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This season we see your mom and geno after they went to rehab and got clean. What was your reaction when you found out that they decided to really work on themselves and made that decision to get sober um, i kind of feel like really. I was like torn because for so long my mom had been out of several rehabs at this point and it just like become overwhelming, like mentally and physically for me, because it’s like okay, is this time gon na be different, you know like? Is she really gon na go through it? Are they really gon na work on themselves, because all the things that we heard that time we had previous times before and what made this time different? Have you seen any of those positive changes with them or how have things been different? This time um, i feel, like things have been like different this time, because mama seems like she’s wanting to like go and before she was like. No, i would not do inpatient rehab. I would not do what you have and like this time, it’s like more like she’s willing willingly wanting to go and access. Hollywood recently chatted with your mom and she got really honest with us about the depths of her addiction and revealed to us that she spent nearly a million dollars. Fueling. Her substance abuse um the last year of her addiction and that she and gina were living in their car.

Did you and your family have any idea just how bad things have gotten with them and that last year, honestly, if i’m being completely honest? No, i did not know how bad it had become. I knew that there obviously was a problem, but after i moved alana out of the house that you guys seen on last season, i kind of started to work on myself like i started um me and alana. Both started therapy and really started to work on ourselves, because that was a negative part of my life that i was willing to. Let go at the time and i didn’t really want to intervene, because i had two kids to worry about. I had a family of my own that i had to get together so really. For me, it was more of just like wanting to protect the kids and protect myself and you’ve really stepped up as sort of a mother figure to your sister alana. How has it been for you kind of stepping into that role? I can’t imagine how it must feel having to see your sister go through something like this with your mom it’s, definitely hard, because now i have to play. I have to play two roles like i’m, trying to be her sister and i’m also happy to be her. Mom like i have to set the rules that a sister shouldn’t have to set. You know, and that is what kind of sucks for me i struggle with that.

I think still to this day and i’ve had custody of alana now for going on uh two years, but it’s a struggle but and it’s hard to see alana in that place, because alana is the type of person to you shut down. She doesn’t want to talk about it and for me, that’s frustrating as not only a sister, but as a parent too, because i do want to know what’s going on and i don’t want alana to feel a certain type of way. You know like she’s, a child. I want her to be a child and, speaking of you kind of stepping up in that way in the next episode, we see you that your mom reaches out to you and she wants to meet with you and alana. What was your reaction when your you got that call from your mom? You know when i get that call from my mom. Obviously my reaction is, i still feel like i need time. You know for so long me and alana, and my entire family really were on my mom’s time and at that point, and even still now it’s like you’re on my time now. Everything during your addiction – and you know that was on you and gino’s time and y’all didn’t – really care well now, it’s time to like just let me have my space and breathe really, and what do you think it would take for you and your family to mend Your relationship with your mom, i think it would take a lot.

I don’t think that it was it’s, something that can definitely be healed overnight or something that can be worked on or fixed overnight. My mama done it’s, not just two years of damage. I mean it’s a whole, you know life, lifelong lies and everything like that. You know it’s a whole process that we honestly have to work through as a family. I don’t know if it’ll get to that point and i’m, not saying that it won’t get to that point. What is your relationship like now? Are you still in contact with your mom, or are you just working on mending that relationship still, i think, we’re still just working on mending the relationship honestly like i said it does take time and it’s hard for sure i mean it’s, my mom, i love her And i’ve always loved her even through her addiction, but sometimes i just have to step back. I can’t imagine going through the situation that you’re going through um, not just in general and you’re, going through this on such a public platform in front of like all of america. What is it like? Um having these kind of events in your life unfold for the public to see, you know, i’ve honestly been very grateful, especially for the last past two seasons – um the first. You know season with last season. It was covering addiction we have found. Alana especially, has become friends with so many people who their moms have gone through addiction, and now you know they’re mending their relationship they’re working on things, because before we kind of felt like oh, my mom, you know was titled as a crack kid.

So, oh my mom’s a crackhead, and nobody else goes through that. But coming to find out like i feel like our story has helped so many more people like if you’re going through addiction or something like that people know that they are willingly allowed to. You know message us on social media platforms and anything because at the end of the day, our fans are what keeps us going. Our fans are what keeps the show coming every friday night. So, ultimately, for me, i think it’s just so great that we’re able to broadcast something like that, because a lot of people aren’t comfortable with talking about it or they don’t know how to talk about it, and i feel, like our show kind of, gives you the Little pamphlet on how to do that touching on that it has been in general, a taboo subject of addiction and the surrounding issues that can come with having a family member who is suffering with that type of illness. What advice would you give to fans who are dealing with addiction or dealing with a loved one? Who has addiction issues? Well, i always say, and i always tell people just think of it. This way, like addiction, doesn’t, just affect the addict. It affects the entire family itself, like y’all, have seen that firsthand from our family itself. It affects everybody, like i mean down to your pets honestly, and you know for me the advice that i would give is it takes time it does, and you can’t force help if help isn’t wanted.

