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The Matchday Magazine presented by Opel Hello and welcome to your and our Matchday Magazine. The international break is over and Bundesliga football is back.. Bvb face a tough schedule over the next seven weeks, theyre set to play ten games and we hope therell be quite a few more. Im delighted to say I have a very special guest, today. Weve known each other for ever So its special to have him on The Matchday Magazine for the first time, Otto Addo., Hello, Otto Hello, I hope youre well, Yes, Im very well thanks. Great. Otto. The international break is over and ten first team players were away with their national teams.. How does that affect training programmes and plans? We knew lots of players would be away and we did a lot of training in small groups.. Sometimes we only had six guys on the pitch, but we were able to really focus on strengths and weaknesses.. We had loads of fun this week and the boys worked very hard.. Three months ago you were promoted to assistant coach, though I dont know, if thats correct, as I thought, your previous role was just as important.. How has your job changed in terms of working with the players every day? Well, what has changed is that Im closer to the team that Im with the players in the dressing room and that I travel with them to away games. Before then I was always with the U23s, the U19s or the U17s for away games.

, Now, Im more closely Involved and I have to help prepare training, prepare for games and analyse our opponents.. We do the groundwork for Edin, who himself works, really really hard and looks at lots of things.. We try to support him as much as we can and lighten his workload.. Of course, its different from my old job, where I looked after the players from the U23s to the U17s and analysed them individually.. I imagine thats a lot of fun right. Yes, Of course, its a different job and theres more pressure, but when we win and when things are going well overall, I really enjoy it. Theres. Someone who knows you both as talent, coach and as assistant coach. Lets, see what he has to say about you.. Otto is like a father figure to us. Hes there for us. When we need him, he tells us what the coach thinks of us and what we have to do better. And he talks to us like brothers. You know that you can trust him and you can talk openly with him. Ive, seen videos of him showing how good he was. And A powerful weapon. He was quick. He could shoot, he could dribble too.. Can he still do any of that? No, not anymore.. No! No no. Not anymore., Football has changed., It has changed, but at that age I wasnt that good. Ill train for a month then well do a head to head. Ill. Show you something.

. No, you wont manage that. Wasnt, that great to see Otto was explosive., Though you already know that.. That was great. That was an excerpt from our series called BVB 09 Stories Who We Are and its definitely worth watching. When you have a bit of time. Otto. I hope our cameras will be invited to the head to head. You mentioned against Youssoufa.. If it happens, then definitely. Afterwards. I thought a bit more about whether its a good idea., Because You dont, want to knock the stuffing out of him.. Exactly if I win, it will damage his confidence. If he loses to someone with one and a half legs. I dont know if thats good for him. And if I lose. That means I wasnt trying properly, because if I did, I wouldnt normally lose., But then it isnt as good. For me it would build him up, but it isnt so realistic., But I think he would cope with it.. It sounds like you. Two have a very friendly relationship.. Yes, we definitely do.. We get on really well and our relationship is very good. Hes, a great guy. Absolutely. And in the last game, Ansgar Knauff. Another of our top talents showed what hes capable of. Were watching it. Now. The last time I did that trick was in the U17s, but he used it straight away, played the cross into the middle and we scored. It was top class and your work appears to be bearing fruit.

, Yes, but ultimately its down to Ansgar.. I get a lot of praise for the young players but, of course, its teamwork from everyone.. That includes the coach who trusted him and brought him on. Lots of other people work with him and lots of youth coaches have worked with him previously. So its a team effort but above all its Ansgars hard work.. He did extremely well and I hope we see lots more moments like that. And hes. A great guy too weve had him on camera a few times.. This weekend we play Eintracht Frankfurt. Rather than a top talent theyre a top team in the Bundesliga. So what do we need to be prepared for this weekend? Otto Frankfurt are a tough tackling team and theyre very good in transitions. So we need to be on our guard and we need to think about making sure we have cover when were attacking.. I think recently Frankfurt have created a lot of goals down the left side with Kostic, so we need to watch out for that.. We need to be extremely solid and transition quickly and when we lose the ball, which will happen, of course, we need to close down space in defence.. If we stand up to them and play like we did in previous games, albeit not against Cologne, then we can definitely win the game. Its a big opportunity for us to get closer to our target, and I expect us to take it.

