Today we were able to sneak away because grandma’s at the house watching the kids and we’re heading to our local target i’m. Also gon na hit up dollar tree because they always get some great easter stuff too, but that’ll be like probably on my personal channel yeah. If you guys aren’t subbed to that it’s melissa weiss on youtube, i’ll leave it linked down in the bio um, but we’re going right now to get like all their little like easter basket goodies and maybe some like little easter, decor things. Oh and we’re, i’m gon na be redoing the little girl’s bedroom in the next couple weeks. So we’re going to look for some fun. Are we going to go to tj, maxx, 2 or just target today? Oh, i don’t know i mean it’s right next to it. So our next door i’m looking at it, we might go to tj maxx 2, but anyway, we want to take you guys, along with us, because we do this every year and then um hopefully gives you guys ideas for like gift basket: easter basketball for your kids, Um is there anything else we want to say? Oh no, oh sorry, which thing i don’t know i was gon na say if you aren’t subscribed to our channel already. Um click subscribe, we’re, getting really close to a million followers, which is like amazing, we’ve, been doing this for a long time, and that is a really cool milestone that we’re excited to hit um anyway, i think that’s it are.

We ready to go in yeah let’s. Go all right, let’s go so we just got into target and i always like to check out the dollar spot first um, especially if it’s like for seasonal stuff, because a lot of times they get a lot of stuff that they put up there before they put It in the back yeah and i found a ton of really good things, so let me show you guys kind of what i’m working with here the little kids love these like character. Bandages, oh it’s, super funny to me. They even have like jojo siwa ones. Well, they’re now they’re, outside they’re gon na be scraping their knees up and stuff and wait. They just use them even like a sport. They have like pretend booboos. So these are only a dollar so i’m, getting like one of each kind that they have they’re super cute um. These i thought i’d get for gretchen and gemma they’re like little ribbon wand. Oh yeah, could you see how they’ll play with these? I feel like you know, i think you might need five. Should i get one for all of them? I think so. So these i thought were really cute also because, like gabrielle like you guys, she would totally gabrielle would play with gemma in the backyard with it, and then she should get one too okay, so and ironically so gemma’s literally at home, with grandma doing these right. Now look what they have oh perfect, so these are super fun for them, so i’m gon na get one for each of them.

They can do it as like a little project. I think these were like two dollars. I think in the dollar spot, but i mean still totally fun and it’s like perfect for their easter baskets for the bigger kids. I did find these like accessories stickers, they’re like waterproof washable, for like phones and like cups and stuff. I thought like gwen, graceland and gabrielle would really like it. Yeah it’s, good idea and then jeff just pointed out easter chalk. But do you do egg or do you like traditional? So i think typically i do both like the littler kids. I give the egg ones to and like the bigger kids, i typically like you said, like the big kids play with a little kid. Sometimes so i’ll make it whoa that’s like the matrix. I know so i might get these for like gabrielle and graceland and then the egg ones for little kids. What do you think? I think your cat likes speed and reflexes see that that was like. That was like really good. Oh there’s, like all sorts of little sampler size things so we’re in the beauty department now and yeah. I love getting stuff like this. For the big girls um like little tiny travel size things to try out like there’s little dry shampoos face masks like here’s a bunch of face masks: oh yeah. They like these. They have like their own little spa nights and they get looking all crazy.

They go. It’S, like hannibal lecters in there, they put like the masks on and do like lip treatments and stuff. So if you have like a teen or tween like even like one time, you know what else they like, because i think you had someone they used it all. Um but there’s like these little sugar scrubs, i got so mad because i bought one that was like my favorite smell and then graceland went in there and she didn’t know how much you were supposed to use. Oh, it was like she used like half of the container and she was like this stuff’s so great and i was like oh my god, i was like all of it’s gone so like i think i got that one at ulta, though so i’ll have to go Back there and see, if they’ve more so we’re stepping real quick at the little food area here, because we keep running out of fruits and vegetables because we’re trying to do a better job eating healthy, but it’s been really tough kind of being stuck home. All the time – and i know that sounds counterintuitive, but a lot of the kids kind of graze constantly, and you know fruit and vegetables they’re, usually only good. You know fruits on the counter are only good for usually a couple days, so we have to keep buying them, or else they quickly turn to grazing on crackers and things like that and we’re really trying to make an effort to to eat healthier and it’s tricky Too, even like going outside with all the parks and everything closed, it’s really hard to get everybody out and like go play in the jungle, gyms and swings and in parks when a lot of them around us have been closed.

