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Every football fan should visit. Should he or she get the chance. The santiago bernabeu here in madrid, i’m derek ray and joining me in the commentary position is the former england defender lee dixon and we’re, focusing on technically speaking, one of the best leagues in the world i’m. Talking, of course, about la liga, it’s, real madrid checking on ibart yeah, the talking is over the game. Plans are set now it’s up to the players to go out and earn their corn there’s nothing. The managers can do once the first whistle goes. I think derek we’re in for a cracker Music Applause, the back look at modric plays with casemiro in the center of the pitch and operating through the middle and attack. Today, karim, benzema Applause – and this is a formation. Most people in the game are very familiar with. Nowadays, yeah most coaches are adopting this formation. What it does give you is two holding players in front of the back four to protect them, but it also gives you three supporting players to that: central striker Applause, Applause, a really exciting game and prospects, as real madrid get it underway. Ramos isco. Has it casimiro here is marco asensio, Applause. He could pick out a teammate. It looks as though they had attacking momentum, but not so job alex pozzo Applause. Sergio alvarez real did well to regain control of the ball Applause. Oh lovely weighted ball. They might be in place it back benzema.

A very effective challenge put in Applause. Isco gives it a go: the keeper completely untroubled Applause, modric, now casemiro karim, benzema that’s, a lovely ball he’s gon na fancy it and the first goal of this match comes from east. Go what a lift that will give his team Applause? Well, here’s the replay it’s, a lovely ball into the box, and he gets up for the header. Quite frankly, it’s a lovely finish, brilliant goal, slightly different vantage point in terms of the goal that was scored, Music Applause. Well, a manager knows the imports of that goal. He also knows that you’re at your most vulnerable, just after you’ve, scored the opening goal of the game. Then Music, Applause, Music, arbia, paolo oliveira, alex pozzo. It is a decent looking attack here, Applause, sergio alvarez, alex garcia on to benzema Applause karim benzema. Well, they could run onto it here. Applause! Well, what an opportunity, but really good defending you’ve, got to say job here’s, garcia and real with the ball again, and it crossed the touchline so a throw in here, and he did well to cut it out real, find themselves in a position of menace. Surely and it’s gone in just what the doctor ordered things, looking very bright for them now, with this buffer Applause, as we can see right place at the right time, striker’s instinct is to be there or they’re about keeper is no chance. Well, the girl again, albeit from a different angle – well they’ve, been poor all day.

Derek. Can you sense, there’s going to be a rollicking in that dressing, room after the game it’s going their way. Two nil Applause, Music, kevin rodrigues? Well, no way through real madrid are totally dominating possession and what that does it just relaxes the team? If you’ve got the ball, you enjoy the ball and they’re turning it into goals as well plenty of forward momentum here, but can they produce good vision? Can he get onto this? Oh surely, and this would reduce the deficit not far away at all with the volley well to catch it like that. You’Ve got to have really good technique, and, oh so close, it is to be a throw in paulo oliveira arbia. Sergio alvarez, here’s garcia, an attack for a promise. Is this the moment and it’s in this game very much back on as a contest, Applause well here’s, the replay and what a ball that is to put him through and sometimes with all the time in the world. You can fluff your lines, but he composes himself and slips it past the keeper beautifully Applause. Well, you can see the frustration on that touchline. He knows they’ve switched off and let them back in here. Well, two wantees here, mandy isco. Has it vinicius plenty of players waiting in the middle? It comes to nothing in the end, Applause casimiro now with benzema Applause and a promising looking attack, but comes to nothing in the end ramos completely.

On top of the situation, mandy nice looking pass and just slightly offside Applause, kareem benzema Applause and the first half is in the history books here at the bernabeu. Well, this man will get most of the plaudits for his contribution. Up to this point, lee well he’s been decent, unlike his teammates he’s done his job and if everyone in the team just did their job, they’d be fine bit like me, and you derek just go out and do your job plenty to consider. Based on what we’ve seen so far as the second half begins, paulo oliveira, garcia, with it Applause, committed challenge. Rafael varan here is marco ascencio, a good and fair challenge opportunity in the wide area – Applause. Well, they did have the ball, but not anymore. Applause. Joke Applause! Substitution for real madrid, Music, kevin rodriguez, sergio alvarez, rafa garcia with it well great, read there to intercept Applause. Mandy isco has it Applause. Modric Applause here is marco ascencio bisco, now casemiro precise ball movement Applause. Lucas vasquez here is marco ascencio casamiro superb block on the back of the ball from the flank benzema ideal for the goalkeeper for any keeper asensio: Applause on to benzema, good, defending asensio, firing us in and a long way out here. Well, the respectable enough effort, but he couldn’t extend her lead given too much space. Why not take the shot on good effort, Music Applause, foreign Applause, an attack full of promise not messing around with that clearance? Well, real madrid, possession stats over the last 15 minutes has been dominating their play warrants another goal for me, and that will be it.

The game will be over awkward in possession esco Applause 10 minutes left for play in this match nice ball over the top. Before will they go chasing the game, a decisive clearance? It was well, it must be really great for the real madrid players to hear this crowd. They’Ve really helped them in this game. So far, not long to see it out. Now, Applause casemiro bisco, now casemiro pass after pass happy to just keep possession and frustrate their opponents. Applause, horesio Applause inside the final two minutes of this contest. Well, they could run onto it. Here must be, this could finish it and the ball is loose. Oh and he puts away the second chance, but the goalkeeper angry with himself here. Well here’s, the replay. The keepers made a save but he’s not good enough he’s back into play, but he was first to react and it’s in the back of the net and the girl again, albeit from a different angle – oh to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room. If it stays like this derek he’s, not happy just look at him Music, so there it is 3 1. The current score line here Music. So there goes the final whistle real madrid victorious and their fans will be heading home, happily well, derek. When the league has extended to a two goal margin. You could almost hear the sigh of relief from their supporters and the manager too a positive night’s work for karim benzema, your thoughts lee well.

He played well scored a goal.

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