So if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, then just keep on watching guys before we begin this video make sure to hit the like button, because it really helps out my channel also subscribe and hit that notification bell. So that way, you don’t miss out on any of our videos. Now let’s jump right into it, alright guys so the things that i got, the girls i’m just gon na go in order um from like what stores i got it from so that way, it just makes it easier. So i’m first gon na start off with the dollar tree, because i feel like that’s, where i began with my basics, so i picked up two baskets. These are new to the dollar tree. They didn’t have these last year at least i didn’t have it in mine. So i picked this up and i also picked up the um basket bags um and it has a happy easter. I don’t know if you guys can see that so i picked up two of each. I also picked up these um peep bath bombs and also the peep uh press on nails, because the girls they’re really into nails, and i just thought that the designs were super cute. I don’t know if you guys can see that sorry for the glare but yeah. So i got each one of them these and i want to say that that’s it for the dollar tree and now we’re going to jump into walmart.

So from walmart i picked up these a peep, um sidewalk chalks. I thought that they were super cute in the peep form. They also had the peep bubbles, so i picked up one in yellow and i also picked up one in a pink also. I picked up two of these at peep bubble wands because the girls in glove bubbles, so i picked one up in yellow and in blue. So this is what it looks like and it has like these really cute pink designs on it and then the girls they love eminem. So i picked up two of these and i really like how it has like little bunny ear details, and then i picked up these mini um m m candies. They also had the barbie color and stick um stickers. So this is what it comes inside of the egg, the girls they love barbie. So i got them one of these and then i picked up easter grass in this really pretty blue color, and then i wanted to like personalize each basket. So what i did was, i picked up a peppa pig, easter, bunny movie for genesis, and then i picked up the lorax and movie for ariana and guys i forgot to mention that i also got these things from the dollar tree i’m. Sorry about that. So i got the girls each a lol, sun, catcher kit and it’s really nice, because it comes with all of this and for a dollar you can’t beat that.

I also picked up these octopus diving toys for the girls. I picked up this one and i picked up this one, so i feel like they’re the same, but just in opposite colors and i picked up these ankle skip. It uh skip a toys, so i got this one in purple and i got this one in steel and then they had the smarties candy in these like little boxes and they also had this a packet of a slime and all of these colors and it’s from Craft city, so i picked this one up, i think they’re both different yeah, so this one has blue, pink orange and like a metallic silver, and then this one has orange red, yellow and like a fuchsia, pink color. So i picked these up for the girls because they still love slime. Now, for the last thing that i got the girls i picked this up at walmart because i figured with spring summer. Time is coming along, so i might as well get them ready for that. I just didn’t want to buy things that i know we’re going to end up in the garbage, and i know that you guys have heard me say this, especially in my christmas video when i did like the stocking stuffers, because i feel like we get excited when We see all these cute things, but then at in the end, they’re gon na end up in the garbage, anyways or the kids are gon na end up breaking it.

So i figured let me just get them things that they’re actually gon na use. So i picked up this really cute and mermaid one piece bathing suit from walmart, and i like it so much because it has like the scales in the back. I love the color um and it says a mermaid club, so i picked one up for jess and ariana. Also it was time to get them new towel dresses. So i picked this cute mermaid one to match their bathing suits so that’s pretty much it that’s all. I got so guys: i’m gon na go ahead and i’m gon na just pack. Everything up and i’m gon na be showing you how i’m gon na put it together stay tuned towards the end, because i’m going to be using my qriket machine to customize a really cute tag for the girls baskets so keep on watching Music. We are Music, Music. Okay, guys now for these things that don’t fit inside the basket, i forgot to mention that i also picked up from walmart. These are really cute easter bags that says bunny, kisses and easter wishes. So i’m gon na be putting that stuff in here and then i will show you guys the cute little labels that i’m going to be making for each of the me feel your baskets again. Music cause i’ve been running round in circles screaming out your name. Take me to a different place, just the two of us, and we can stay Music, all right guys.

So now that i have done my baskets and i’ve done my little gift bags next i’m, going to customize the girls baskets with these dollar tree wooden ornaments, and i grabbed some white vinyl and i am going to be placing the girls letters on each of the Eggs so i’m going to show you how i’m going to do that right now. So this is janice’s letter Music. Now, if you guys want to continue your eggs, i didn’t want to do that because then, if i want to use it next year, then i can so. This is all i’m doing and then i’m going to take my little scraper tool and i’m just going to scrape it on Music like that and i’m gon na slowly, peel it off and there you go so then what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na Grab some of this twilight that i purchased from the dollar tree Music and then you’re gon na loop, it through the hole, Music, i’ll, show you guys it once it’s all set, and we will finish up Music Applause. Well, that is it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to comment like share and subscribe, follow us on facebook instagram and on snapchat and guys.

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