Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Nicholas Castellanos EDS AND CARDINALS BRAWL?! (Nicholas Castellanos Flex Breakdown)

This was not a brawl we’re not going to call this a brawl i’m going to take you back to what happened opening day, and i truly believe this is the reason why this happens. Caspiano hits a nuke off ejacularity right down, it’s a bomb, absolutely bombs, key right, but his little hopscotch at the end and bat that looks bad. You know boom so i’m, not sure. Obviously this is not. I don’t know if this is why he got hit right. We’Re trying to get the facts that’s why he got hit, i don’t know you guys beat the judge of that. I think this has a reason that’s why he got hit. He got hit with the first pitch basketball right inside inside that’s, not even a miss for what he gets hit by we’re gon na touch base on that we’re gon na look at the little antiques that occurred, so this bad flippy. Could this have been the cause of what occurred possibly now? What happened is wood fired right? The card was pulled. Nails in 92 looks like it was actually reacting Music soul’s on camera. He gets the ball on this or something you know. He says something slick, he’s already mad he’s from miami guys that we have down here a lot of swag on our tempest player. What happens he gets on when he gets on? Third, the problem arises after uh pitch, but as he does this too yadi’s also talking – and this happens – the captain gets the ball.

Who knows what y’all saying this guy’s already pissed? He just got nailed by a fastball who’s, just a bit outside castianas is on third and boom. What do you think happens? Next? You miss this bag right, what’s, gon na happen, i’m gon na score, yadi’s a great catching himself. He gets the ball fast recovers. It boom casino scores head first slide playing strong let’s go, you know, we’re like yeah like little. Kid goes right, yadi’s getting mad comes after him. This is when everything starts. This is the problem here. Yeah that’s the problem. That is the problem there. So you know i don’t know if it’s on purpose, i know there’s intent, then we have a little of a scuffle at the end. Um everybody comes out, nothing happens. Of course, you know everyone’s shouting, yelling we’re not going to show you um what higgs did in the outfit, because i was just dumb. I don’t know why he’s getting mad, i mean i don’t know why hicks is mad um, you guys. We did nothing wrong. I mean this is a game playing with passion. This is a rivalry. If i score i’m going to be like yeah, you know, you know, f, yeah, tribal, f bomb, something maybe something extracurricular occurred with castellanos. Maybe he said something that shouldn’t have not have been said. I’M, not too sure for the most part. Just like it goes like a strong let’s go yeah, f, yeah let’s go, you know, but you just got hit man.

The plan is to score and he scored, of course, he’s going to have a little taunting. He did nothing wrong. I don’t know what yadi told him got. He did something that pissed him off. Even more yachty comes in two and pushes him grabs his shirt. That’S not needed there that’s, not where man man, we have testosterone, machismo you do that you’re gon na piss me off. He pulled the back of my shirt down and what do you expect me to do that’s not to be upset? If anything castianos is in the right, he did nothing wrong. I don’t know who’s gon na get suspended here. I think the ones that will get suspended it shouldn’t be the picture shouldn’t be castigliano’s. It should be yaddy, molina and hicks for starting some bs in the outfield that he had nothing to do for what’s he getting mad for what the heck is he getting mad for so nonetheless, um almost a brawl, not really uh. I guess what i heard in the marlins game. I was watching the marlins again very uh high school antics. This is high school antic. This is what happens in high school yeah. You know boom, but the character in high school wouldn’t go, i mean they do have some chirping and whatnot. But of course, this major league baseball, so you’re gon na have the um the almost broads where no punches are thrown, but a bunch of f bombs are dropped.

Couldn’T really do many lip readings here, i’m, not too good at that, but yeah he’s, probably like hey man, what you doing man, what you doing, what you doing man, i like what what’s wrong with you, man yaddy. He did nothing wrong bro! All he did was time daddy’s one of the best catchers of all time, and i mean i think, he’s in the wrong here so that’s that that’s. What happened here hope you guys enjoyed that.

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