Easter, 2021, India Sunday (B) 4th April 2021

The first group of spectators is represented by the crowd of bystanders. They are totally uninvolved what is going on, making no difference to them. The second group is represented by thieves, who were crucified along with jesus. One of them recognizes who jesus is also importantly, what jesus can do for him. He knew that jesus suffering was a redemptive act, and so he prays jesus. Remember me: when you come into your kingdom. The third category is represented by mary jesus, mother and mary magdalene. They accompanied jesus till the end shared in his passion and ultimately experienced the resurrection of jesus in their lives. The resurrection of christ is neither a movie that we can watch and remain unaffected by, nor some fiction that we can read and remain uninfluenced by the resurrection of christ will be understood, accepted and lived in our lives. Only when we become aware of the depth of our sins and the extent of our longing to be saved from them treating the resurrection of christ as cold truth or something not meant for me – will leave us singing in our sins and ignorance of christ. Jesus resurrection is not just about the forgiveness of our sins, but is, more importantly, an invitation to us to live our old ways and live a new life. According to the pattern taught by jesus through the power of his resurrection, jesus has empowered the disciples to be ambassadors commissioned to act on his behalf.

Continue his mission on earth and bear witness to his love and life for jesus. The resurrection is the father’s gift for his constant faithfulness to him. We too shall be awarded the resurrection and eternal life when we abide in him and observe his commandments. If the life of jesus had ended on that fateful friday, it would have made a terrible story. Just another tragedy where death has taken another victim, but jesus providentially, god designed a salvation so perfectly that he also made sunday to happen after the friday. The life that jesus gave up on friday is taken back on sunday. Jesus is alive alive for us, defeating our sin and death. Jesus resurrection ensures the death of death and guarantees us eternal life with him. The resurrection of jesus invites us to be passionately loving and living his commandment of love for him and for humanity. We are called to seek to fulfill to the highest degree the command to love the lord, with all of one’s heart, soul, mind and strength to seek him as the one thing necessary to choose him as the poor of great price and to envelop ourselves within the Mystery of a total and exclusive love you are mine. Secondly, the resurrection of jesus invites us to remain in his love and be his disciples. Thirdly, when we share in the resurrection of jesus, the joy of christ lives in us and makes us his witnesses here on earth and thus in response to the absolute love of god, intimacy with the word.

We offer ourselves to become the eucharist that is offered constantly to the father. Wish you all a very happy and blessed feast of easter may. The reason lord make us all part of and participants in his resurrection for further updates subscribe to our channel and please click on the bell icon.

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