Church of Scotland, Easter, Jesus Message 2021

I’M in james court. James court is at the back of the free church offices and edinburgh theological seminary it’s, one of those little windy courts that are off a high street in edinburgh. They really are intriguing and they hold many great and interesting little artifacts and things to look at behind me is a monument. If you look closely it’s of a parakeet and a bow, a parakeet is eating something it’s, a monument to someone called susannah stephen, who tragically died at the age of 37 in a diving accident off the galapagos islands, susana was a budding landscape artist. Her speciality was cities, especially creating gardens within cities and on the monument, because susana was far traveled. We’Ve got an inscription, the inscription says: keep your face towards the sun, and then the shadows will fall here. We are we’re about to celebrate easter. More than a monument easter tells us each year of the fact of the resurrection that jesus died. He truly died and yet, on the third day he rose again. Jesus conquered death, jesus faced darkness, jesus went into the very jaws of death and he broke it, and those who are united with jesus will rise again. Death is not the end, and so, as i look at this monument, yes, it has that inscription keep your eyes on the light and the shadows will fall, how appropriate that is also for thinking of jesus, who is the light of the world, as we keep our Eyes on him today the shadows will fall.

Many of us have experienced and are experiencing shadows in our lives, maybe the shadow of spiritual doubt, maybe the shadow of illness, maybe the shadow of tangled relationships, maybe the shadow of economic uncertainty. But the greatest shadow is the shadow of of our sin that condemns us. The shadow of our broken relationship with god jesus says, look to me, look to the light of the world, and not only will the shadows fall away, but our burdens will fall away. He is a great burden. Bearer easter is by far my favorite festival. I i prefer it to christmas and that’s the honest truth, because in this hopeless situation it does speak of hope. Susanna was a landscape gardener. As i said, her speciality was creating gardens for cities, and that reminds me also of another resurrection hope that there will be a new heaven and a new earth that the present troubles that the earth is facing just now in terms of covalent in terms of environment. In terms of political division in terms of brokenness, the bible speaks of a new creation and it speaks of a city, and it also speaks of a garden city where the trees will be there for the healing of the nations. How much our nations need healed? How much we as individuals need healed? I wonder today.

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