So so it’s been tricky, but a tough fail that we need to work on and be better about, it’s just hard for me right now, being pregnant um is meal prepping and like planning and stuff – and i was doing like really really well with that. Like early on, like even like last year, we were first quarantined at home, but it’s been like really difficult because, like when you’re pregnant, like you’re, just so tired, all the time or like like i’ll, have like a version so like i’ll, buy something to cook, and Then, by the time dinner rolls around like that’s thinking about it like makes me sick, so, like i can’t cook it, so i think that that’s a huge part of it too, so i don’t know you know what i think we’re trying to make an effort, though, Because you could, i mean they’ve, been playing in the backyard for a year. You know they used to have these places, and i don’t know if it’s just california, but they used to have these places like 10 years ago, where you could actually go and like mass assemble meals like meal prep. Do you remember those places uh? No, like i don’t, know a place. You could go i’m talking about. Let me know in the comments but like they used to yeah, so it was called like um. You had one by your old office like where you used to go. I don’t even know, and you would like go in and they would have everything set up for you to like meal prep like lasagna.

It would be like 10 recipes a week and you could like customize it for your family. I missed that. I did it one time and i thought it was really cool, but then all the places like don’t exist anymore. I don’t know if that was just like uh yeah, i don’t know, but it would be good. It’S kind of, like all the maternity clothing stores, are closed, so it’s hard, oh yeah, there’s that so i’ve worn this shirt twice this week, um i did wash it in between in case you guys are wondering, but i i have no maternity clothes. I have like one pair of jeans, two pairs of leggings and like five shirts, because all the maternity stores are closed and ordering and it’s hard to shop online, because the sizing everything and also, if you didn’t, know like if you have a beard and you talk Every time you talk your beard, can you know? Are you saying i have a beard because no no, but just constantly like if i just talk for a second and don’t touch, my mask like it just keeps coming down, and i know we’re not supposed to touch our masks, but i always try to pinch it Around my nose, so it doesn’t come down yeah i don’t know, but also we are always really careful to stay like super far away from everybody else and i bring hand sanitizer everywhere. So we’re constantly doing that, and i think that helps so.

I found something that’s pretty much the grossest possible thing i could think of imagined and like in person, white chocolate, sour patch bunny. Well, i mean it’s individually, it’s fantastic, but together, like it just seems like that’s, not a good play, i don’t know. Yeah i mean i get, i understand, oreo, oh oreo, i’m crunch, but like sour patch i mean i don’t know how i feel about it, they’re going for it. I like that. I, like the oh. What about this. I, like the power movement. We had these before reese’s eggs, reese’s egg – oh, these are the big ones. These are yeah. This might be an issue with the ratios, though oh yeah you’re, weird, with that jeff likes to have like the perfect chocolate, peanut butter ratio, which i think it’s important it’s. Like you have to get the tiny little cups right, isn’t that the best yeah there’s a lot that work there’s, actually a lot that work, but when it’s a great big and it’s all peanut butter in the middle, it kind of loses a little too much. Peanut butter. Well, do we want to get anything peanut butter for the kids, um yeah? We should get like five of these and then just throw them in my am i making you an easter, i think there’s, some funny stuff like these always crack me up. Like look just come over here and look at the eyes on it just the eyes only like look at these things, hello, clarice, like all of them, look at this one on the end with a blue eye.

