Chipotle Mexican Grill, Easter FROZEN Enchiladas VS. HOMEMADE Enchiladas MUKBANG CHALLENGE!!

That pudding looks like let’s get it hmm our story. Time is the best. Have you ellen? You click play nah, this ain’t, no clickbait, Music, what’s up y’all, hey guys, it’s, steph and tasha, and we are back with another challenge: video if you’re new here. Thank you for subscribing welcome to the family if you’ve been before welcome back baby, tell them what you decided. We were going to do that today, you guys we are doing one of our frozen food versus homemade food. I love this chocolate today, enchiladas y’all. This is one of my favorites. We need spaghetti my baby’s favorite. Yes, i love your enchilada soup now so i don’t know so. I made some homemade ground turkey enchiladas. I also have some pico de gallo and chips. Now you can only eat any of these items. If you are on the homemade list, exactly yes, so we’re playing the game. Oh, what guys we’ll explain when we come back, yeah we’ll, explain when you come back, you ready all right! Yeah let’s get into the video all right, guys, we’re back! So we basically we’re gon na play a game y’all and every round. Whoever loses that round has to eat one of these frozen dishes and we got six different ones: y’all, okay, so the person who wins gets eats the real food. Yes and the person who doesn’t get seeds – oh i’m, just playing huh yeah, we don’t know how to take shots.

Some of this might be good. Is that lean cuisine? I will talk about it. Yeah there’s one link was in enchilada that i think is pretty cool. Okay, yeah all right, well, let’s get right into the game all right. So what we gon na do y’all is playing family feud, platinum edition, we’re, just gon na see who gets higher up on the yamaha fam. If you go i’m, not going to explain, but we gon na see who gets higher up, okay, y’all get it y’all get it name, someone from your past that you think about every now and then ex girlfriend okay, uh somebody you think about from your past. My old doctor old school mate schoolmate schoolmate, not doctor, oh my god. Oh my god. I do think about my old doctor that’s what you do because he was so nice. No, he really wasn’t, dr feel, good. No, all right! So, okay, yeah former love, is first. Yes, i got the last answer, so stephanie gets to eat real food and i get to eat. Do i get to pick my own or i have to? I think i should let i should pick it. Okay, okay, you said you wanted this enchilada squeeze. Alright, i didn’t say that i said who’s the smart ones, chicken enchilada, squeezer it’s, not like cuisine, sorry but that’s. The one tasha is going to be eating y’all. Here you go baby. So look i made half of the enchiladas with green, onions and half with olives.

Y’All only because we both were like i’m on olives, but we don’t, like olives, y’all yeah, neither one of us like olives, so i’m gon na try one with enchiladas i’m gon na. Let stephanie get her plate first and then we’ll eat grabbing some whoa. The top slid all off the off every job and i’m gon na tell y’all something i’m hungry i’m gon na be real, honest i’m. A little bit irritated, yeah yeah. Sorry, man i’m, a little bit irritated. Are we ready to eat we’re, ready to eat we’re, ready to eat we’re ready to eat you ready bud? Where did you understand what they’re saying i can’t stand, people saying and dance i shouldn’t give you a fork: just eat it off the plate. All right, y’all let’s go hope you enjoy that. I hope you enjoy these nuts i’m just playing i’m. Sorry i said that don’t copy what i said little boys – oh my goodness, that’s delicious, oh boy, it’s, probably the worst i’ve ever had whoa. Let me tell y’all what it tastes like it: doesn’t have much flavor. Not only is it a frozen enchilada which, like i said i like a little bit of frozen food. Sometimes it depends on what it is, but a smart one, so it’s a low fat. It doesn’t have a lot of flavor and the flavor that it does. Has half it’s not good? I don’t bite that stephanie don’t even take bites that big.

Why are you taking such big bites? Oh, i feel like poking you with this fork. Almost wrong eat another sour cream. Oh yes, yes, sir um i’ll tell ya it tastes. Like bologna, i don’t know why mm hmm, i got a little olives in there y’all see how this works. This is bad. Can you put that back all right next question, y’all team stuff, give me the boxes. I don’t want no frozen, i don’t either, and if, if i, if i eat all these enchiladas, i don’t even want to be in a relationship no more. What name? Someplace a drunk astronaut might end up landing. The space shuttle on a crater i’m, just gon na, say the ocean. I don’t know the first one’s ocean Music, okay, mexican style, fiesta baby. They they got beans and pudding. Pudding looks i don’t give a damn i’m, not even putting or the beans. This is the enchilada. Oh. I have never been this irritated during the video y’all stuff. For that one video. I did i’m sorry baby, no yeah, you are i’ll, eat the next you’re. Very sorry. No, we got to play the game it don’t matter. This is just it i’m just going to be irritated during the video and i’m dead ass irritated y’all. I am so mad like dog food. They don’t. Look at that like dog. You want to try it all right. I’M gon na go ahead and eat this y’all.

