St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Opening Day first baseman Paul Goldschmidt talks after four-hit Opening Day in win over Reds

I know that not every inning is going to be like that. But can you just kind of talk about the crew? I guess the chemistry of the lineup and how it came together right there and you guys were able to kind of yeah. I mean we were able to um. You know i thought i had a homer, but it was a double so uh it’s kind of weird but uh. You know, then a good job by no one gets a hit and then probably the you know big, i bat, probably getting that first run across. I feel like you know you can get that lead, it’s good, and you know we had first and third one out, so he did a good job staying inside the ball and um, just some really good at bats. Obviously, dylan had that three run homer, which was huge for us, but i think you just look all nine innings. We were having really good at bats even later on in the game we didn’t score, but you know their guys threw the ball well and um. Even after that first thing you know the lineup did a good job to not just uh, be satisfied and kind of you know. Take your foot off the gas. I mean we’re, never going to try to do that, but it’s hard i mean they’re go. You know their guys are good, but to be able to keep tacking on, because their offense did a great job to score um.

It was nice to you, know, kind of keep getting that lead. I started the zoom by saying talk about so that’s i’ll have to get better as the season progresses. What did the bullpen tell you about the the home run there? What did they say that it was over? Did you ask any of your teammates? No, no. I didn’t know i’m just kidding, you know they call it a homework. It’S it’s, a double it’s, just uh the way it goes and um you know, that’s why we have replay and uh. You know i’m sure they they made the correct call it’s just uh. You know it is what it is: jeff jones, spellful news, democrat paul when, when we talked to shield, keep pre game, we talked about the lineup in terms of delivering punch kind of at the top of it. You were driven in by three different guys hitting behind you. Is that a pretty good example of the way that depth is going to function for you guys this year? Yes, it is, i mean, i think, that’s what it’s going to take for us to be successful as a team, i think, that’s a strength of ours. We got a lot of great players. We got a deep bench and it’s going to take a complete team effort and that’s. What we saw today is from a lot of different guys, good at bats, great plays on defense. You know a lot of different pitchers used.

Just just a great job – and you know to your point – you know a lot of different guys drove in run, say and and that’s what it’s going to take for us to be successful. Do you see a difference in tyler o’neill as a hitter from the past couple of years and you’ve got me known with teammate a little bit um i mean i’ve always been impressed with tyler. I just think um i mean he’s, just been getting better every every day and every year, and i mean there’s, definitely high expectations and he’s. You know definitely shown at times. You know how great he can be, and i think a great quality has is. He wants to always get better and you know he’s learned from times that he’s struggled just as we all do, but he’s a guy who works really hard, he’s, always studying the game. He’S he’s been getting better, so i wouldn’t say it’s i mean i’ve seen him. Definitely improve but it’s, not like oh he’s, this completely new guy, i think you’re, just kind of and hopefully continues to play well, but you’re, just kind of seeing how, as guys get more experience, they get more comfortable. They get more at bats. Um. You know guys get better with with work and with studying and and with learning that you just keep getting better every day and that’s, something that that he’s done katie woo, the athletic hello. My name is katie i’m, the new cardinals writer for the athletic it’s.

To, unfortunately, meet you before the game uh mike schill talked about talked about kind of um, the comfortability that you and nolan have in the two and the three hole you obviously looked pretty comfortable today with two doubles and two singles. How important is it and how? How do you feel personally kind of where you’re at and knowing who’s, coming behind you um yeah, i mean it’s great, i mean i don’t really think about who’s hitting too much ahead of me or behind me. I just kind of get in the box and try to have a good bat. That’S kind of you know what i’ve always done and try not to think too much um, whether you know no matter where i am in the lineup, but i think the way you know it kind of played out in the spring and – and you know if it Stays this way during the season that you know um. You know we’re hitting there at the top of the order, and hopefully we can do well and tommy sets the table and we can do our jobs and then you know, we’ll get on base and – and you know have guys drive us in so you know i I’Ve got asked a lot about the lineup and i think the biggest difference hitting second then maybe hitting third or fourth is you kind of are getting on base and able to be driven in a little bit more where, when you’re hitting third or fourth you’re, the Guy driving in the runs it’s, not gon na, say it’s, not gon na happen.

You know i had guys on you know a few times today, but i think just the way the lineup kind of lays out um. You know the more you’re hitting towards the top of the order tommy and me. If i had second, you know, you know, you have an opportunity to score a little bit more runs and maybe drive in a few less just by virtue of how it sets up a couple more let goldie get out of here: we’ll go to uh, zack, silver And i’ll be happy: how is it standing out at first base for all nine innings, and where does this rank amongst an opener days that you’ve had in the past? Among the just, you know braving the cold before yeah i’ve had a couple of cold ones, um. So you know it was kind of chilly out there, but it’s not the end of the world. You know we were prepared for it and um. You know it’s, just part of the game, we’re happy to be out there and um. So you know everyone deals with it and we’re fine. I mean the longer innings when you’re on defense is when they you can kind of get cold, but luckily we get to go to the dugout and stand by the heater and stay warm and you know just try to keep the blood flow out there go ahead. Then um well it’s, it’s common, sometimes to see a team have a big inning and then you know kind of go quiet after that.

Now, obviously those runs you guys tacked on were important, but is that also a sign of what this lineup can do? This season? Um, you know adding on runs continuously. Instead of you know, relying on one big beginning, you guys didn’t have a ton of games where you scored more than four runs um, you know last season. Do you think this group is going to be able to put up some bigger numbers? Although i know 11 will be hard to do all the time um. I think we have the potential to do that, but saying that you know we got to go out and do it and kind of prove ourselves. I think, though, we have talked about a lot as an offense of just having good at bats. Every time we go up there, no matter what the score is no matter. If we score six in the first, you know we we’re talking, hey let’s, keep scoring keep having good at bats, keep hitting the ball hard, and if we do that, you know the runs. Will come we’re gon na you know, have some downs we have. You know, i think three innings in a row or i don’t – think we had a base runner, but we were still having good at bats, and if you just do that for 20, you’ll make them get 27 ounce. You know some days are going to be easier than others. You know we definitely, it gives you the best chance to score runs, and so i think, that’s kind of been our mindset, no matter what the score is.

No matter what the situation is, have a good at bat. You know get a good pitch hit it hard and then kind of let the results be what they may and and just try to do that, every pitch of every game for the whole year and um. You know easier said than done, but it’s definitely a mindset of you know we want to.

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