Detroit Metropolitan Area, Easter, 2021 weather: Wet morning with Palm Sunday chilly and windy

I sort of liked waking up this morning and hearing all that rain coming down. It does make me a little sleepy, though i’m not going to lie. I do like sleeping to the sound of rain, but getting up to it is is wait a minute you’d rather sleep to it than walk in it yeah. I think that i’ll prefer that i love the two options: yeah well andrew. The good news is, hopefully most of the viewers today are getting to snuggle, while that all that green behind you moves through, we do have some calming snuggle weather in place if you’re watching from home, whether you’re in bed or on the sofa getting breakfast prepared. It is very relaxing this morning it is soggy outside, though so, as we get our palm sunday started. If you are going to be out and about be careful on wet roadways, because even after this rain passes and the rain will pass at least this widespread heavier rain will pass over. The next couple of hours becomes drier this afternoon. But at least through lunchtime we’ll still have wet conditions on roadways. We saw some heavier rain, showing up not much the way of thunderstorms. Lightning tracker is turned on here with storm tracker 4., not too much in the way of thunder and lightning. Thank goodness, but the rain is still a little bit heavier right, around port huron, also around sarnia. While we still have the rain steadily coming down right here in the city of detroit and just outside of motown in southern portions of oakland county and parts of macomb county, you see to our west, it is clear back toward chicago, but you see some scattered showers, Including snow showers in wisconsin and also in parts of the u.

p, but don’t worry no snow for today, but it does get chillier as the morning and afternoon progress how chilly well. This afternoon, temperatures remain in the 40s we’ve already seen our high temperatures of the day. When you join me last night, at 11, o’clock and shortly past midnight, it was still around 50 or in the low 50s, but now we’ll see temperatures in the middle and upper 40s all day long we’re in the upper 40s for the most part right now, but We’Ll see 46 48 degrees in our south zone, same thing in our west zone afternoon, temperatures a little bit lower as chillier air rushes in low and middle 40s. This afternoon, 42 to 45, and the wind will make it feel even colder. So grab your winter coats before heading out temperatures even possibly dropping into the 30s before sunset north of hall, road in our north zone later this afternoon, so temperatures are going to take a little roller coaster ride as we go through the day today. Right now, it’s 49 degrees over at metro airport wind at around 7 miles per hour. Remember that wind is going to increase not a great day for boating. Unfortunately, on this holiday waves very choppy out there, one to three feet and we’ve got gale warnings for lake huron and small craft advisories up as we go through the day on lake erie and lake sinclair 48. Right now for our friends over in oxford, while we’re still holding on to 50 degrees over in holly and it’s, still in the middle and upper 40s in monroe county and also in lenaway county but remember, colder, air is on the way right now.

Breezes are not that strong, 5 to 10 miles per hour, but you can see them get higher. Those winds up to 10 to 20 miles per hour out toward jackson and out toward out toward lansing. Those are the kind of wind speeds we can expect before this morning is over and they’ll be around this afternoon, bringing in this the colder air that’s to our north and west 34 right now in green bay, 35 over in des moines that’s, not how cold it’s Going to be this afternoon, but that gives you an idea that, even though the sun sun is going to be out later today and be be behind, the clouds, temperatures are going to stay right about where they are now, mostly in middle and upper 40s. As we go through the day, but once again bulk of the rain moves through as we go through this morning, you can see the scattered nature of showers on this computer model in the afternoon. So there might be a stray shower or two after lunchtime, but clearing skies tonight paving the way for more sunshine as we go into tomorrow and on tuesday. So, although today this afternoon, especially will be chilly and windy, don’t worry i’ve got some higher temperatures coming back for you for tomorrow and tuesday upper 50s for tomorrow, upper 60s to near 70 degrees on tuesday, another chance of showers on wednesday and yes, we’ve got sunshine.

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