Here anyway, y’all wan na bite it y’all wan na take a piece off of it. For me, please that’s it y’all i’m, even gon na be hungry, which is why i’m mad um this one it’s not anywhere near as bad as the first one want some sour cream. No, i don’t, and i would appreciate you not talking to me for the rest of the video. Let me try, though i meant to try the last one y’all this one’s, not as bad as the first one stephanie you gon na hate it cause she doesn’t, listen! You’Re gon na hate, any all of it. She don’t like frozen food at all there’s any meat in there. Yeah okay go ahead. You know what it tastes like. It tastes like those canned tamales, those canned beef, tamales y’all ever had them. I don’t like them so that tastes like dog food to me, i’m. Sorry mm! Hmm! Let me try that lightly things can’t be bad, not the beans like that! No okay, and why can’t you pick this one. This one looks good now, you’re saving that for you, but guess what you’re not getting that one. You are not getting that one. If you ever lose, you are not getting that damn! I want to eat it. I can’t, though, i’m not going to cheat y’all name a singer: who’s famous for not just a sexy voice, but sexy moves as well: shakira, shakira, okay, sexy voice and sexy moves.

Oh my god, frank sinatra: what whoa? Okay, beyonce beyonce, beyonce, okay, yeah madonna madonna, is the first one and shakira was the third one. Okay, i know elvis presley ain’t on here. Okay, my turn guys i’m gon na go ahead and give you this. Oh no. That was what i did this one is the one that looks the least good and the cedar light. Stephanie gave me the worst ones, but this is cedar. Lane enchilada pie, you did didn’t you. I know i gave you the ones i didn’t want. Yeah. You gave me the worst suit and this one is the third worst looking one look ugh. What i hate about this show is that it has bell peppers to me bell. Peppers are not a part of enchilada. Here we go guys now. I don’t have an attitude. No more y’all, she all happy, as i know somebody mad at me for having an attitude attitude, but i don’t give a damn. You all need to calm down. First of all, i don’t care. This is fun if we were sitting here with no emotion. How boring would that be? It was like. Okay, i’ll eat the regular one right cool. What why it looks so dry i don’t know, and i don’t care. Oh wow, Music. Okay, oh look! I get a little cheeseburger, i got cheese. Look, it is jam. Is that beans or oh that’s big? I thought it was olives or black beans, bam, it’s, not horrible.

Okay, it’s, not great. I feel like, if i put some um sour cream and some like sauce on it. I could eat this. If i had to yeah. Oh, this is my bad y’all. I’M lucked out is that a dog meat uh hungry man was not it. So this one has just beans tomato on top, so it’s, not meat. I think i lucked out with it not being meat y’all, oh yeah, this ain’t bad. This is not bad put a little extra cheese on top some sour cream green onions, yeah hot. I can’t move i’m, not seeing swelling and i’m even getting a cheese. Bowl i’m impressed i’m hungry y’all hold on better hurry up your time. Oh yeah, your time was up. You was eating throughout the whole video all my time, almost up all right. You didn’t eat that much of your um frozen stuff, though okay, okay, all right i’m over it. Now we ain’t that damn good y’all name, something not that you did as a child and were caught red handed name, something what naughty that you did as a child and you were caught red handed. I know what you’re thinking about yeah, but i don’t think so. I don’t think that’s on family fusion, so i um stole a candy bar from the uh gas station mm. Hmm, i was gon na say so. She said that at first, so so uh didn’t do my homework. Okay, okay, stealing let’s get my food unless you’re not getting that one, because it looks so good i’m gon na go ahead and go with.

