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My friend jesus christ rose up from the dead he’s alive he’s alive. He said i was dead, but i am alive evermore i’m alive evermore. He said i am the life, i am the resurrection, my children, whoever believes in me, though you may die yet you will live because i live you will live also. This is the hope that jesus christ gives us because he rose up from the dead he’s alive. He is god, and he says i want to make. You live also so open your heart. Let me come in and make you live. I will live in you and you will live in me and we will live together in god, almighty, yes, jesus is none other than god in the flesh. He retains that form even today, one side he’s the almighty god in heaven, another side he has the same form with which he came into the world called jesus and, on the other side, he’s a spirit who can walk into us and live in us and make Us live today, you have the hope of having life, as you have the resurrected jesus in him. He says open your heart and invite me in. Let me come in and give you life. May you experience this resurrection power of jesus christ in your life? May you enjoy this resurrection power of the lord jesus as you adorn him even today, in this world, you will have tribulations but be of good cheer.

My children, i have overcome the world that’s. What jesus said. I will make you more than conqueror too. This is the hope we have in him. Well. Jesus also said in john 16, 19 and 20 for a little while you will not see me, you will weep and moan. When the world is rejoicing, you will weep and moan, because you will not see me, you will feel that i am not by your side. You will experience moments when you feel so lonely all alone, and you will cry just like me on the cross, saying my god, my god, why have you forsaken me? Why have you forsaken my family? Why have forsaken my career? Why have you forsaken my life, but you will see me again. The lord jesus said you will see me again after that sorrow and when you see me your sorrow will turn into joy. Your sorrow will turn into joy, joy, joy. There was a story in the newspaper, there was a girl who suddenly died and she was buried and the parents could not sleep. Their heart was broken. They were in tears when suddenly, after three days as a little shepherd boy was tending his flocks. Suddenly he heard groaning and moaning from the ground and he ran into the village and said i can hear the voices of a human being from the ground beneath and they all rushed there and they found that the girl had come alive.

How much joy came to the parents? How much joy came to the villagers and they all would have said she was dead, but she is alive, but then my friend someday she would have died, but jesus says i will be alive ever more i’ll be alive. Ever more, my friend to experience this joy of resurrection many times, god allows us to go through sorrow. If we have joy all the time in this world, we will never seek after him. We will never seek after his resurrection. We will say: i have life. I know how to live life. Let me follow my own ways, but then he makes us go through that sorrowful experience where we search after him, we search after him that’s why he loves it, and he says i want to give you my resurrection. I want to give you the joy that i give you which can break every sorrow in the world. You will go through sorrow in the world, but i will give you the joy of resurrection. Overcoming that sorrow, because i have gone through death itself, destroyed it and rose up alive. I want you to destroy, or i want to give you the power to destroy, and i want to show my power to destroy the sorrows of the world and to make you come alive, come alive and enjoy joy, joy, joy, that’s, the heart of god. My children should enjoy my joy, which comes by breaking the power of sorrow of the world, so when you go through sorrow, it’s, not an end to your life, it’s, not an end to your business, it’s, not an end to your career it’s, not an end to Your family it’s not an end to any joy in the world.

It is the beginning of the joy of resurrection, which god gives you through jesus christ. So rejoice today, because you have jesus on your side. Who is the one who overcomes sorrow? You will see him again and your sorrow will turn into joy joy. There are three people who saw him after he rose up, it was mary magdalene. After they had buried the body of jesus christ. On the third day, she ran to the grave and cried and cried and cried and said, if only somebody could give me the dead body of jesus christ. My sorrow would end if i see him even dead, but his body was not there because he had resurrected from that grave many times we cry for the things that we have lost. We cry over those lost things, oh the job that i lost. Oh, the peace that i lost, oh the finances that i lost. Oh the people that i lost. Oh the position that i lost. Oh the fame that i lost. If only i can have it back how wonderful it will be, but then, as she was crying crying crying not for the things of the world, but she cried to have jesus back jesus back. She was crying only for his dead body to be given to her, but there stood jesus as the resurrected lord and he said mary. She said who is this only jesus would call me my name. Only jesus would tell me my dear darling, daughter mary.

Why are you crying? Only jesus will come to comfort me when i wee and she turned back and saw the resurrected jesus. Her sorrow turned into joy today as you long for the presence of jesus saying nothing of the world interests me lord. I want you. I want you i want to enjoy you. I want to enjoy your presence. I want to enjoy hearing you leading me every moment of my life. I want to do your will by hearing your voice as you cry, for him cry to experience him. He will come to you, he will call you by name and instruct you what you should do and he gave instructions to mary to go and tell the other disciples what they should do. He will give you instructions how to live your life and your life will become full of joy as you follow it into it. Secondly, there were two disciples going to ms, and they said he was mighty in word and deed, but that jesus is dead now dead. Now dead, now what shall we do? What will be our future? We followed him, but then jesus hid himself in form and went with them and went on talking the scriptures that he would die and he would rise up what the scriptures told about him. He revealed to them and their hearts began to burn and burn and burn, and when they came home they said jesus come into our home, come into our family and when they invited him, jesus went in broke, the bread, fed them and their eyes open, and they Saw jesus they resurrected jesus and their joys came back.

The hope for the future came back. Yes, when the resurrected jesus comes. He fills you with a word of hope and he feeds you. He will provide everything that you need for your life need for your family. Your family will lack nothing. You will see him as the resurrected. Lord, your sorrow will turn into joy. Everything you have lost. It will come back to you in double measure. You will be secure in your family as the resurrected. Lord builds your home and becomes the head of your family, invite him into your family and finally, the disciples said: jesus is gone. Let us go back to our fishing. They forgot the calling which god gave them to go and bring his word of comfort, to bring healing to the people, to comfort those who were mourning and who were oppressed of the devil. They forgot that calling and they said jesus is gone now. Who will do it? We have no power on our own, let’s, go back to fishing and there they saw him as a resurrected. Lord calling them children, children, children and their joy came back and they cried with joy. And, finally, he said all power is given. Unto me go and tell everyone that i am the resurrected lord and i have the power to turn their sorrow into joy as they receive me as the living resurrected. Lord, i want to help everyone help humanity today. My friend, would you open your heart and say? Lord, i will serve you.

I will declare you to all people. I will pray for others in your name. I will comfort others saying. Jesus will help you and pray with them and wipe away their tears. This is the mission god has given each one of us. Let’S turn back to that mission and your sorrow will turn into joy, seek after him and ask him to provide you the way to have sufficiency in life and, thirdly, commit to serve him to fulfill the calling which he has placed in your life. Your sorrow will turn into joy as the joy giver. The resurrected lord will come to you and be with you. You will see him. May god give you this grace and make you enjoy the joy of resurrection father i command thy son thy daughter to your loving care to your loving care to your loving boos. They have worked so hard, but now they should have joy in their life joy in their family joy in their mission, lord give them the joy of resurrection resurrect everything in their life in their soul to align their hearts with your will, lord, let them align their Lives align their hearts with you, lord, as mary cried out for you, lord, as the two disciples were longing for your guidance and as the disciples were called back to their mission today, we surrender ourselves to you, give us that same grace give thy children the grace To enjoy your resurrection and the joy of your resurrection, stay with them and make them know that you will never leave them.

You will never forsake them. We thank you. Lord you’re, alive and you’re with us in jesus name. God bless you. My friend live a life full of the resurrection of the resurrected. Lord have joy.

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