You guys i’m so excited to be using this collection. Just because i love chipotle, i love alf and mixing. The two for me is just i just want to also let you guys know too that if you guys purchased this collection on the elf website, i don’t know if they’re still doing it, but if they are, do give a free chip and walk coupon code. So when you get your purchase, if you order online or if you get in store or if you go in and order your food, you get like free chips and free walk. I feel like i have to let you girls know that, because i love me some chips and walks so yeah call me a foodie. I just wanted to put that out there really quick. If you guys are interested in this type of video, then please continue watching and, like always, please don’t forget to like and subscribe hit that notification bell. So, every time i upload a video you guys are known to find and let’s go ahead and get started with this elf chipotle collection, let’s get started guys. So i went ahead and i kind of like shaped up my brows and just kind of filled them in i’m – not done with them, but i just wanted to have that going because i don’t know about you guys, but i can’t see my look when i don’t Have my brows let’s go ahead and dive into this elf chipotle palette? When i saw the packaging i was just like, like i craved chipotle, this just looks so much like the way you get your little burrito or you get like your food and it’s in the silver little container, and it just gives me the vibe so much i’m.

So excited i love how they actually incorporated like lettuce, guac, corn, salsa, mild, salsa pinto beans, black beans, white rice, brown, rice, fajita sofreetas. Is that how you say it hot salsa and green salsa? These are like all the things that you get at chipotle when you go there and i’m just like that, is so dope that they did, that that is so cool. Not only is the palette like, oh my god, amazing, but i love that it has like a little mirror right here, so you can like use this if you’re like, i love a palette with a mirror, but i also picked up the elf avocado. I don’t even want to use this today. You guys i’m, like a part of me wishes. I would have like ordered two, because i just want to be able to have it and just like i don’t know collect it. I don’t know i don’t even know. If i want to use it – but i know i have to for the video, but i just love the little concept – look at the little pit like in the middle, so the little brown pit the avocado is like supposed to be for, like your concealer, to like Kind of go under your eyes and get like that real, like harsh area under your eye and it’s supposed to make it like really easy to blend and then obviously the avocado um is for your foundation base and all that really excited to see if it works.

Really good, you guys know how much i’m obsessed with these elf beauty sponges. I love them so much so i’m hoping they perform just as good. I also picked up the hot salsa lip plumper. This one is supposed to be like lip plumping, it’s supposed to like plump the lips or whatever um. I don’t really buy lip plumping lip glosses just because i feel like sometimes i don’t really like need to have that. I don’t know a lot of people love like the better than sex lip plumping and i’ve never bought it but i’m. Like wonder if it’s like that good, so i was like i’m gon na try this out and give it a try. It looks like it’s a very sheer lip gloss but we’re going to try it out and see what it what it does if it lip. If you can feel the sensation, i want to know if i can feel the sensation on my lips. Let’S go ahead and get started. I think what i’m going to do really quick is like prime, my eye with this elf putty primer, really quick, just because i am going to start first with my eyes and then move towards my face. So i primed the eyes now let’s go ahead and start diving in to this palette. So the only thing i can say about this palette is: i wish that they wouldn’t have just put the names on the little plastic film that’s on it.

I wish they actually would have liked them on top of each little eyeshadow color. I don’t know to me this just would have been really really cool, because eventually, this little plastic film is going to get thrown out. What colors i want to use. I i just don’t know a part of me is like i want to use these colors right here, because they just i haven’t, i don’t, think i’ve done a green eyeshadow. Look on my channel so i’m, like maybe i should just dive into that. I feel like this pretty color right here would go so beautiful with that, but i feel like i do so much of those type of looks so i’m gon na be dairy and i’m gon na dive into like the greens, with a little bit of this corn, Because i know that one’s corn and the guac and the lettuce so we’re gon na do that oh i’m memorizing it and i’m just gon na go ahead and grab some of this green lettuce color. I know this is gon na be pigmented for some reason. I just have this filling like elf comes through with that pigmentation, so i’m, a little bit like okay. So let me go ahead and just tap right here, Music! Oh, look at that! Look at the pigmentation! I i don’t know why i just had a feeling that it was going to be really pigmented Music i’m just gon na blend it all around this brush actually kind of sucks.

