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You can see a different background here. My partially finished stair rail, empty here finished here, so it’s been a bit chaotic. So i apologize for the brief uh break in communications, but it is saturday on the easter weekend. I intended to do this yesterday, but it just was too chaotic here. So the construction site is quiet, so i am able to bring forth jesus message for our easter weekend. Thank you for joining me for this and let’s see what jesus has to say to us today you are blessed beings. Indeed, i am that one that you know as jesus and, of course easter is the big christian holiday on your planet and, of course, the prayers and the uh supplications are coming fast and furious as those of you that are having a hard time on your planet. At this time, go to church and pray for assistance. We want you to know that you do have assistance. There are a multitude of non physical teachers, non physical beings, high frequency, extraterrestrials, many many uh, uh intelligences that love you, that love humanity. That love your love! Your planet and respect: what is easter easter is the uh time of crucifixion and resurrection uh. We do not want this to slip past your mind, this idea of resurrection after a seemingly awful experience. This is what is happening right now. This is the second coming. This is going to be the awful era, the era of restriction and separation and fear and death.

This is the era of crucifixion where everything seems to be lost, but remember what happened three days after the crucifixion resurrection, the true meaning of the experience. That is what is happening on your planet right now, you are going through the crucifixion. You seem to be losing everything. Death seems to be the inevitable outcome of all of this, but you must remember that you are all eternal spiritual beings, and it is only in your forgetting of that truth that you become afraid it is only in the believing of the lies that you become desperate When you align with the true fact that you are an eternal spiritual being temporarily housed in a body so that you may have an experience of that which is out of alignment with love, then you begin to feel a reprieve from the anxiety. Then you begin to feel a reprieve from that which is being forced upon you. It seems to be being forced upon you, we will say from the outside, but what you are actually witnessing is all the internalized guilt, fear, shame and unforgiveness and belief in attack and judgment that you all as a collective hold. That is what you are witnessing. It seems to be others doing it to you, but what you are seeing as this attack is happening as this control grid tightens its grip on your societies. What you are actually witnessing is your own belief in an outside power. What you are witnessing is your own belief in your feebleness.

What you are witnessing is your own belief in the body and your own belief in death. That is what you are witnessing and all you have to do as a collective to transform. This is to wake up to the truth of what you are, the truth of who you are the truth, that you are divine the truth that you are made of love from love for love, and so this weekend we want you to think about this. We want you to think about. Where are you unloving? Where are you unforgiving? Where do you? Where do you obsess about the body? Where do you fear death? This is what we are asking you to do this weekend to go inside your own consciousness, to go inside your own self and contemplate for a while. Where are you off track? Where are you off track, because it is only possible for a society to be oppressed and controlled in the way that you are being oppressed and controlled? It is only possible for that to happen if you do not understand who you truly are. If you do not truly understand the power and the ability that you have to manifest in physical form, your consciousness, because that is what your life is, if you look around your house and your living room and your family friends, your employment, all of the aspects that You consider your life, they reflect you, they reflect your values, they reflect what you have invested in.

They reflect what you believe, and this global event is no different. The powers that are usurping, seemingly so your power taking it away from you, cannot take it away from you unless it is freely given, and the global events that are transpiring and continuing to seemingly get worse and worse, are by design and have been in the works. For a long long time, this plan has been in the works for a long long time, because the ascension process and the galactic speed up have been known about for a long long time. So those that did not want you to awaken those that did not want you to be free, those that did not want you to truly manifest your source energy have been preparing to shut it down because they knew the galactic speed up was happening. They knew that their powers, their profits, their position would be threatened by the global awakening of humanity, which is, we will say, inevitable. Now there are going to be casualties along the way we are sorry to say, but those who choose to be casualties, those that dive deep into the um chemical agenda of this particular regime, those that dive headfirst into that agenda are potentially going to be hurt by It, but you will see that they are hurt by their own decision. They are hurt by their own willingness to believe in death to believe in a solution outside of themselves, their own holiness, and there will be sadness and there will be gnashing of teeth and there will be unhappy people.

But what we want to remind you of is that this is the end of a spiritual season and the decisions that are made by all of you. The decisions that are made by all of you have been long in the making many lifetime experiences in the making. Some of you are astonished at the decisions some of your friends and families are making. We want you to understand that you are astonished, because it is a multiple lifetime experience that is causing them to make these decisions that is causing them to jump off a cliff at the bottom of which are sharp rocks. Many of you are desperately trying to change minds. We will tell you, it is very, very difficult to change a human mind. We have been working on it for a very long time and we have been working through this being for a very long time now to assist in the transformation of as many minds as possible in anticipation of this time, our dear one began channeling nine years ago, And we began to bring books through fast and furious so that you would have the information that you need to manage these times, and we would remind you here at this time that if you have not read our dear ones books, we would suggest that you do Because they are written for this time, and so we carry on our job here through this dear one, and she continues to be willing to do this work for which we are tremendously grateful.

But we want you to be hopeful in this time of seeming desperation. We want you to understand that the message of easter is death, followed by resurrection, and that is what you are going to see on this planet. You are going to see love winning. You are going to see the spirit of humanity winning you are going to see. The rising up of all of those who want to experience their god given right to freedom, self expression and the ability to share and extend that which they are with others as often and as freely as they wish. So if you have been feeling sad, if you have been desperate, if you have been lonely, we want this easter, but to be the easter that you truly turn to spirit that you truly turn inward and that you turn to the materials that we have brought forth. For this time, so we say once again: if you have not read the books that this being has channeled, we ask you to read those books now it is time for you to truly grasp the magnitude not only of your own magnificence but the magnitude of the Propaganda and programming that has been playing out on your planet for some time. We love you, we want you to be healthy and happy and free to love and express yourselves and your natures as you see fit, and that is your natural right. It is not a right to be disseminated by governments; it is not a right to be reluctantly preferred upon you.

It is your right, and we want you to leave this session with us, knowing that you have the right to be you to be free and to express that uniqueness, that wonderful, wonderful manifestation of creation that you are. You are an idea in the mind of god and nothing can shut that down. Nothing can stop that, except your own belief in your own limitations and your own fear, empowered by believing others, hateful and unloving stories. I am that one that you know is jesus and i will speak to you again soon: wow beautiful, uh, oops, sorry i’ve got a wobbly table um. Thank you for joining me today. I hope you and your family have a wonderful easter and do not despair. We are more powerful than they know. Thank you for joining me. I’Ll, see you again soon.

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