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Some baseball schmidt led the club in o.p.s last year, 883 big gap in left center hits that high in the air out to deep right field it’s at the wall, it’s off the top of the wall goldsmith on his way to second base and standing up with A double and he missed a home run by inches or diddy nope we’ve got the first home run of the season off the top of the wall. Didn’T, take long they’ll get into a ball game, drive a baseball, and then we get a replay right off the top of the wall and that’s the you mentioned the bullpen right. So the bullpen saying dinger, uh he’s, saying no no chance that thing didn’t get out of here and it is a double for paul goldsmith, the big acquisition for st louis and a chance to make an impact right away. Nolan arenado arenado hits it up. The middle diving stop that’s india to keep it on the infield, so it’s a base hit his first as a cardinal for nolan arenado, the o1 pitch to paul deyoung fisted it right side base head goldsmith will score one, nothing cardinals and arenado to third 17th straight Opening day started, catcher, yadia, molina and yachty is swinging and it’s under the glove of suarez and into left and two runs will score and it’s a three nothing st louis lead. Dylan carlson is the seventh cardinal batter to open up the season in the first inning.

The pitch is swung on and there’s a high fly ball that’s it deep right field and it’s, a goner for carlson dylan carlson with a three run, homer six, nothing cardinals in the first inning can’t script it any better. This is the kind of momentum you love. Seeing we’ll see a few of them here and a fly ball out to right williams back and he makes the catch crashes up against the wall. Wanker tagging up and he’ll stop at third terrific playing right, justin williams. It was a very good play and he justin williams hits the wall very hard here. You see his body just jar as he hits it bounced in the dirt, the wave to winker and he scampers home. The reds are on the board, a run in two outs. The pitch suarez swings and he goes down on strikes missing a cutter from flaherty, but goldie is on second base just like he was in the first inning here’s aronado orinato breaks his bat and a base hit into center goldsmith being waved in. He will score nolan orinato, his first run batted in as a cardinal and he’s two for two on opening day. This is really neat beautiful tribute to both lou and bob and the spikes of jack flaherty here’s, a one two swing and a miss so just be on the lookout for that 3 2 and that time he got him 3 2 and he struck him out.

Fourth, strikeout here’s castellanos hit the ball hard. His first time up: 1 1 that’s rope to left field o’neal spot around bye, bye, baseball, nick castellanos launches a two run: tater and the reds get a couple more back: it’s 7, 3 and the 1 0 pitch hit. The other way base hit goldsmith, flaherty to third he’ll, be waved in. He will score easily paul goldschmidt, his second hit and it’s. Now, an 8 3 st louis lead goldschmidt. The runner at first base tommy edmond at third wild pitch, gets away. Here comes a runner to score, and that adds to the cardinal lead it’s down 9 3, and i would think that this will probably be the last inning for castillo if he can get through it. Headlong dive tumbling grab sensational play by senzel. We hope nick didn’t hurt himself out there and uh, but he certainly showed you some athleticism right. There got a good jump on that ball and laid out out to deep left and goodbye. Tyler o’neal two run homer. He hung it and all of a sudden, tyler o’neill jumped on it, two run shot and the cardinals have an 11 3 lead there. You see the looseness for flaherty, who has homages to cardinals, pitchers, launch lost and that one is launched day, johannio suarez to deep right home, run, Applause and the good vibes continue. The shortstop makes it 11 4 2 2 in the air. Shallow center gets down base hit, winker scores the fire from carlson castellanos held it third rvi base knock for joey vano 11 5.

Has that larger frame, but works with a softer touch base is loaded first pitch in the air center field. Carlson in makes the catch tag from third, the fire home no chance. Castellanos streaks across sac fly rvi it’s, 11, 6. Well, we’ve seen this guy castiano’s come to the plate three times today, every single time he has hit the ball on the nose bases loaded, one out line, drive caught by o’neal. His throw will come into second and it’ll turn into a double play. They run themselves right out of the inning it’s a double play and they run right out of the inning season. Debut everybody excited about this young man healthy, ready to roll, and that is alex reyes and vato lifts. A high fly ball into center, with room carlson, makes the catch they’ll be in miami going out, tommy edmond to make the catch and there’s two away perfect. That quick arm gets through one two pitch, swaying and a miss. He struck him out.

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