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In my native southern utah, you know, i think this is what mom was talking about. We said not to do anything stupid, well, i’m, not gon na tell her, and neither are you right well, no, but if you fall and die i’m just saying i told you so now so i don’t have to say it then look we’re, not gon na die. Okay, now stop talking and start climbing near the top of their laborious climb. They discovered that a protruding ledge denied them their final few feet of ascent. They could not get over it, but neither could they now retreat from it. They were stranded i’m gon na stand here, and i need you to step on my knee and then on my shoulders and i’m gon na boost you up. Okay, i won’t make it that’s, not gon na work. Look. It has to work all right come on good. Now my shoulders, there you go right there, one more after careful maneuvering john found enough footing to boost his younger brother to safety on the top of the ledge, but there was no way to lift himself okay, i made it now it’s your turn. We got to get you up here. There’S got to be another way, there’s no other way up. I got to go over the top here. We go, find a tree branch that’s strong enough to hold me and pull me up. I can hold on no i’m, not gon na leave.

You just go. I can hold on unable to hold on much longer john decided. His only option was to try to jump vertically in an effort to grab the top of the overhanging ledge. If successful, he might by his considerable arm strength, pull himself to safety Music in his own words, he said giving him enough time to be out of sight. I said my last prayer heavenly father i’m. So sorry, please, please bless my family and help them know that i love them so Music. Much and please, please bless jimmy Music. That’Ll find a way to make it home Music safely. Then i left Music. Suddenly two hands shot out grabbing my wrists with a strength and a determination that belied their size. My faithful little brother had not gone looking for any fictitious tree branch. Guessing exactly what i was planning to do. He had never moved an inch. He had simply waited silently almost breathlessly knowing full well. I would be foolish enough to try to make that jump when i did. He grabbed me. He held me and he refused to let me fall those strong, brotherly arms saved my life. That day, as i dangled helplessly above, what surely would have been certain death jesus christ, the only begotten son of god, suffered, died and rose from death in order that he could like lightening in a summer.

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Easter, 2021, India Sunday (B) 4th April 2021

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