So i’m gon na pick up my morphe old one and i’m gon na use that one to kind of blend, because that one just sucks go ahead and use some of this one right here, which i believe is guac guacamole, tap some off and then i’m. Just gon na apply it in the inner corner right here, wow. What? Oh, my god, look, how beautiful you are. I was not expecting that i didn’t even get up like too much product. You guys i didn’t even wet my brush. Alf knows like they didn’t come to play, guys. That is such a beautiful color like glitter is on point. Let me go back in with lettuce that real dark color that green and i’m just gon na go on top right here, because i have like these really hooded eyes and sometimes like that. Glitter just goes up there. I can’t help that so that looks really pigmented. I’M. I’M. So amazed wow. Let me pick up a little bit of corn with the same brush on the other side and i’m just going to grab a little bit of that, because i want to put it on top of it just to kind of really bring out that color. So let me just grab oh yeah wow, you guys, oh my god, mixing. The two is definitely pretty. Let me get a little bit of that green and i am gon na apply some more at the end right here, just to kind of bring that out a little bit more.

This would have been a cool palette to have for st patrick’s day. I didn’t even get ready. I even put green on you know. I did. I went out with my sisters, but i should have worn a look like this because it was saint patrick’s day. Do this eye really quick? The glitter did have like some fallout, so i am gon na have to like go under my eye, a little bit and kind of like clean that up a little bit. Maybe i should finish off the eyes really quick. So let me go ahead and put on some lashes. I don’t know which lashes i’m going to put on okay i’m, going to do like a little bit of some liner a lot a lot, but like a little bit. So let me add some it’s like a little liner just i don’t know why i feel, like i needed it with this eye. Look i feel like you could go without it too. You could just put on some lashes and call it, but i don’t know for me. I just feel like some liner was necessary. Oh i haven’t put on liner black liner in so long. I think i am going to go in with these with these lashes from amazon. I think i showed them in one of my videos, but i think i am going to use them because i feel like they will go perfect with this look and since it’s not really a big.

I kind of want some lashes that are not going to oh, like cover the eyeshadow look. Okay, so i went ahead and i popped these lashes on this one’s, giving me a little bit of problems, though. Okay and i did go ahead and i applied some brow. Gel on my brows, because my brows were going crazy, but i think we’re gon na move on to the face and i’m really excited, because i am gon na be using this little chipotle little beauty blender. I am probably i don’t really want to use it, but i am but it does have like a little flat side right here and i seen that a lot of people said that that is like really good to kind of like blend in, and then this looks Like it’s really good to go under the eyes too so i’m going to use it just to apply my foundation i’m going to go ahead and wet these and then i’ll be right back so i’m back. I am going to go ahead and prime my face really quick before we start the whole foundation, so i am going to use the mint melt, cooling primer from elf, and just some of that on so the sponge is now wet. So is the little pinch to it: oh my gosh, so cute you guys, but it did get. They did get a little bit bigger too once you wet them so so i’m. In between two foundations, i do have my elf acne prone foundation, and then i also have my camel cc uh foundation, so i’m, like kind of okay, i’m gon na use the the camo one just because this one’s, like really good too this one i like to Use like on my everyday makeup and then also when i’m, having like really bad breakouts, i feel like it does help.

Let me go ahead and put some on my face. This foundation is really good. I think i am gon na have to go back and get like a darker one. Look at how tan i am right here. This is not me bronzing, you guys. This is me a natural tan. I was outside with my nephew because he got a quad and i got really tan and all that, oh, my god, i’m gon na go ahead and use this beauty blender now and just see how it works. Oh, i don’t want to use it Music. The sponge blends in so nice i like feels so soft, too it’s, not hard. It does feel a little bit more um spongy than this one, so i’m, not mad at that. I actually like that. Now it really looks like an avocado wow. It is so far color from my like, oh my god up here. I got really tan up here and i didn’t even realize it. Oh my god. Do i even need to put something up here, because do i even need bronzer forehead in the summer always tends to get really bronze, like my sister, like one time was like laughing because she said, did you put bronzer on your forehead? I was like no, it was like it’s just my natural color she’s, like you, don’t even need bronzer. I was like i mean. I love the sponge actually i’m a fan, so i am gon na go in with medium sand from elf.

