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If you’re new to this channel, please subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you get notified of all upcoming videos it’s. Getting closer to easter and if you’re still looking for gift baskets and other gift items for easter, then you’ve come to the right place. So here uh at walmart they have some uh, simple and uh. Affordable gift basket: easy gift, baskets that you can they all set up everything inside um. All you have to do is buy it and then give it as a gift um. So the range from price uh from there, the prices range from ten dollars to uh twenty dollars, and you have different varieties for boys. Girls uh like this one, is a crayola one with crayola colors and puzzles and everything you have sports ones that come with balls. Um we have creative arts ones that come with other creative stuff, like these ones over here pencils, coloring um, so they have different varieties like i said so. You have some ones that just come with a ball and candy and some other stuff. So you can do this or you can make the basket yourself. I’Ll show you later on some of the items that i have that you can easily use to make uh your own gift, uh basket. If you, if you intend to do that, but last minute stuff, you can easily grab a basket like this and uh and you’re done with your easter uh gift shopping.

So these are some of the ones that they have so take a look at your local stores. They might not have the same things, but you you get a point uh. Some of these are some of the gift basket, ideas that you might be able to get or you might be able to make a short period of time so, like i said they have different variations, they have teddy bears. They have some with uh tinnies, some with coloring uh. They have some with different things that might interest different kids, so take a look at what they have and then you can. Let me know in the comments below, if you make your gift baskets every year or you just buy gift baskets like this um, and if you make your own gift basket, what are the main things that you like to put in your gift basket? Just give us an idea of what you do so, as you can see there’s a lot of them that um have balls and half other uh sports related items coming to spring. A lot of kids are gon na be playing outside, and so this gives them a lot of fun activities, playing ball outside and doing other stuff. So yes, um insta bunny here with some easter candy and i see donut and other biscuits or cookies. So now there are different things that you could uh definitely uh. You can definitely get, and hopefully this gives you an idea of what to do um and to get what you have uh to get what you want for um easter.

So another good suggestion is, you can get. This is the ryan’s wall, easter egg, and this just comes with a lot of other toys, uh and other uh items. That kids would definitely love so and this one’s at 19 and 97 cents, and then i think they have two different colors with the green and the red. So take a look at that. So these are the gift baskets um, it’s, regular, plain big baskets that you can get and you can just get the baskets and you buy whatever you want to buy and put them inside. And then you package them yourself and most of the baskets and items that they have are very cheap. They range from like two or three dollars, so you can buy the baskets and buy some toys and the baskets range in sizes and colors and variations some come with cloth. Some come with um, just the weaker baskets like this. So down here you have uh some of the weaker baskets that come with cloth around them for decoration, and you can get stuff like that. And then you just put your items inside and put them in a plastic, wrap and you’re good to go. So they have some like. I said they have different variety of baskets with different prices, so take a look at what they have and then you can do a little diy project and it shouldn’t take long. All you need is baskets and a couple of items that you’re gon na put inside and the wrap that goes with the basket and they sell all those things here too.

So you also have some buckets. You also have the cloth, wrap gift baskets, and you also have all the various um grass i’m going to show you the grass that they have over here. They have easter grass and some other stuff that you might use for decoration and and they give themselves. So you can buy little gifts like these and just put them in a basket and call it a day. So uh these ones come with easter eggs and you might be able to fill in the easter eggs with different things and different gifts, candy and other stuff. Um that gives you an idea of what you can do so i’ll also see if i can put in the link some links in the description and below some of the great areas where i get some great gift baskets for last minute, gifts, i’ll put the links In the description below um, if you want to get yours sooner without going to the store, you can check the link below so here they have teddy bears i’m over here. On the this side, they have the easter grass and the easter grass are like a dollar. Forty four and you can get different colors. They have the brown, they have the green, the other pink uh purple uh. They have different colors that you could use to decorate the basket and then put your gifts inside before wrapping them up. So all these are just easter grass that you can get so like.

I said, some of them are 1998 cents. Some of them are 44 cents. Some of them are 8.44, so just um do a selection of what you want to do. You can also do teddy bears. You can do some small teddy bears in your basket. Uh, you can do candy uh. Most often you just mix candy with toys and um call it a day, and you have your little gift basket ready for easter. So you have some nice teddy bears over here and these ones they have different colors and different sizes. So usually the best thing to do is to get uh this stuff as soon as you can, because, as it gets closer to easter, most of these things will be sold out and you won’t be able to get a good selection. So if you uh doing last minute, you might want to get the stuff as soon as you can. Okay that’s it for today. I hope you liked the video, if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed to the channel. Please subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to share thanks for watching happy easter.

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