St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Opening Day Jack Flaherty talks after Opening Day start in Cincinnati

You know castillo, i mean he’s he’s pretty good, but we did a really good approach today. Um guys putting up runs out early that quickly i mean it was uh it was. It was fun to watch um. You know it was. It was obviously needed today. So it was a good start, guys just had a really good approach and and really attacked out there. This ballpark is pretty challenging even under like neutral conditions. What is it like as a pitcher when it’s 37 degrees and snowing on opening day it doesn’t matter? The the weather, doesn’t doesn’t matter it didn’t affect anything. I mean they had some balls that i mean um on some. You know good pitches, i mean homers are going to happen here, that’s, something that that’s going to happen. Um so it’s just about you know, limiting those, and you know they had a solo shot in a two run shot i mean prior to that and really give it many hits. And then i just you know that fifth inning kind of unraveled pretty much my own doing. Um, you know walk, you know getting out, walk a guy and then make a bad one, two pitch and then uh you know. Then then, a guy puts a good swing on a tough pitch and then uh walk another guy. So it’s i mean that’s, my own doing there jericho. I was gon na build off of what you just described there jack with a lead like that.

Does that allow you to be a little bit aggressive, even in this ballpark and yeah, when you get a lead like that, you want to go out and be aggressive and and fill it up, and you know usually when you execute, if you execute pitches under under Those circumstances and you’re ahead uh, it turns out to be you know, sometimes it’s an easy day, but all other times when when you go fill it up like that, and you get a ballpark like this, you know. Sometimes those balls you know turn into home runs. I mean um yeah, i mean i thought the ball in the first thing that cass down said. I thought it was just you know going to be a fly out and it ended up. You know willie has to make a really good play at the wall. So i mean you see it there, but when you get a lead like that, all you can do is go out, execute and uh. It allows you to go attack, so offense did a really good job. Does that kind of magnify the the the fifth inning? In terms of how, if this ballpark, you know you’re one swing, one fly ball. Maybe from that going upside down. Is that yeah the frustration there uh a little bit because you you can hurt yourself with walks and uh unexecuted pitches when you get it when you get a guy like you know, you know cassiano’s there, one two after he’s swung at two sliders in good spots And you throw one in the middle of the zone, you know i was fortunate, it was just a single or a double whatever it was.

I don’t remember, but you know, webby came in and uh webby did a really good job getting out of there and keeping it right there and then the bullpen shut it down after that i’m katie, the new cardinals writer for the athletic just real quickly. What is your biggest takeaway from the sounding today uh, our offense was was unbelievable today you know putting up six and then continuing to add on from there. You know so a lot. Sometimes you have that beginning and then it’s like all right, that’s good, but to continue out on from there was uh was awesome. So it was good to see to see you guys continue to put our bats together back from the hitters from a pitcher’s perspective. Having to face both goldie and nolan in in the first inning, how can you see how that can be problematic for opponents? This season yeah, i mean it’s it’s right out the gates. You got to have your stuff with you. I mean that first inning and especially if tommy gets on and then you got ta worry about tommy running and then you got goldie up there and so you’re worried about tommy running at first. You got goldie up to bat, then you can’t picture on him because he got nolan on on deck and then after him you got paulie too so and he’s no he’s, no slouch. I mean, i think you look at you know having goldie and aaron otto right.

There back to back and then again you got paul right after he was no slouch. Then neil hit a homer today, so uh it just continues to add. On the whole lineup i mean the depth of it and you know: dc hitting the home run the seven hole today.

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