This is the camel hydrating concealer. I know this is like the new trend right, like everybody’s, doing like the little dots and some are still doing that, but i lately have just been doing it like that i’m going to go in with a little sponge, oh it’s, so cute. I always wanted to get one of these tiny little beauty blenders because they have them in the sets, but i just was like: am i ever going to really use it? And since this came with it, i was like let’s see how it works and if i really feel like, i need it and i’ll be honest guys. Yes, this is so good at like getting really precise under the eye. Oh wow, i just hope i don’t lose this because i’m, so bad at like keeping an eye on things like i can’t even keep track of my life, let alone a little beauty blender. I know i feel, like i’m doing a full face elf products, but i feel, like i mean i don’t know i just felt like i had to do that this little thing is so cute. I love it so let’s go ahead and set the under eye. Really quick, you guys know that i’m, not a real big fan of the halo setting powder from elf, so i am just going to go ahead and use my fit me loose setting powder Music. So let me go ahead and go back into this little elf palette.

Really quick, i am going to pick up a little bit of i think i’m gon na grab some of that lettuce, color and i’m. Just gon na go ahead and go right under my eye with it. Using this palette is really like making me miss like the days where, like i used to play with so much color, i love it. I love the green under the eye it’s just giving me life and i am going to grab a little bit of walk, which is that greenish color right there i’m just going to grab it and put it right here. I don’t even know what i’m saying i put some liner in my eyes. I got ta put mascara really quick hold on Music, so i did the rest of my makeup, but so far you guys. I am loving this makeup. Look. I’M loving the palette. I’M. Loving everything so far, i am ready to try the the hot salsa lip gloss. This is a make it hot lip plumping, gloss i’m, so excited i don’t know if it tingles. I wonder if it tingles, but i don’t know if i should put some lip liner. Maybe i should use some lip liner hold on i’m just gon na line my lips, i don’t even know this is gon na go Music. I went in with my elf retro lip liner let’s go ahead and try this. It does look very sheer and we’re going to go ahead and give it a try.

Music kind of smells like a little bit hot like a you know that chili those hot chili beans that’s what it kind of smells like. Oh it’s, a pretty gloss. Oh, i love the gloss that’s pretty. It does have a tingle like a tiny little tingle kind of a little bit. You can feel the lip plumping, but not like over dramatic, like i said, i’ve never really used a lip plumping lip gloss before so i don’t know what people say like if it hurts or not, but this one doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It is a very like thicker type of lip gloss but i’m, not mad at it and i’m actually gon na put some more. I like the consistency. I love a gloss that has like a little bit of that thickness to it. I feel like it lasts longer. I love it. I love the gloss. I thought i wasn’t going to like the gloss. I don’t know why i was just like: maybe it’s not gon na be for me. I felt like it wasn’t gon na go with this like little makeup. You know the green and all that, but for some reason i feel like it goes, i feel like i i can catch the trip i feel like. I did an okay job, all right guys. This is the finished look right here. I really do love this whole collection. I love it. I love, i think my favorite right now has to be like the palette for sure, because i feel like it’s so pigmented i feel like it’s.

So pretty. I also feel like you can do more than just like a green look. You can do so much with this palette. I feel like that. Corn color, that i put right here, would look really pretty with like a basic makeup. Look – and you just add, like a little pinch of like color in the center, you know on the summer time a lot of girls do that. That would be really pretty to do. I still want to dive into like other colors in here, but so far this palette has been amazing and i’m very happy with my purchase. Also, i love the little beauty blender. I love the little pink. I love the avocado little concept. I love it. I do feel now like, i know why they make these little tiny beauty blenders, and i am gon na – definitely buy more of these little tiny beauty blenders because they perf they do like such a good job, concealing under the eye and getting like really in detail. So i’m happy with these the lip plumping. I’M glad. I got this because the color i feel like this is just a pretty everyday type of lip gloss, something very neutral. I feel like. It goes really good. With this makeup. Look, i also feel like it is kind of cooling to the lips. I love it. I love it. I do i love it. I love it so much i do feel like this is a really good lip gloss for the summer.

Time definitely will be using a lot of this. I give this whole collection. You guys a 10.. I loved everything. I’M. So happy with alf. Never fails me, i don’t know i love everything that they come out with. They have just stepped up their game so much over the years and i’m, just like a huge elf fanatic, so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, please don’t forget to like and subscribe hit that notification bell.

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