2021, April 4 8 New Games April (4 FREE GAMES)

Eight games worth your time throughout april 2021, on april fool’s day, a new looter shooter is here to grab your attention. Outriders outriders follows in the steps of destiny and the division and smashes both ways of playing together on the surface. We use cover and press forward through countless enemies to obtain the sweet nectar of loot, guns and gear scratch beneath the surface to unveil a class based shooter with some mighty impressive superpowers. I made a video about outriders last month. If you need more info and details about the free portion of the game, i’ll link it now, but without a doubt, the ability to slow down time and watch enemies explode into pieces, never gets old, that’s the trickster by the way, there’s also a pyromancer for char Grilling foes and a tank class for up close and personal action. If you’re looking for a grindy game to replace destiny or the division, then outriders could be your new jam and the best thing about it is. There is a free demo to try before you buy outriders hits on april 1st, on ps4, ps5, xbox and pc, oh and stadia as well, and all of which support cross platform play back. In the 1990s, a 2d platformer series became a must play game, and now, 23 years later, the remakes have landed. This is oddworld soulstorm. A quick thing to note for ups plus subscribers is that soulstorm will be a free game on the day and date it releases, which is tuesday april 6th.

If you played the original game or the first remake you’ll know exactly what to expect here. But if you’re new, let me break it down a little oddworld is a side scrolling puzzle. Platformer, the developers described the game as 2.9 d, as, although our paths are predetermined and pretty much a straight line, there are ways to break that restriction and move slightly away from the beaten path we play as abe an unlikely hero, leading a slave uprising and that’s. The key component abe attempts to free his people by leading them through stages, but they can perish and the game goes on a single wrong step and poor timmy is no more with well over a thousand madokans to save. Will you get them out unscathed? Oddworld soulstorm is released on ps4, ps5 and pc on april 6th and remember, ps, plus. Subscribers can claim this game for free on ps5 on release day Music let’s stick with the ps5 for eternal, a third person shooter with heavy psychological horror elements, yeah a scary game. You’Ve likely seen the protagonist, which many people describe as a soccer mom. This is celine a space traveler who crash lands on a hostile, alien planet combat is quick with a focus on dashing and movement to create space and a variety of weapons to switch up gameplay. But here is the hook: returnal is a roguelike outing. Each death we suffer, causes the cycle to restart. We relive the crash landing which brought selena here and retrace our steps, but with each crash the world changes new pathways, open up and others close and all the enemy encounters, adapt and change.

The narrative lets us piece together. The memories of celine through horror scenarios so expect a jump scare or two returnal is a ps5 exclusive dropping on april 30th. I know that many people don’t have access to a ps5, so i wanted to make sure you knew that on april 19th, all playstation owners can download horizon zero dawn completely for free, no strings attached at all, no need for ps plus either. If you have a ps4 or a ps5, it’s completely free to download and keep forever, this includes the award winning dlc, which most of us haven’t played. So even if you do own horizon zero dawn, be sure to add the complete edition to your library. On april 19th, i’m told the fire claw fight is amazing, and we need to try it. So we may as well do that for free, okay, a sports game i’m, never sure whether to include sports games in these lists as either they repulse you greatly or you buy the sports title of your choice every year without hesitation. This is mlb the show 21 and the reason i bring this up is due to this being the first time this sony title has appeared on xbox, it’s, surreal, you’ll, see an xbox logo and a playstation ident on the same game. Mind blown mlb, the show is the baseball version of other annual sports titles like 2k or fifa, an ever upgrading concept that becomes closer to real life, each season there’s over 100 ways to swing your bat this year.

The detail is plentiful. If you have the eye to see it mlb, the show 21 arrives on april 20th on both playstation and xbox consoles, a quick passing note about a free game which has gone under the radar recently rogue company, a third person team based shooter from the people who Made paladins and smite as i’m saying this tomorrow march 30th, the ps5 update goes, live and gives the game 4k visuals and 120 frames per second of awesomeness. So it could be time to revisit the game if you’ve left it dormant. The game modes are, as you expect, team death match and bomb planting and defending, but the kicker is each hero has a different set of abilities and weapons play well and you’ll be rewarded with cash, which is then spent before the next round begins. Rogue company is available right now on everything from ps4 to xbox, to pc to switch, and i think it’s, coming to samsung smart fridges too. Okay, the last one was a lie: Music, any star wars, fans in the house. Out of nowhere a new star wars. Game drops on ps4 and switch on april 6th, star wars, republic commando. I played this game in 2005 on pc and now 16 years later, it’s re releasing by the visuals. You can tell this is an old game, but if you are into the rainbow six series, this should have your attention. A star wars focused tactical team shooter.

It was surprisingly good back then i wonder how it plays in 2021. Hey you. Do you like rhythm games featuring children? Well, you should see a psychiatrist or, alternatively, play love. Live school idol festival after school activity. That is a mouthful of a title and if you’re in japan or north america it’s totally free, those of us in europe are left out in the cold on this. One. Love live blast out j pop into your ear holes and asks you to press buttons to the beats as the characters dance on stage. The difficulty increases, as you improve note, that this may look like a free game from the outside, but it’s the addiction of playing which eventually forces players to buy more songs and before you know it, you own 69, j pop songs and you’re 28, and you live All alone it’s a slippery slope. If i haven’t put you off enough you’ll, be happy to know that love live is available right now to download for free on ps4. So there we have it eight games. You can grab over april 2021 slowly. The video game ecosystem is coming back, more games are releasing each month and remember: there are 10 free games. You can download and play right now on playstation, which include ratchet and clank until march 31st and there’s nine indie titles, including subnautica and astrobot. Although i personally highly recommend trying enter the gungeon, it doesn’t look like much, but believe me, it’s worth your time.

Anything take your fancy this time around i’m gon na try, eternal and soul storm for me. Thank you, muchly i’m, adam from playstation grenade. If you’re still here, take this dad joke, what do you call a terminator in retirement the exterminator? Thank you yeah.

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