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If you would like a question, please use the raise hand function we’ll get around to as many of you as we can we’re going to start with paul gilmore and sky sports news. Oh thanks, adrian hi, thomas hi, thomas congratulations on your manager of the month. I was wondering if you could um speak a little bit about that and also give us some fitness updates for your team news. Please well it’s very unusual for us to to have this reward, because that is not a reward that you can achieve in in france or in germany, so but it’s very nice, because it’s a it’s uh, i i don’t believe in in in individual rewards in football. So, to receive one is i’m more or less the representative for my staff and for everybody here in kobem. And is this proof that we did well in the right direction and that everybody was pushing in the same direction and the direction is to to to do everything for the team that they are able to to win games and it’s? You know if you are privileged uh to be in a competition like this and if you are privileged enough and like me, i’m, very grateful to to receive an award like this, because that means i’m in the right club, with a team that that have that can Produce results and performances that that i get in the end a reward like this but, like i said i absolutely do not believe in individual rewards in football.

So i see it as a team reward, and this feels very very good, of course, so but it’s not the end of the road we still compete for april and for may and we want to want to produce stuff that that we can still be in the Race for that and for the for the update for the injured players. Well, everybody was in training. Today we had a fantastic training session with a high quality good atmosphere, except for ngolo kante, who did individual work, but everybody else is was out on the pitch and is available for tomorrow, which is good news. You face west brom, of course, conor gallagher won’t be playing, but is, is he somebody that you’ve um you’ve been keeping a close eye on willie? Will he get a chance to be in your squad next season? Oh it’s, not only my decision, but this is uh. It’S it’s it’s his um it’s his responsibility to to show up, and this is what he does. I think it’s not the moment – to take decisions now for conor but i’m. Very aware that he is still our player. But i think the the momentum now is that we have crucial weeks ahead of us and for him and his mission in in west brom also, so he he fought his way through and uh as a lone player, which is very impressive and he’s uh. He never stops improving and he’s on he’s he’s, a very regular player and a very regular bear for west brom and uh.

I wish that he can stay totally focused on that and when is the momentum in the moment in the situation to decide, we will decide but it’s clearly not now away from the club. I was going to ask you that about early holland, he seems his agent and his father seem to be on a a tour of clubs at the moment. Will chelsea look to meet them? I will not answer that. I will not answer out of respect for, for, for, for the player and for borussia. Dortmund is a borussia, dortmund player and, of course, it’s a big news around him around his agent and it seems like they are creating a race a little bit a race for the player and still we have to everybody needs to accept. And i will fully accept that this is a player for for borussia dortmund, a very promising player, of course, but no comments in respect to the situation that he is not in our squad and not in our club. And we will not comment on any on any. On any um on anything else regarding regarding holland, will chelsea be able to invest in players this summer to complement the work you’ve been doing this season. Honestly, we have to wait. I think it’s it’s another situation, a strange situation with a pandemic worldwide, strange situation and a situation where it’s absolutely necessary that we as a club need to adapt and need to be patient.

At the same time, we is it’s not like um. Is there even a market? How does the market look? What can we invest? Can we invest? Is there is there? Is there? Are there even chances to to to generate money? Their interest in our players is their capacity from other clubs to buy players from us. Are we able to buy? Do we want to buy everything? I can say now that this is a situation that is not not very clear and for that is for me, the best to be patient, and i agree absolutely with the club in this to be patient. Not lose our head and to fully trust the the guys we have. We have eight weeks coming now, decisive weeks, exciting weeks and full of full of decisive matches where we can achieve three big goals that three big targets for us that we want to achieve. And my my trust and my full concentration is on the players who are here and and anything else. We will have time for that when and and now is also the the moment for the players to show that we can trust them. And am i a happy coach right now? Yes, i am because i have the full squad i’m in a top club, with a top team and i’m very relaxed for summer last question paul. I know people always do look look forward to the next season. Uh, sergio aguero is leaving no, but we need to.

We don’t need to talk. I mean it’s the same good, try and it’s the same answer like for holland we need to – and this is absolutely clear that we have full respect for from manchester city and and for for sergio aguero. Who is a big player for them? There is no word needed from me about the achievement of this guy. This is a world class player, but don’t forget we compete in three competitions with man city, and so i will never never never speak about the player, Music and and judge a player and and and talk about the players future, which is their player, and i expect That they do the same with our players, so we are rivals and, like i said, there’s no more were needed from me to to to praise sergio aguero’s career. This is outstanding and speaks for itself and it’s, not finished he’s, still a player for our city, and he will still help them to achieve all their goals, which is a big collision to our goals, because we we follow the same things: olivia plp, hi, thomas hi, Um, can we just give a further update on kante’s injury um? Will the porto game on tuesday on wednesday come too soon for kante yeah? Probably yes, probably yes, as it is very likely that it’s it’s too soon he’s doing individual training so and from there on you can do the math i mean um. Tomorrow is a game.

He will miss the game he cannot be in the squad. Then we arrive already on on sunday, monday and tuesday to prepare the game on, so that leaves us with three game. Three days only left he has a little muscle, injury like we communicated, i think, from from the national team, and so my realistic approach is to to think after after porto and to think for the second game against porto um. How difficult and sort of different is it for you, as a manager to prepare for games, especially when you’re the 12 30 kickoff on a saturday when you’ve had all these players go on international duty and you’ve only had them for a couple of days before the Match yeah a couple of days would have been nice. We only had them for one day, which is today we get used to it, it’s a bit strange all the time i want to be very honest. We also enjoy sometimes breaks like these in the in the coaching stuff and the players who stay here, which which are not many, was only like four guys here, um throughout the weeks, but it’s also enjoyable to to to to take a breath and to breeze to Relax and to refocus after that, but at the same time is, is also strange because your players come they are they they go through different time zones. I think ali ishiru, for example, and and and um kurt zuma.

