taking on the arizona wildcats now i’ve covered Uconn in the last two videos, so i’m – not gon na go too too far in depth here, because i’ve done a ton on them already. The biggest thing for our team is just coming together when times are tough and sticking together and never losing that confidence they stuck together and came back from a 10 point deficit against baylor. I just kind of want to show you guys, yukon’s off the ball actions and how they play off of the high post and first that’s paige becker’s back cuts.

She back cuts better than anybody in this league and again she was just named national player of the year as a freshman, and this is why her back cut draws so much attention. You see this one aubrey griffin gets a wide open shot because the on ball defenders are so worried about her back cutting towards the who, i think, when she went out. Obviously, you hate to see somebody get injured, but i think we just try to take advantage of it all right, so it felt like all game. Baylor’S guards were going under all the ball screens and handoffs, regardless of who it was westbrook shot the ball. Well, they were going under her as well, so when a defender goes underneath a handoff or a ball screen and as the screener defender comes off, they kind of pull the ball back right behind the screen. I just call that shot a sit behind, so they got a ton of those and they were making them. I actually hope that arizona sticks with their usual game plan of being super aggressive in the ball screen coverages and tries to jam up these handoffs again. They got ta watch the back cuts because if you’re gon na jam up a handoff, you know you’re gon na give up back cuts. But i love here how they go over the screen and really contest becker’s jumper don’t. Let her go to her right hand. First of all, i would ice her.

If i was on the left side of the floor, i would send her to her left hand and make her shoot the ball going that way, don’t, let her go to the middle of the floor towards her right hand. Now, if she’s on the right side of the floor, i would send her to the middle and i know that’s, complicated and i’m sure you know these coaches are a lot smarter than i am but uh. You know for some reason. Nobody seems to be able to force this girl to her left hand, and maybe that is exactly why she is the national player of the year, all right, advanced, shooting numbers for paige peckers. Look at the left side of the floor in the mid range which most of her shots are coming from the mid range. She shoots threes, obviously, but she loves the mid range so 43 on the left side. 36. You know, above the elbow free, throw line extended on the right side, 50 along the baseline area, 52 above the break on the right side. I know it might not seem like a huge difference, but with yukon anything you can do to slow them down. Just a little bit could make a huge difference and, of course, for anyone who watched the baylor yukon game, which was definitely the best game so far in terms of entertainment value in this women’s tournament. This is what gino had to say when we asked about the foul call at the end coach moki’s, claiming after the game that that last play was a foul.

Is it one of the situations where could have gone 50 50, or was it a foul? I don’t know i haven’t seen it but i’d also like to look at all the fouls in the first half, where they shot 11 free throws and we shot two that was an insane game and a crazy ending and whether or not you agree with the call That was or wasn’t made it doesn’t really matter at this point, because the arizona wildcats are waiting to face yukon in the final four. This means a lot it’s a surreal moment. Um literally, i was on facebook yesterday and yesterday made it a year that i said i was coming back. I mean it’s, just crazy how things come full circle. I mean you, make goals and to see yourself and your team achieve them like. This is a big deal. We just created more history. All right, aaron mcdonald, has been exceptional in the pick and roll all tournament again versus indiana anytime. They went under the automatic re screen. She uses it. She gets right back to where the screen came from and then on. The re screen forces the over. So anytime a defender goes under the screen. You want to always re screen even lower than the original screen, so now you’re forcing the defender to go over the second screen, because if they go under the second screen, it’s gon na be way too easy of a shot.

Because you are now closer to the basket, she’s been amazing, just i mean stars make big plays and they step up when it really counts. No one remembers how you started. Remember how you um, you know and aries said it perfectly at times this year she struggled a little bit um. You know. I think that wasn’t letting the game come to her. You know really trying to really carry us so much, and i think that i’ve seen a different area in the tournament just more relaxed more at ease really leading the team in so many different ways. Erie mcdonald has gotten hot at the right time. She saved her best basketball for march. In her last five games. She shot 47 percent from three fifty percent from two and overall 49.5 percent from the field. Those numbers are legit. Not only is she just flat out explosive? I mean look at this change of direction. Getting to the rim back to her left hand, she’s also finding her teammates out of the pick and roll watch. These two level, three reads where she gets by her man, beats the help and then reads the second line of help to kick out to shooters around the perimeter, and these are the types of plays that arizona is going to have to make if they want a Chance at beating uconn, i’m looking in their eyes and there’s a fire there’s, a belief, there’s, a confidence there’s a will to win, and – and i love that all right guys that’s going to wrap up this one if you’ve made it this far into the video.

I appreciate you as always again leave your comments below thoughts below let’s. Have a nice women’s basketball debate on who’s going to take home the championship this year, but uh happy watching games are tonight.

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