Real Madrid C.F., LaLiga, SD Eibar, UEFA Champions League, FC Barcelona IFA 21 | Real Madrid vs Liverpool – UCL Champions League 20/21 – Full Match & Gameplay

The santiago bernabeu right here on the spanish capital, madrid, my name is derek ray and with me for commentary is the former arsenal and england fullback lee dixon, and this is where it all starts in the uefa champions league. The group stage and match day one my goodness so much to look forward to it’s real madrid taking on liverpool. Well, the first group stage of the champions league is always exciting. Three points is vital for both teams to get off to a good start or a draw may be a good result as well we’re about to find out what happens, showing a real will to win the ball. But as far as the hosts are concerned, we know they like to press high when they can and try to win possession back swiftly. Lee do you think it’ll be bad approach today? Yes, derek. I do it’s a brave way of playing it’s a physical way of playing as well brave, because you’re committing a lot of men high up the pitch physical, because all the players have to buy into it. Garen benzema who’s played at such a high level in an attacking sense for so long. What do you anticipate seeing from him here lee? Well, the more you give this like the ball, the better the team normally plays. He switches the ball. He links play from left to right up and down the pitch. He keeps possession a brilliant player – oh he’s, through here salah.

Well, he saw the whites of the keepers eyes and the whites of his outstretched gloves. Great goalkeeping, well he’s denied a certain goal. There great reflexes from the keeper, but certainly allowing their opponents to come onto them. Perfect challenge. Applause, tony course: Applause, excellent challenge, thiago alexander arnold Music, another decent position for liverpool to be in must take the lead here. Oh, but he’s missed it. How on earth is this still level? I don’t know derek just a real lack of composure. In the end, they should be ahead. Benzema modric still level here, but the pressure escalating Applause, the brunt of this nice looking pass an effective challenge, marco asensio, an inability to keep hold of the ball there, showing good defensive judgment, no good vision, terrific, diving, save by the belgian what a save from courtois Brilliant corner kick played in well a chance here, perhaps to invigorate the aerial targets and he’s fired over the corner, not fantastic, defending let’s see if it helps the opposition. Tremendous block and roberto firmino is in there on the problems defensively thiago, oh what’s, an opportunity and a goal. Now they have their opener, and now they can celebrate well here’s the replay it’s, a really lovely through ball and then through on goal. Do you go for placement, or do you go for power? Well, he certainly wasn’t messing around. Was he absolutely smashes it past? The keeper it’s a really lovely finish: Applause underway again: liverpool hold the aces, but after that fantastic effort, it’s gone out for a throw in real madrid, certainly enjoying the bulk of possession here, but it’s, just whether they can convert that possession into clear cut chances.

You sense they need to pick up the pace. A little start, utilizing the wide areas more, the back lines doing a decent job. Hopefully, the forwards can do that as well, and the first half is in the history book and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day one contest commences andrew robertson, it’s with fabinho alexander arnold fabinho, roberto, firmino he’s been the standout for his Side so far don’t you think well, his manager will be delighted with him. He’S been spot on in this game. Hasn’T he energy, imagination, desire and a steely determination. Casemiro will have the ball once more Applause, modric, an incisive Applause, timely intervention, physically strong and secure on the ball i’m, making sure nothing untoward happened following the cross Music substitution for real madrid Applause casimiro now, amazon benzema. That is a very fine challenge in difficult circumstances. It might be perfectly set up for the counter attack. You know. Well, you can tell what the fans think of that this money he can’t hold on to it on the time for composure on the ball, bad challenge and now it’s up to the referee. In terms of what to do next – and there is going to be a booking here – lee for the young fullback alexander, arnold – well, he’s learning, he’s trade, and this is part of that learning curve. Applause giorginio, it is to be a throwing. Man gets in the way.

Benzema here is marco asensio: Applause now federico valverde. We wondered who was going to win the race? The answer the goalkeeper real madrid have given us away and on the second harvest, signs are positive, they can’t roll actually, but they ought to be pleased. The liverpool players have to focus on not making any mistakes in order to protect his slender lead if a bit of magic from the opposition gets them back in it there’s little. You can do about that benzema and the counter attackers on options available. Chances are oh what’s, an opportunity. It’S been squandered. Well, you dream of 1v1s, as players, he’s had one and he squandered it big time. Oh lovely weighted ball. They might be in the keeper making sure that was pushed well away from danger, given away by real madrid, showing teamwork and commitment Applause, and only two minutes remaining here – there’s, an excellent understanding, defensively, thiago Applause. One minutes of stoppage time has been added on Applause Applause, to begin, the european campaign yeah really really strong, start that’s what you need, but with five games to go very important. You stay in the now one game at a time, derek bit of a cliche roberto firmino makes his presence felt in so many different ways lee. What did you see from the brazilian in this match? Well, he’s. Always a danger isn’t, he no more so when he grabbed that goal.

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