The game against Eintracht. Frankfurt will be absolutely crucial for the rest of the season and, of course, one of the positions where we want to finish is at stake.. How do you make sure that the pressure turns into motivation rather than something that stifles you? Of course, weve talked about it? A lot and Edin has used this week to have lots of one to one chats.. Many of the players wont be back until Thursday, but as always, our analysis will focus on Eintrachts weaknesses and on their strengths of course.. We know what our team is capable of. Producing on the pitch, as theyve shown that over the last few weeks. Well set them up so that we can beat Frankfurt and I think we will beat them., We hope. So We will we will.. Ok. At the beginning, we talked about the international break. In a week like this. Is it even possible to tailor your preparations for your opponents? Yes, it is. Weve done very good individual work and focusing on specific positions. Weve been able to prepare the boys for whats coming. Weve done lots of exercises where the full backs had to block crosses working on what to do what positions to be in and so on. And for the strikers. Weve worked on finishing. We had lots of chances against Cologne, which, unfortunately, we squandered. Weve worked in detail on that with lots of repetition and lots of different situations so that, for example, they know in advance which corner to aim for.

. We have to improve in that area and weve tried to prepare each individual player for the patterns of play in their position. That might happen against Frankfurt.. A great football philosopher once said. If you dont know where to go with the ball, put it in the net., But you know that of course., Even with a torn cruciate ligament., The only player who ever did that in his career.. No one can help you now Otto as its the head to head Dickel, v, Addo, Nobby, v, Otto. Itll be very exciting, but first lets look back at the last game.. The game in Cologne ended all square, but Thorgan Hazard beat me by the narrowest of margins. As there was a Scandinavian in the starting eleven in the form of Erling Haaland., So Toto won 1 0 cutting the deficit and making the overall score listen carefully. Otto 57 38 to me., So you actually cant do anything wrong and you can play the head to head without any pressure.. You can see the new Yellow Wall in front of you and as youre my guest. You can of course go first.. You know how it works. The categories are S G and E, so someone has been very creative and done a great job. And 1 2 or 3 points are up for grabs., Then Ill start with Striker Haaland scores more than Silva., OK, Ill say Going on. Bvb, win 10th home game in a row against SGE Edin makes at least four substitutions, OK Ill say we make a quick start Goal for BVB in the first 10 minutes.

We each have one more., Gio, Reyna, picks up a scorer point. Ok and Ill say Why not Six goals after 90 minutes., I was a striker Otto as you know.. When you talk to Roman Brki or Marwin Hitz its always, We must get a clean, sheet. Thats, not what we know. We need lots of action up front. It looks that way. Well see what happens. Otto before we finish, I have one more question.. Weve talked a lot about our top talents today, and things are very different, these days., But how were you discovered and how did you become a top talent? How was I discovered its difficult., A representative team? Yes, I was playing for a small club in Hamburg, called Hummelsbtteler SV Everyones heard of them., Yes everyones heard of them. Then I played for a Hamburg representative team and then I went to HSV, but only for one year.. Then I dropped off for a bit because I didnt make the U23 team.. Then I joined VfL 93 Hamburg in the Regionalliga, where I played well and was a key player.. Then I got my first big offer from Hannover 96.. They had just been relegated and in my second year we were promoted from the Regionalliga back up to the second division.. That was my first big breakthrough.. Then I played pretty well in the second division. I came to Dortmunds attention and they signed me., Exactly thats how it should be. And now youre back isnt that great Im back.

Great stuff, Otto. Of course. We hope that our boys maintain their upward trajectory.. We dont know what will happen in the Champions League. Perhaps we can pull something off against Manchester City who knows. And of course we want to get to Berlin and get to fourth in the table. One things for certain. We have some exciting weeks to look forward to.. We hope that you and Edin have exactly the right plan for this weekends game against Eintracht Frankfurt up your sleeves. Thanks for being my guest, you at home can of course listen on Netradio, where the emotions are bound to be running high here well be sitting here. Looking out there, hopefully describing lots of Borussia Dortmund goals. Thats, all thanks again Otto for taking the time to be here., Bye, all the best and well have our fingers crossed for three points. Bye.

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