They they had the game with five hours time. Difference and then so they travel in two days like five hours, time difference four hours back and then they take three four flights to arrive back in the middle of the night in london. So this is clearly not the best preparation for for for the saturday match. At 12, 30. still, 12 30 is also a special time to play, which i, which i need to get used to, in which we try to adapt with our routine before that means, we go to the hotel today in the evening and yeah, but we don’t don’t Break our heads too much about it. This is this is clear when you sign for for a club like chelsea, that you have to adapt to situations like this, that you need to find solutions. We had a very good training sessions today and we will. We will have the team to together today in the evening for dinner and it’s important that we enjoy these moments to come together because it’s absolutely necessary to refocus for, for tomorrow, it’s a big game ahead and just finally um. I think i’ve asked you about this before you’ve got all your centre backs fit. Obviously you mentioned kurt zuma had played in a time difference. Is that a nice selection headache to have when you’ve got those defenders that have been playing in the three playing so well? Yeah, do they have something like thiago silva backfit, who could come in and make a difference as well, yeah it’s the best situation that you can have as a manager that we are able to to substitute players or to replace players who are injured or who need A break and without a loss of quality and without a lack of results.

That is very, very good, and that gives us a a a good, very good feeling, and we have for confidence in all of them. So now tomorrow will be uh. Thiago is available back on track. Everybody else is fit and same as for the goalkeepers. We we have good competitions, and now we enter in such a crucial moment in the season it’s very, very important to have this election because we need everybody now to to be, in top shape, to compete on all levels lost to nick and nizar um. Just on timor, you know still still struggling in front of goal. I just i i know i understand you know spoken about this before. Just wondering. Do you think? Maybe you need to do something different with him, or does he want to do something different to get back to his irregular goal, scoring that we all know he can yeah and he produced for years yeah. Well. First of all, it was a bad pass from elkagundogan. This is how i see it now: i’m, just joking um! Well, of course, so now he missed the chance, and now everybody is is, is passionate uh to talk about it, which is a bit annoying because for me, is is the moment where arrives a moment where it’s also enough to talk about team o’verne and to talk To talk about timo vernon to talk to blame t moverna, but the truth is he: he did not start three times for germany, so maybe if he has more minutes, maybe they would have scored more.

You know it’s uh it’s an easy solution in the moment to to to point the finger to teemo, which i cannot understand fully, which i cannot fully understand, and i will not accept and i’m happy that he’s back here, because here he’s protected. We demand a lot from him. We get a lot from him, so you know the best thing maybe is to look at the situation honestly to not like focus on the on the on the bad things, but to look at it honestly, which is like yeah. He is in a is in a in a moment where he lacks confidence where things are not too easy: uh the the boss um, it simply does not work out like like it usually works out, but he works hard for us. He wins. If this is let’s say if this is the most critical point of his career so far i mean look at the data’s. Look at the statistics. He he he scores still for us. He he’s doing assists for us he’s winning penalties, decisive penalties for us. So if this is the the the most critical point in your career, you can still accept it and say: okay, so it’s pretty impressive so far, and i trust and – and i hope that he does the same – and i talked to him about it – this guy scored Since he’s five years old and he never stopped – and it never stopped so he can trust that his brain his body remembers to do that because it’s absolutely usual for him to score.

So it will come back it’s just a matter of time once he he but it’s. Much easier is that than done because for me is the moment not to think about it and not to to read about it and not to even train extra. Yesterday i sent him in from training because he wanted to do some finishing with us. I just sent him in, i said: well, you don’t need that you you, your body, your brain knows how to score. You did it since you’re six years old, so don’t worry, it will come if if a woman does not want to go out with you to dinner, you cannot force her to you just step a little bit back and maybe she will call you up and and And so so the goals will come as, but but of course he needs to do something for it, and the thing is what the best thing to do and not to think about it is work hard work hard against the ball. Work hard be reliable with the ball, do your runs, don’t hesitate and be fearless, be fearless and don’t overthink it. This is very easy for me to say, because we are out there and everybody is pointing fingers at him, but this is the challenge right now and uh yeah. This is how i see it and he will start tomorrow, and here we go so good. Last question: this is arkansas hi, thomas hi.

I wanted to ask you it’s kind of been a crazy time for you since january. Since you came to the club yeah, how did you do the pause like in the last two weeks? Was it nice? Did you um? Do any full time meetings as well uh with chelsea with the board, and things like that? How did you use these weeks during the two weeks now yeah the international break? Well, i had the chance for a short and a brief visit with for my visit, my family, which was amazing and fantastic. So when i came back, i had clearly to follow government protocol to be released with Music outrageous number of tests. They were all negative and so now we’re back in the office. I was very happy. Everybody took a lot of care about me, so they were. Everybody stepped back, no, not a lot of messages, not a lot of meetings, not a lot of phone calls, which was very very polite. So i could really take them some days off and and relax mentally and enjoy the the time with my family. And then it was very nice to come back and and of course, if you we were self isolating, we were here for for many days now, five days self isolating – and you have a lot of time to do – calls to do meetings to reflect to to watch Opponents – this is basically, this was basically it, but you have a lot of time in self isolation, so it’s also sometimes boring but absolutely necessary, and i can just uh confirm that i that i was very happy to come back that i was very happy to be Around here in corbin and be in the office and be around everybody, so because we have a good time here, i feel very, very welcome, and this has not changed and to be out on the pitch with the players.

This is is the best thing to do.

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