Let me look at that. Can you hand me that, but i know this place is good that’s good. So put that away. I know i want that one i feel like that’s good. I got to do anything you got to do amy’s, yeah, okay, so she gave me like amy’s too yeah amy’s is usually good. Y’All i’ve tried a couple things. Maybe so this is um. It just said. Enchiladas made with corn organic corn and tomatoes and cheese yeah i’m, not too afraid of this, because i have tried a couple: amy’s dishes and they weren’t bad. So hopefully you ain’t bad either come on don’t. Let me down i’m a little. Oh, the last dish. Kind of turned you off, i don’t like frozen it’s, a mental thing, exactly it’s, not fair. I had the nasty ones y’all this ain’t bad. This is not bad. Do i want to just grub on it? Not really not really, why but it’s not over Music and i’ll, see this in here, and this is so good. Can you read this? You want to try it no babe. You got ta, try this one of mine, okay, Music, yeah that looks cool um it’s, not like that, though. No absolutely not it’s cool. You can tell it’s frozen yeah, but throw a little okay. Well, i guess i’m done great! Oh yeah, you don’t know! No! You got ta eat one more bite. Okay, but, like you threw some green onions on top a little sour cream.

You can do this. I can do this for sure. Yeah i’ve had amy’s what is it tortilla bowl or something i don’t know, but it was good. I’M done name something: a divorced person does to get over an x date, somebody get drunk date and remarry. Second one was get drunk. Okay, i didn’t have a choice: um i’m gon na give you this one, because i think like yesterday. I think this is good. So i’m gon na let her eat that one yeah. This one looks good though it does look good. It looks good though so it’s like what is it? Oh, let me show y’all what it is. This is a borderless enchilada we’ve never had sweet earth i’ma. Let y’all know if it’s good, if it’s worth buying it, has a lot of protein in it 30 grams of protein um it’s, a super fine foods, don’t know what that means and it’s organic okay. Let’S see i just don’t like when frozen food has meat in it. She got all the meat. Did you know this jalapeno in there baby? No one jalapeno all right. Let me see if i can get a cheese pool. Y’All that looks really good. It does look really good. It looks shown that this should look delicious black beans. Corn cheese let’s get it. Oh, it looks like a peppermint is in it, peppermint taste it. What is that? That’S horrible? I don’t even wan na taste, it that’s hideous.

We all thinking this about me. What is it licorice it tastes like spice. Is that what’s in it? Oh, it must be uh. What is it star and nice or whatever that thing? Let me see oh, what they got in there. Oh, that is really bad. That’S disgusting name something mothers like about going back to work, a break from the kids, no more breastfeeding or less breastfeeding. I think i won but go ahead. Oh okay, get away from the kids that’s what it says exactly is breastfeeding on there at all. No okay! I figured you’re gon na break that’s, getting away from the kids okay, getting away from the breastfeeder okay, so that’s cd. Well, this is the last one y’all, so i got ta eat y’all and i’m actually looking forward to this one. So this is by saffron road chicken, enchilada poblano, with black beans and rice chicken raised with no antibiotics ever i’ll, say something about saffron rojo. Every single meal that i’ve tried from saffron roll frozen meal that i’ve tried from saffron has been delicious. They have indian food different, i haven’t done mexican, but i’ve done indian and it’s it’s been good. This is my first meat dish of the day frozen meat dish: okay, okay, y’all! No! No! What is it it’s, not good. Is it the chicken poblano or is it the meal in general uh the frozen meal in general, the flavor ain’t good? Okay, it tastes like a pork tamale with no seasoning to me.

No, no! You wan na try um that’s what tastes like a pork tamale with absolutely no salt let’s see not good soup. All right chew this up. This one was not bad to me. I don’t like that. The amy’s also was not bad. I don’t know where the thing is. Oh, let me just sit this in here. I’Ma, try this one y’all, oh okay, that’s, not bad, not good, but it’s, not bad it’s, not bad though so. These are my top two choices. Uh today, y’all um, my least favorite chicken balance, pretty nasty that last one i just tasted. I don’t like pork, flavored stuff other than bacon yeah. It is it’s hard between amy’s in this one i’ll say. But overall i like the um, the homemade what’s, your least favorite, that this that’s disgusting that tastes like nothing. It already is in a little bit of flavor that you do get is nasty or actually we only got 20 seconds to say, bye, all right y’all. If y’all, like the video, give it a thumbs up comment, let us know what you guys think please subscribe to our vlog channel. The link is in the description below make sure you set your post notifications to all so you don’t miss any of our daily uploads.

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