Chelsea F.C., West Bromwich Albion F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, UEFA Champions League vs West Brom 2-5 All Goal & Extended Highlights 2021 HD

Today, the team now for you for west bromwich albion, chris bronte, starts with jake livermore in the middle dwight. Gayle is the sole striker. Today, Applause Applause in by hazard, strong punch from the corner by the keeper kante he’s. Looking for the cross, i think he saw the look from the other player and saw where the pass was going and read it. Jay rodriguez gibbs working hard just to see maybe a site of goal. Well, it was an early foul right for the referee to say, yeah well, that’s the free kick and you know you can’t do that no card. Alan may be sensible from the referee. This early yeah, they don’t, tend to like to flash the yellow card early on, but you could argue 15 minutes down the line he would have been booked for that here’s, fabregas, conte, marcus, alonso kante Applause never looked like reaching its target and they’re away with the Ball played forward a bit of menace in this attack, Applause and phillips that’s his game isn’t it intercepting. Maybe the counter attack is on here: morata Applause and that’s, the corner chelsea, trying to catch the opposition out with a short corn cote that’s, almost teasing the referee, with a challenge like that Applause, morata, livermore, jake, livermore aidan. Has it Applause now fabregas morata challenges for the ball, and now brunt played down the wing keeping free kick here: Applause: Music, oh Applause, put in with a bit of whip, good defensive clearance.

There pedro conte morata chance to go at the opposition with pace. Well, the opposition for repositioned now, but they’ve still got the ball. The attacking team as pill, equator crossing cleared away well away from goal albert threading it through he blocked it. Then Applause, here’s, fabregas Applause, here’s, fabregas fabregas – gives it away here. Here’S phillips. A lot of defenders between them and the goal, but they still got the ball and here’s the shot, got in the way. Looking a problem until the clearance position, there will be a minimum of a good chunk of added time here.

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Chelsea F.C., West Bromwich Albion F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, UEFA Champions League ference: Chelsea v West Brom | Premier League