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But if you are interested just here’s a little bit of a an update, so as some of you may know, i am trying to go through or explore or engage with to a certain degree. The recent releases made by the criterion collection during this year of 2021, and so as of now i am currently about to prepare some thoughts and comments on the film’s man, push cart and chop shop, and also after that smooth talk. So these were releases that occurred. Some weeks back and so i’m, just trying to sort of, i guess finalize what it is, i hope to try to say or express as to how i feel about those particular works as they were presented by the criterion collection earlier this year or so, and then I’Ll try to go in a sort of order, so that means that after that would be hopefully a discussion on tukibuki and then a discussion on celine and julie go boating. And then, after that, i would like to try to focus some energy on the wanker y set that was released by the criterion collection, and i was very fortunate to have received it in the mail uh. With my order. I received it uh earlier today. In fact, and so i’m a little bit behind in terms of i know that a number of people have already received the set and have explored it and and there are reviews on online elsewhere. So i think that’s really great i’ve only just begun to to begin to explore it.

So i i’m not sure exactly when i’ll be able to upload videos on the set, but i will certainly do so once i i feel i feel ready to do that. But just to let you know it looks like it’s a very a very interesting set from criterion. As you know, or as we know, criterion is very strong when it comes to its box sets, and this looks like to be yet another example of that that tradition. So i should also say too that i was very fortunate to have been able to receive at last the mike lee film from criterion as well. The mike lee film secrets and lies also on blu ray so i’m very excited about that one too. I’M. Not sure exactly when i’ll be able to upload the video, but i will try to do so as soon as possible, because i absolutely adore that film secrets and lies. I absolutely adore it and i cannot wait to to be able to talk a little bit about it. I am very excited about that one so uh, but that’s. Just to give you a little bit of an update as to the current state of things when it comes to criterion in 2021, i usually make my orders online, and so they take some time to arrive and then also it’s it’s, a matter of of of sitting Down with the film and and the supplements and trying to trying to to engage with the work and so uh oftentimes.

For me, that takes a little bit or a lot of time on my part, so i apologize for that, but i will certainly try to maintain somewhat of a hopefully a a consistent schedule with that going forward and again, i must apologize in advance if there are Any delays on my part, but i will certainly do my best to push that forward as as much as possible and then also i have mentioned it a number of times before. But i am still trying to figure out what other sort of project that we can engage with, and i’ve mentioned the filmmaker of teo angalopoulos, and so i think that i would really. I can’t wait in fact to talk about tail anglopolis films. So hopefully something will happen this month. I hope this is april 2021, so, hopefully fingers crossed. I can start something with that later this month, uh i don’t want to. I i’ve mentioned it many times before and so far i haven’t been able to come up with anything in terms of a concrete video presentation of anything of the sort. But hopefully i can make a change in that department this month and so, if you’re interested in the works of anglopolis, then please let us explore them together. They are uh, they are extraordinary and so i’m. I i can’t wait uh my comments. As with everything, my comments will be very shallow and uh quite i’m, very ill equipped to be able to focus on all that which uh one i think uh uh one could address in terms of a discussion of the works of angelopoulos, for example, uh, the the Currency of greek history, both past and present, and also the sweeping change of society, urban and rural, and also the the the condition of migration, uh and the flow of migration throughout the 20th century.

And how that is affected society writ large, both on a macro scale and a micro scale, as well as the treatment in cinematic terms of time, temporal space and also structure, and also the idea of metamorphosis and change and meditation, and also you throw into that mix. A wonderful contemplative exploration of myth, greek myth and also not just myth, but also the the stories, if you will of uh greek tragedy and how that is also very much part of the intimate landscape of character, both in a direct way, but also in an oblique Way as ankalopoulos presents them in his various works in a different, quite a unique turn with each particular work. So hopefully we can begin a discussion of that this month, starting with his first feature, film, which is called in english. The english title that often referred to as the reconstruction so let’s hope to to to begin a discussion on anglopolis, hopefully this month, and i would like to in parallel, keep continuing with our discussion of the set pioneers of african american cinema. I am very, i think that said, is remarkable and it’s holding a lot of treasures for me and a lot of for me in particular, new discoveries and i’m just very excited uh, to be able to share with you again just a little bit of my own Reactions to the set and to the specific films, and so we are now uh focusing as of now.

