Chipotle Mexican Grill, Easter Spring Makeup Tutorial / Shades of Lavender on Brown Skin

We are a mother and daughter duo that likes playing in hair and makeup. That’S cray and that’s me: Music, today’s video is a spring flame makeup tutorial as usual we’re starting off with moisturizing our skin Music and we’re. Using the maybelline pour Music now we’ve learned a new thing on youtube and tick tock, where you put translucent powder on top of your pore regimen, then you spray it with setting powder. We use cucumber water and we dry it down we’re, getting a little fancy. Now. We’Re using our little gold fan now it’s time for the eyebrows trying the glue which helps the eye hairs, stand up eye hairs, eyebrow hairs, wiping off the excess Music trying to get those eyebrows nice and neat now we’re filling in with the eyebrow gel Music tinted. Eyebrow gel Music trying to make the eyebrows nice and Music full Music Music. Here we go with our concealer. As always, she uses a lighter color concealer under the eyebrows and a darker concealer on top of the eyegrass Music. Do you like this video so far, Music and we’re blending out the concealer Music, more concealer on the eyelid to help the eye shadow Music, one eternity later eyebrows are done now, we’re going in for a cut crease Music she’s using concealer to do this? Music, Music? Music, a little translucent powder to set the cut crease back to our fan again, Music, now we’re using the eyeshadow palette from you, can be splashy candies.

None of the eyeshadow colors have a name, but the palette itself is listed down below in the description box. We’Re using a shade of purple lavender with a little mix of pink, but they have it grouped in the purple family, Music, now we’re using our color story palette, tropical we’re using a color called tulum Music, now we’re using the same palette and using the color beach. Please i, like the pun, it’s a very darker purple, almost close to like an Music eggplant Music, blended, it all out how’s the eye. Looking to you. Do you like it and she’s brush brushing the same color under her eye in her waterline and the color on the corners of her eye is also placed in her tear duct now we’re, using from the same palette, the color coconut to blend the eyelid up top Music now we’re, going in with our colored eyeliner from i believe, it’s pronounced and avian, but it’s a pretty pink and we’re outlining that cut, crease, Music, taking it way out to the end of the eyebrow, opens up her eye Music. Now, both eyes are done. Music. Now we’re using the e lore line and lash Music, which helps as an eyeliner and also as an adhesive for your lashes. You just have to make a bold enough line, so the lashes have something to stick to and it works with any lash. The eyelashes we kind of painted them a lavender color with one of the eyeliners that she has eyes are done: Music foundation time, black radiance, her favorite color espresso Music, bring up her hyper pigmentation with a concealer that has a red hue Music drying out that concealer Music then she’s gon na blend it out with a little foundation press a little comment, and let us know how we’re doing on this video Music doing her concealer nose under the eye Music.

She does it on her cupid’s bow and her chin also we’re doing the darker concealer to chisel out her face on her temples, her cheeks and her jowl line Music and to contour her nose Music now time to blend it all out: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, It’S done now time for the lips we’re using a color or outlining called stripper pink Music channel, Music and now we’re doing another caller called pretty smart for her inner lips. Have you subscribed to our channel? Yet please do and hit the notification bell. So you always know when we upload a new video she’s blending, the two colors in time for blush to use the lighter color as she felt as though it was more indicative of spring and our highlighter palette she’s using first class Music, as you notice, primarily everything. We’Ve used is in the lavender family Music let’s check out the finale Music. Are we looking like spring a few moments later Music? What do you think comment down below? Thank you for watching the do and do little make sure you subscribe and also follow us on instagram and facebook.

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