Why do they look like that like there has to be a better way? Well, would it be worse making these it would be way worse if it was life like eyeballs, like little glass marbles like that would be creepier like it had like. Oh googly eye might be better like what is it like, yellow and, like i don’t know, i know every time i see them like why they could do better do better. So i always get the kids bees, not creepy eyeball uh bunnies, the godiva. These are lint lint and so the chocolate’s really good it doesn’t taste like plasticky, like some of those other ones and no creepy eyeballs. So gabriel. I didn’t get a dark chocolate, one, the mask’s coming down again it pinched it so hard too, like they always do that um do any of the other kids like dark chocolate, or is it gabrielle, gabriel, maybe gwen? Oh gwen doesn’t really like chocolate that much she likes this kind, okay yeah, but we also need to get some gummy candy for her and then what happens too, usually with those they’re hollow and what we’ll usually do is we’ll break them into pieces and put them Into pancakes they have like little chocolate pancakes for like a couple weeks after easter yeah they’re in halloween. We do that too we’ll, just like cut up all the chocolate and they’ll put them in the waffle and pancake mix and it’s like the best thing ever.

I forgot about that: yeah that’s, good it’s, a good place, so there’s a ton of stuff here like on this yeah all over, like i can’t believe like how much stuff they have at our local target. This is like amazing, and we still are going to go to dollar tree at some point too yeah that’s a good idea, and i want to get the kids like little coloring. What about like? I know they always have this, but like this is just kind of well packaged. I think like little slime, eggs, yeah that’s pretty. I feel like that’s, pretty super much funny he’s like oh, my gosh mom. Thanks for the slime you didn’t mix, it did you so in the wrong spot of the store here, there’s this little baby blanket oh super cute, oh it’s clearance and it’s a clearance for 12 bucks. So we should check out the baby department before we leave, because the if all their blankets are 50 off now would be a good time. We have hardly bought anything for the baby. Yet, just because i don’t know things have been crazy and yeah we need to get. We need to get a bunch of stuff there’s a couple reasons why yeah we need to get started. We need to get started getting a bunch of stuff for him, but i actually do like this one, because i think it’s super cute and fun for summer. So i might put this in the car, but we’ll remind me to go.

Look at that yeah and you know what, though i think i want to get this for your easter basket. I don’t like don’t, you like these up here. Oh, those are so good yeah, so you have to pick one of those i mean i’ll have to pick one of those out for you, so we’re filling in their easter basket stuff with just some other last minute, candy things um. I do have some candy at home for them already and i also do have their easter eggs, because jeff and i were super smart last year at hobby lobby, we went after easter and we got like um, like i don’t know. If you want to show like all the kinds of easter eggs – oh yeah there’s a lot for um each of the kids uh for eight cents, like it was a good day. It was like amazing, so we’re already all set there and we went to walmart last. We got a big bag of candy that had like easter egg candy to put in them, and we also put money so, like i don’t know how i know every family is different, so, like we kind of split it up at our house where half the eggs Are candy and half of them have like quarters in them or like if you’re really lucky, like you’ll, find one that has like a dollar or five dollars? I think the biggest one we ever did was like 20 for the big kids yeah, but you like, threw an egg in the pool.

It was like 50 degrees yeah. It was pretty epic, though, and i just saw my favorite candy so nerds rope, awesome, love, nerds, but there’s, a candy that you’re not gon na, believe that i’m finding right now, oh my gosh. They have these in individual packages yeah, but it’s like sold out like this one. This one was empty and people already cracked it into it. So like some of the stuff’s going, but man these are so good, favorite candy ever yeah. We also like to get arts and crafts kinds of things for the girls uh. We do usually do a pretty good job of that and yeah there’s a lot of it’s like 30 to 50 off clearance arts and crafts, like gemma, loves little like temporary tattoos. Yeah she’s super into this is cool. They used to have these two, these little aqua beads, so maybe that would be something that they would like again too. So let’s see what we can grab here, because this stuff looks great, so that was really fun. We pretty much got everything we needed aside from a couple things that i know dollar tree has that i’m really wanting to get over there. Also, you guys, might see these giant comforter sets behind us. We ran into the tj maxx, which is next door to our target and grab them for the girls bedroom makeover thing which is gon na, be super fun too so check back for that.

That should be going up, probably shortly after this right, yeah yeah it’s like a week a week apart so make sure you’re sub. So you get notified when that video comes out. It’S gon na be super fun and i think that’s it.

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