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We take a look at how one of the biggest churches in metro detroit is preparing to welcome hundreds for easter services and how they plan to keep their congregation safe. One of metro, detroit’s biggest universities, announces new campus restrictions as coveted cases surge across the state and taking a look outside bit of a chilly start here. As you look out across the river out of windsor canada good morning where friends across the river there. But we do have a big warm up on the way for our easter sunday good morning. Everyone. It is 6 a.m on your easter morning, and i am kim de julio here with grant good morning kim always nice to have you here on local 4 news today. Let’S get right to andrew, though, because andrew hopefully we’ve got a nice forecast for those safe easter get togethers today! Well, kimmy krantz, happy easter to both of you happy easter everybody! Yes, we’ve got a beautiful day, lined up for you for the holiday sunrises at 7, 10 for sunrise services and as you’re up and adam this morning, weather is going to help you out today, while it is chilly out there not as cold as it was yesterday Morning or the morning before that we have temperatures mostly in the 30’s we’re, looking at 37 degrees in the next couple of hours, but then look how temperatures rise nicely into the mild and warm 60s, in fact, 62 degrees with plenty of sunshine at noon time, and This absolute afternoon, absolutely beautiful and even warmer highs in the upper 60s to near 70.

, once again, sunrise this morning is at 7 10., just over an hour away, looking beautiful though despite there’s, no sunrises not taking place right now and we’re, looking at 40 degrees over The airport again temperature will go down a couple more notches, but fortunately it is chilly to cool across all of southeast michigan we’re, looking at 35 for our friends over in howell and 43 in mount clemons. Where do temperatures go from here? No rain for today, but any rain layer this week, i’ve got the answer coming up in your seven day, forecast in minutes all right. Thanks andrew see you soon, the state is reporting a big jump in coronavirus cases, the most we’ve seen in four months in the past 24 hours, michigan added 8, 413, more cases, that’s 3, 000 more than friday and it’s the highest number since december. 4Th the state also reports 57 additional deaths, 51 from a review of records. Our weekly number of new cases was 24 percent higher than the previous week and on this easter sunday morning, we’re getting a live. Look at the vatican, as pope francis delivers his easter mass. Here at home, health experts are warning about the big gatherings today and our larry sproul took us inside greater gray’s temple as it prepares for big crowds. Easter sunday will be different for a lot of churches, especially here at greater grace temple. I spoke with bishop ellis. He tells me that things will be different here today.

People will have to wear a mask and they will have to use hand sanitizer in order to get into the sanctuary, but the biggest change is that this church can seat about 4 thousand people, and today’s number will be nowhere near that saturday. The greater grace temple music arts department is gearing up for the biggest day on the christian calendar easter sunday we’re going to have our praised dancers, they’re going to be dancing. Of course, an abbreviated praise, dance ministry. Our choir is abbreviated. We actually just recorded an album. A couple saturdays ago, but bishop charles h, ellis iii, with greater grace temple on west 7 miles, says they’re known for executing elaborate productions on easter sunday, but this year that will not be happening. I’M, not expecting there to be two thousand thousand people here. You know if we have 400 500 people. You know we’ll have plenty of room. Bishop ellis tells me there will be many changes for those attending service for resurrection. Sunday, you have to wear a mask. Every other row will be blocked off temperatures taken at the door. You must use hand sanitizer before entering and, most importantly, there will be no contact inside the sanctuary. This pandemic has caused us to do things totally different and i think we’ve done a great job at greater greece temple, but as the covet numbers continue to go up here in michigan, both state and national leaders, including dr matthew, sims with beaumont health, are urging people Not to gather in large crowds this weekend any gathering, doesn’t matter if it’s for a religious holiday or it’s for a barbecue or it’s for a sporting event, any large gathering of people where they are in close proximity to each other is dangerous.

We need to do two things we need to prevent the contact and we need to vaccinate as many people as possible. Those are the only two things that are going to slow. The progression of this and bishop ellis tells me they will continue their outdoor services starting again next sunday. They only moved inside today was to celebrate easter larry sprull local 4.. Thank you. Larry and wayne state university is planning new campus restrictions. If things don’t change, the university will cancel face to face instruction with an exception for clinical rotations. All athletics and competitions will be suspended and guest access to student housing will be limited. The university says it will impose these restrictions if case numbers, don’t fall in the next three days. Governor whitmer says she’s concerned about spring break travel, causing the number of coveted cases to spike 37 pop up testing sites are opening across the state. As of yesterday, the goal is to test as many people as possible coming back from spring break vacations. Saturday’S four testing sites were open at schools in metro detroit, including this one here at stevenson, high school in livonia. We were just down in charleston, south carolina for spring break and we just wanted to make sure we’re safe before we come get back in the world, and today, more pop up sites are opening at northville, high school plymouth, high school and port huron high school. The state will hold these clinics until april 15.

. You can find all the details on click on health experts say the best way to stop the surge is through vaccinations. Tomorrow, appointments will open up to anyone 16 and older statewide we’re. Getting another look at the efforts underway at fema’s ford field site. As of thursday, more than 48 thousand doses were administered there, 6 500 were given out through the mobile clinic. Fema is also giving doses to local health departments with the most going to wayne in oakland county. So far, we’re learning more about the man who rammed a car into two officers at the u.s capitol killing an 18 year veteran, a u.s official tells the associated press. 25 year old, noah green had been suffering from delusions, paranoia and suicidal thoughts. He was shot and killed by police after he got out of his car and lunged at officers with a knife. Police say greene slipped through a gate that was opened to allow traffic in and out of the capitol capitol police officer. Billy evans was killed here at home officers, arrest, a woman who crashed into a southfield police car while driving under the influence. It happened saturday night, while police were making a traffic stop on the lodge freeway right near telegraph. Police say when they pulled up behind the driver. The vehicle was struck by a woman in a pickup truck the car moved 200 feet before hitting a fence on the right side of the road. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The detroit police department hosted a drive through easter event for families on saturday. Folks stayed in their car as police passed out over 300 candy bags to kids police say they host this event to give back to the community. So when we have time for fun or good times, we like to give things back to the community. So what we have is, we have a population of seniors and we have a population of young people in this creature, so we have a lot of children, so we try to uh. This is one of the events that we try to. Let them have some fun. The event happened at the department’s 11th precinct near nevada and van dyke avenue, and the dawson great lakes museum invited families to participate in its first ever easter extravaganza. The event happened on belle isle saturday morning, dozens of kids hunted for eggs. Some even got a special prize if they found a golden egg. The event also featured music arts and crafts and food trucks. So all those folks bundled up yesterday. Hopefully we don’t have to do that today. I don’t think we’re going to it is getting nicer and nicer each day, so i’m i’m hoping andrew comes through for us me too andrew. What do you say, kim and grant with some help from mother nature? Things are looking perfect later this afternoon, it’s a little cool to chilly right now, but we have many temperatures starting off in the 40s, not a drop of rain in sight no snowflakes around either.

For today we got plenty of sunshine, but how much warmer does it get? We’Ll talk more about today’s forecast and whether or not the warm weather will last this week in your seven day, forecast great start for the detroit tigers actually going for the sweep in their first series. We’Ll talk about them and not that great for the pistons.

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