Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Nicholas Castellanos k Castellanos full postgame comments on bench-clearing altercation between Reds-Cardinals

I said for what, and he said, uh david really didn’t, give me a clear answer and then he just said hey. But if you go out there then don’t give them a reason to give you more games or whatever, and i you know i care about winning ball games that’s pretty much it you know. So it is what it is they’re not going to uneject me. So i just took it into the clubhouse: is that just a spur of the moment reaction and a testament to the type of player you are in the intensity that you play with? I mean look yo like i wore 93 in the ribs. That don’t exactly feel good. You know i asked yachty, it was an accident. He said, of course, it’s an accident all right, yadi’s dude, yadi’s, a boss, yo like all right. I give him the benefit of the doubt. You know all right, it’s an accident take my stuff off. I even asked the pitcher if he wanted the ball back, you know just out of sometimes pitches he’s coasting. I don’t know there. I go first and the only thing i’m thinking about doing is scoring. Thank you, nick nick, do you yeah you got plunked at all because of the home run you hit the other day and the back flip. I mean it’s possible. You know i’m swinging good right now. I feel good there’s, two outs there’s. Nobody on hey let’s, try to shake them up a little bit, get him off his game.

I know how it works. Man, you know like it’s, baseball. Well, i’m, not i’m, not out here, you know complaining about it. The only thing i could do is just do everything i can to score. Wainwright said he said you offering, the ball was tired. Do you feel like that was disrespectful or anything to the pitcher? I don’t know how the pitcher took it. Man in the moment, i just saw the ball and my i just decided to offer to him if wayne wright says he’s tired, all right man, i he has a right to say that i got nothing but respect for that. Dude either he’s a hall of famer you’ve described your competitiveness. Is that something you’ve had since you started playing baseball, or is that something that you’ve kind of built on during your career? See this the more secure i’ve become as a man and who i am the more of my raw emotions, come out on the field. You know and i’m not out here to disrespect nobody or whatever, but i want to win. You know i’ve lost my whole career and i ain’t trying to start this season on two nick. How encouraged are you by the 15 runs in the first two games and just how well the team is hitting? I mean hitting’s contagious and we’re having fun and we’re becoming. You know boys with each other and that’s step, one of a good team. You know it’s genuine love and support for for the person for your for your guy beside you.

Do you feel, like you? Are a leader for this team and that this team can kind of follow in your image? Look i ain’t out here to talk about me. I don’t know if i’m a leader you know i damn train a follower but that’s not for me or to to say you know it’s for those guys to say what i am you said earlier in the spring. You know you think this team can be really good. Is games like this, the kind of performances you were expecting i mean we had a good. We had a good day today we won right, cincinnati’s, happy. The reds won comes down to w’s any day that we can put a w on. The board is a good day for red’s country that’s. It bobby it looks like you want to ask one last question: go right ahead, just when the outfield thing started when stuff was going on, the outfield you and yachty were kind of by yourselves on the first base side. Just what were you guys talking about over there that’s between me and yadi, but, like i said you know like that? Guy could have punched me in the face. I still ask him for a signed jersey, but you know like i got nothing but respect for that. For that cat, bro he’s a real one, you know he said his piece and i listen.

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