Do you think that this is going to be a new chapter for june and geno? What are you hoping for them in their future? I mean i really do hope that this is a new chapter for them. I hope that they, you know, stay clean if they are clean. You know things like that, but for the future um everybody knows how i kind of feel about gino. So i mean i kind of do hope that maybe my mama goes on a different path or something like that for sure, and i was going to actually ask about gino. So are you in contact with him, or are you just kind of trying to fix things with your mom at this point and gina’s, not really in the picture for you? I think, honestly, for me, it’s just fixing things with my mom, because addiction, no addiction gino to me is a temporary person. Just like my husband would be a temporary person, because family is forever my mom isn’t gon na leave. You know like she may have left us for a little bit, but ultimately like at the end of the day. Like i know, my mom would be there for me and the same thing with us sisters as well, and i was going to actually ask about the bond of your family, because in this episode we see you and your sister both really advocating for giving second chances To people in your family, why is that something that’s important to you, because i know some people like, especially if it’s, not their blood family it’s like hard for them to understand that bond? I think it’s hard to give people second chances.

I mean definitely for sure. It’S, not something that’s, just easy, like oh here’s, a second chance, but for me, like i’ve, learned what second chance is. If the first time you made a mistake and it’s, not a repeat thing or it’s, not happening every time and it’s just an excuse. Every time then, i do feel like okay. If you mess up this one time, you do deserve a second chance, but now i don’t believe in third or fourth or fifth chances and stuff like that, but i do believe that people, especially people in addiction they just get on the wrong path. They hang out with the wrong kind of people they get in a relationship with the wrong kind of people, because i mean there’s people around us that are just in the wrong situation at the wrong time and it’s like. I believe that addicts for sure if they want the help and they are willing to show you i do feel like they deserve a second chance. So the upcoming episode of the show also shows sugar bear who opens up about his health issues and wanting to reconnect with alana? What do you think it would take for alan and him to mend their relationship? Um i’m, not really sure what it would take for. Alana and sugar to mend their relationship back together. I honestly don’t believe that there’s any hope left if i’m being completely honest from the person, that’s physically been taking care of alana for so long.

I really don’t see it because i feel like alana is at the point in her life where she’s like well, you should have been doing that 15 years ago. You know – and i can’t say that i blame her and how is alana doing these days because it seems like she’s, i can’t even imagine what she’s gone through with both of her parents, having this kind of falling out of the family i’m. Really happy that she has you and your husband there together um as a support system for her, but what has it been like and how is she doing? I think that has definitely been hard for her. I mean at 15, who can imagine their mom fall off the bandwagon into an addiction having to move in with your sister and really all the things you know, and i think it is hard for her, but i think that alana still manages to do well. She keeps her grades up in school. You know, and some people have stuff to say about her long nails and her long, lashes and stuff like that, but at the end of the day, i’d, rather her be wearing long lashes and long nails. Considering what she’s been through, you know like it is what it is like she said. It is fashion now and i can’t do the long nails on the long lashes, but i think that she looks pretty with him. So what do you hope that fans will take away from watching this season of the show? I just heard that they’ll understand that family is important at the end of the day.

All you have is family and we try to show that even at the beginning of a complete thunderstorm at the end of it, there’s always a rainbow, because i just feel. I also feel like too that they’ll learn that marriages aren’t perfect. You know relationships aren’t, perfect and stuff like that and it’s okay, like everybody’s, not perfect, everybody’s, not this cookie cutter family because we definitely sure are not. I feel like a lot of your fans, can relate to a lot of things that go on on the show, because you are like a real family um and nothing it’s not staged or anything and i’ve. Seen that lots of fans like show so much support for you, like in the comments and just on social media what’s, it been like for you seeing those messages of support and also people who can relate to what’s going on in your life. I think it’s nice. I think it’s nice to have somebody who doesn’t completely know me just from you know they just watch me on friday nights like i’ve run into a lot of people. You know specifically who are like. Oh you know, we can relate to y’all. So much and you know we’re like the biggest fan and that really does like it makes my heart happy at the end of the day like it truly does make my heart happy, because i know that i made an impact somewhere. It may have been small.

It could have been big, it could have been. You know the tiniest thing in the world to somebody, but to me like when somebody says something nice. All the nice comments definitely outweigh the bad that’s for sure, and it could be a hundred negative comments and one person that sticks out and says something super nice, and it really does make me nalana’s day and i i honestly do know for sure that it does Make alana’s day because you know there’s, like i said, there’s people coming underneath their stuff about what she wears or how she does certain things, and i mean that just comes with being famous too well. I wish you and your family the best, and i really hope that this is a new chapter for your mom and that everything can hopefully work itself out in the end because, like you said, i also agree that family is probably the most important thing right and The bonds that you have so um, i wish you all the best and thank you so much for chatting with me today.

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