Easter, 2021, Walmart SUPER LAST MINUTE EASTER BASKETS 2021 IDEA! #Walmart

So when i first initially talked to my husband about this, i said he asked me what’s your budget i’m, like i don’t, know 80, so that’s like 20 dollars a kid, because i have four kids right and uh. He was absolutely not not having that. So if you know our family, we are very frugal and my husband, especially, is very um. How do you call it very smart with our finances so, instead of baskets, i got these 98 cents gift bags that i could reuse for someone else um, which is way better than getting a basket that i have no wear to fit it if those easter baskets. I love it. I mean, if you guys, have one that’s awesome. You probably have this space for it. So anyways do you, girls want to open your bags now. Yes, by the way, my kids helped me um put these together and they also picked what they wanted. Except for my son he’s only two, so i picked what he wanted. I picked what i should put on his back who’s this um yours, okay, so let’s talk about what you got. His shoe was 98 seven cents, 98 cents for the tissue okay. So she chose this 498, wonder nation it’s a sunglasses with a sunglasses case, and she really really wanted it and it’s five dollars. It also has these stickers that cost me 98 cents and then glow sticks and how many pencils do you have, and she also has two pencils so that’s what she chose uh well.

She chose the big item, the smaller items. I just went in the favor section at walmart and you know the birthday favors and i just got whatever i thought: they’d like they were there as well, whose is this h? Okay, come back here, let’s see what you have Music, so she chose um. This item sunglasses with the case it was also only 4.98 yeah it’s, pretty much the same and they all got a glow, stick stickers and pencils and her ipod was in there as well. So she’s got stickers as well. Two pencils, the pencils like the other kiddos and the glue the glow in the dark sticks, but she chose a headband of course, and this headband was only what i think this one’s like five dollars or something, but she she’s super into headbands like her mama right. Yes, do you like what you got yes, okay now, the last but not least was my two year old and for him i chose and also they helped me. Um put candies on the eggs. We’Re gon na have a little egg hunt outside. So my my son also got the glow stick. He got the stickers and um these dinosaur, these dinosaur pencils and this 498 outfit pajamas. He loves um monster cups, yeah, he likes monster trucks, that’s your bag, all right, kiddo, so let’s, say goodbye to our friends. Well, that is all i wanted to show you guys that we can definitely be very frugal, very wise with that money, and i wanted to get something the kids are actually going to use.

I think the total was about 30 dollars so yay. I hope this gave you some ideas of things that you can do with your littles and i’ll.

What do you think?

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