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Whatever we are referring to as jesus is not about some man 2000 years ago, it’s about a certain possibility within every human being, so that has to rise it’s, not that there is no jesus in you it’s just you kept him hung impotent. He needs little empowerment, Music. He needs to be raised, so the whole effort is that part of you which we can call jesus or shiva or whatever you like to allow that to rise. We worship him not because he was a super success of the day. Any one of these events happened in your life. Most people would be broken bitter for the rest of their life. No matter what happened, he never became bitter. He never became angry. He never became hateful, though what life threw at him was one tragedy after another. He remained above it and we worship that, because, essentially, essentially in your life, this is all it is what the world will throw at you. It is not 100 your choice. To some extent we can control that’s about it. World may throw anything at you. We don’t know what it will throw at you. It may throw disease at you, it may throw death at you. It may throw bullets at you. It may throw shame at you. It may throw all kinds of things, but what you make out of it is hundred percent yours now this one thing: if you take charge no matter what world throws at you, you will turn it into your well being, then, where you go, what kind of situations In liv, you live whether you go to heaven or hell, doesn’t matter, because whatever is thrown at you, you know you will turn it into well being this quality is what we are worshiping.

This quality is what is worth worshipping, because this is true with every one of us: if world throws nastiness you will become nasty, world throws bitterness, you will become bitter world throws anger, you will become angry. This is the way most human beings live, because he lived about that. We said he is godlike, but what happened in their life? The physical events of their life? If you look at it it’s one big tragedy: at the age of 32, you got nailed had a terrible death. You call that a successful life no, but we bow down to him because it seems we don’t know, but we believe all people have believed always that even when he was nailed, he said they know not what they’re doing forgive them for that. We bow down to him not because he got nailed because getting nailed is not a successful life isn’t it. But even if you nail him he did not lose his quality for that. We bow down so that’s all that matters to us whether they existed or not. That they are an inspiration for you, whether everything that’s said about them is true or not. Even this is not your problem, you’re, not a historian. All right, you just need some icon to move towards a better way of existing for yourself that’s all. What does it matter? Krishna did not exist. Jesus did not exist. What does it matter to you 2000 years ago, whether a man lived or did not live or it’s, just a figment of somebody’s imagination? What does it matter? It is the quality that matters isn’t it.

We recognize these qualities as great qualities in some way trying to emulate them, to whatever extent one can that’s. What we’re looking at even jesus is not a good man. Wonderful, not a good man. Anybody who disturbs the existing situation is not a good man isn’t it. Yes, certain in any given situation, someone who disturbs your family situation, somebody who disturbs your social situation or political situation, national or international situation is not a good man in that society isn’t it so so. Jesus is not a good man, maybe he’s wonderful, but not a good man. You are definitely not a good man but fantastic. He is if you don’t, let that man rise within you. If you do not let that aspect rise within you, then you will remain good and dead. Dead is good. Dead is always good, yes, or no. Once it happened. A five year old boy and his mother went to the cemetery. He had never seen a cemetery in his life. This is the first time the mother was dedicated to one particular grave. She sat down the boy went about everywhere. Reading all the inscriptions on the tombstones. He went through the whole cemetery, read everything and came back to his mother and asked his mother mom. Where do they bury all the horrible people? Every tombstone says this was the most wonderful man that is always good. Isn’T it dead is good. Living is trouble because living is trouble.

We reduce the living to half dead. Fifty percent life is safe, that’s. Where most people have settled, we must decide dead or alive. Half death is not good isn’t it once shankaran pillai was arrested for mixing horse meat in chicken cutlets and selling. So when he went to the court there was nothing else to do so. He pleaded guilty and they asked how much horse meat and chicken meat. How did you do he said? 50 50. I did so. He got some fine and some kind of thing and then he came out. His friend asked him. What did you mean by saying 50 50.? He said one horse, one chicken Laughter that’s, 50. 50.. So this mixture won’t work you have to raise the debt. You really have to raise the debt that part of you, which has been kept dead for too long it’s time to raise it namaskaram everyone. I hope you liked the video and, if you really enjoy the content of this video click, the subscribe button, so you can receive more content like this and don’t forget to share your thought about this video.

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