Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Nicholas Castellanos Ejection 001 – Jim Reynolds Ejects Nick Castellanos for Inciting a Bench-Clearing "Brawl" in CIN

But you know what i i don’t think really anyone takes exception to that anymore. That’S, the way everyone’s doing it for crying out loud, castellanos, ground out single run, scored, oh the first pitch drills. It castianos gives a stare and he’ll be granted first base yachty keeping the peace out there, explaining what happened, offering the ball right on back to woodford. I love the swag that castellanos has. He talked about not really knowing cincinnati, not knowing what the city feels like what it sounds like how eager he was to hear it. Well, i don’t know about how the city feels and what it feels like, but i know what that feels like right there and it does not feel good back of the arm ribs as a hitter, and he just wanted to make sure he didn’t want that ball. Back as a hitter, you ask a que. You ask the question: how can you possibly miss that bad it’s almost like wait a minute? You had to try to do that because you missed so bad. This is the time you get on first base. After that happens, and then you steal second base, you steal third base and then, if you, if he kicks up like the band director, you try to steal home too ripped where the second baseman would be. He was shaded castellanos through second he’s gon na claim. Third and it’s men at the corners first, three one misses up and the bases are loaded first pitch away: squirts loose castellano storms, orb the shovel, he’s, safe and castellano’s right in the face of woodford, and now the fish is empty.

This divisional rivalry game castellanos took exception to getting hit by a pitch and woodford being held back by his teammates, as he repeatedly points at castellanos now, the bullpens emerge castillanos had offered the baseball back to woodford when he was hit. Two outs space is empty and he storms home on the pitch off target that was in and out of the glove of molina. You can see right there head first slide guys on his back let’s go and then the melee he’s walking away cassiano’s he’s walking away. He said what he had to do, he scored and everyone is reacting Applause to him. You see the pass ball once again. Good secondary lead off third base head first slide. Applause looks like he directed it. He directed something towards the pitcher, but he scored did what he had to do and now some more chirping out on the field in the outfield they’re converging again, both teams are spilling back out and this is going into the outfield grass. You could see the yelling, and then i thought i saw a shove, and now it feels like it’s getting more aggressive, look beyond second base at the edge of the outfield grass there’s that shove that came on suarez yeah it looked like eugenia was going out there Trying to keep the peace and someone in the bullpen looked like they took exception to him, saying something to the opposing team august 10th. 2010.. Remember that day yeah, i remember, brandon phillips had worked with the audio molina and then normally when you come up to hit, you tap the catcher on the shin patch just to show him some respect, and certainly there were words exchanged and then the two bulls right There dusty baker tony larussa, going at it, and this is when it really becomes dangerous, guys can get hurt you get in the middle of one of those melees.

It can be an awfully dangerous. I remember i got a little too close one time when pedro martinez was pitching and pedro was throwing up and into reggie, and he was taking exception to it and he charged them out. I got a little too close to the to the fray or to the melee and ended up at the end of the or the bottom of the pile, but david bell is being beckoned out of the reds dugout tony randazzo. Excuse me that’s jim reynolds, the crew chief randazzo on bowls and strikes so reynolds annabelle talk as woodford offers. Some warm up throws remember two days ago that nick castellanos ripped a home run and he worked it in a big time way and you to think that. Could have been part of getting hit, not just the home run, but watch this a little skip to my lou right there. But you know what i don’t think. Really anyone takes exception to that anymore that’s. The way everyone’s doing it for crying out loud we’ve, seen guys take selfies on the way down to first base. You know on home runs. He got hit offered the ball to the pitcher. Cassiano’S took exception to being hit. Now remember, he got hit in the ribs behind the left arm on the ribs on the back of the tricep in the ribs, and the question is how, as a pitcher, how can you possibly miss that bad they’re going to take another look here.

Very briefly. Look at the monitor no go, apparently nobody’s safe, nick castellanos, it would appear, got tossed from the game he barked sure, but he got drilled and aristides. Aquino takes his spot in right field. It feels baffling barry larkin for why castellanos would have been shown.

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