2021, April 4 3 Days of Darkness is Coming* Be prepared * April 4 2021 Sunday

God is good. I want to share a message to you guys about a vision i had two months ago, two about two months ago: okay, it’s, because i’m sharing this message, because i recently heard a prophet speak about the three days of darkness. The three days of darkness, that’s stated in matthew 12. Let me say: verse: ‘, okay, okay, let me read this and then get back to it. Okay in the bible read this verse in the bible: matthew, 12, verse, ‘ and it says, but he answered and said unto them and evil and adulterous generations seek after a sign and there shall no sign be given to it amen. But the sign of the prophet jonas for as jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly, so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth and ah hallelujah? Thank you. Jesus for the reading – the word so so i’m mentioning this, because i had a dream two months ago and recall. I was told, based off of this prophet, that i listened to that. That day is coming quickly and as he mentioned april, 4th 2021, so that’s only a couple days from now. This is the 28th and it’s on the sunday. Let me see if i’m god correct yes march 28 on a sunday praise god – and this was this – is happening so soon. If this is the case because um, i guess he looked we’ll – call forward on the dates to compare if it’s going to be this year, because he heard god said april 4th on a sunday and no dates fall on sunday that’s on april 4th.

But this year, 2021 amen. So three days of darkness is right: around the corner i’m, just telling you saints let’s just be ready, amen for what’s what could come amen or what may come because it’s going to come, but we don’t know exactly when, but i started i felt so compelled and So stirred up that this could be what god was talking to me about, because he talked to me about this like last year about getting ready and i got ready, but now i’m making sure i got everything that i supposed to have for this moment. All right. So make sure you get you cover your windows and lock your doors and saints. Lock your doors cover your windows, don’t, listen to anything outside whispering, knocking your door. What strength your windows, anything because anything out there is not of god and anything that’s out. There is not alive and because it’s wicked wickedness amen, wickedness gon na be running rampant on the face of the earth and so don’t be tempted. Uh don’t be persuaded that someone that you know and i pray because i am worried. You know by my family. So, if i’m worried about my family, i know you guys saints and brothers and sisters in christ. I worry about yours too, your loved ones, so i pray this that we all make it our family, make it our family hallelujah, listen and be close to jesus and don’t fall into temptation.

Don’T fall for the hands of the wicked lord jesus help us amen, help our family get together with god, it’s no time to be playing around. All we can do truly is be a good example before their eyes. I know we fall short amen. I know we’re not perfect, but we strive to be perfect in christ. Jesus who strengthened us. We have the victory. We’Re more than conqueror through jesus stay prayed up, stay faithful to god, amen, he’ll bless his people, our families will be saved. Our loved ones will be saved how the um get your your candles and your lighters ready, because it’s gon na be dark, and you know god’s gon na light us up with the fire he’s stirring up us and he’s strengthening us through this it’s gon na be More believers than ever been before, amen, it’ll, be more because of this. Yes, it’s we’ll call what called evil things going to happen, but it’s going to make the unbelievers believe that’s the greater purpose that’s for god’s glory, so don’t, be afraid, don’t be worried or dismayed. God is too good and he knows what he’s doing he knows exactly what he’s doing yeah. We may have some doubts or questions but don’t, doubt god, because he knows what he’s doing i pray my mom, my my sisters, my brothers hallelujah, be saved. My husband be saved, my kids be saved myself be saved. I pray that we all make it to heaven.

I pray that we all get it right with jesus amen and be serious truly with him. So i hope whoever watch this stay blessed amen. I put down the link of the person i listened to about details. He he put into great detail about what is to come and what day amen and how to be prepared. So i hope you watch that video too of that brother amen and i hope you stay blessed. I hope you spread. The word continue preaching. The gospel continue fasting and praying before the lord say blessed. I love you. I love you. All.

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