We have one more film to go in terms of the works by james and eloise gist, and then, after that, we will return to the works of oscar me. Show, as some of you may know, in past videos on the films of the pioneers of african american cinema set, we focused on some of the silent works of the filmmaker oscar michelle within our gates, body and soul, a symbol of the unconquered and at least what What survives as the symbol of the unconquered and so the uh, and so those are extraordinary works in the context of silent american cinema, but also we’re going to getting into yet another aspect of his very interesting career. To put it generally speaking, the sound era, films from the show – and they are really interesting, so i can’t wait to just be able to explore those with you again if you’re interested so i’ll just keep that discussion going. I and another thing which is the james bond live stream. The last one we did was on the film goldfinger, and so that was really a lot of fun. So, thank you so much for everyone who attended and who left comments behind and who engaged with the film and even if, if you like, the film grade, if you didn’t, like the film that’s still great, i i appreciate the whole range of comments and approaches and Perspectives on that in any film, so thank you so much for your engagement, uh, my dear friends for that and the next live stream.

I haven’t scheduled it yet, but i’ll let you know, but just in case the the next one will hopefully be very soon and it’ll be on this film, which is the world, is not enough, so we are returning to the world of pierce brosnan. This was the film that the group decided at the end of the last live stream. As some of you may know, i i think, it’s a good idea if, if the group makes a consensus choice and so the top pick amongst the people who were there was this film, the world is not enough, so we will talk about that next. I’M. Not sure exactly when, as i say, but as soon as i have figured out my own schedule, i will let you know in case you’re interested so i’m looking forward to this very much and then there’s another. There are there’s another project that i am going to. Try to do again fingers crossed quite soon last year. Some of you may know that during the month of october, i had tried to or endeavored to put up a video a day talking about a film in the horror genre, and that was a lot of fun. And what i’m going to try to do is i’m. Not sure if it’s going to be a one month thing but i’m going to try to do something similar with another genre, and hopefully we can start that later this month and it’ll be something like day one day two day.

Something like that. So again, just check back to the channel periodically. If you want to find updates, as i say, i’ll try to get that off the ground as soon as possible. I’M. Looking forward to it, i have a general idea of what those films might be, but um the uh it’s, just a matter of trying to abide by a certain set schedule that, hopefully i can. I can stick with as the the days progress, but we shall see, but in any event i will try to get that off the ground as soon as i can hopefully, as i say later this week or maybe this month so again, please, if you’re interested. Please check back to the channel for more information, so that’s it for now and for me. So thank you very much once again, my dear friends for your continuing support and your engagement and your enthusiasm and your energy. You know i’m, as i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, because good things are well worth repeating in this world, and that is your great uh great energy, and your direction to me are among the main reasons why i continue to want to do this Channel this youtube channel. So i really want to thank you very much for continuing to teach me and to give me guidance and for showing me what your perspectives are and, as i say earlier, there’s nothing that says that your perspectives always have to agree with mine or your perspectives always Have to be uh 100 positive on a film.

You know negative reactions to films and negative reactions to things and to perspectives. I think that’s also very healthy and very, very healthy, and so, if you have that kind of reaction to a film or in my own perspective or comment on a particular film, please let me know as well, and so i i will. I always am happy to listen to those i may agree. I may not agree, but even where you – and i might disagree that’s still great, i mean this agreement is still very important. Agreement is very important. Disagreement is also very important. This is a just my way of saying, uh your comments and your perspectives, whatever they may be, are always welcome, and i will always do my best to to to listen uh to you, um and so uh. You know you’ve always shown me a certain degree of respect and courtesy, and i i thank you very much for that and so uh. I just am grateful that it’s there, and i hope that our friendship, our engagement with each other and with these films, will continue for a long time to come. So, in any event, my friends, wherever you are in the world, i hope this video finds you well and i look forward to seeing you at the next one. But in the meantime, please continue to be happy and healthy and well, and please keep on watching a lot of great great movies. Thank you so much as always for your time.

I very much appreciate it.

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