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Maybe the egg represents like new life or something i don’t. You know you did that whole resurrection thing so or maybe the cracking open of a hollow easter egg represents the the revelation of the empty tomb of christ. Well, these ones aren’t hollow they’ve got a soft fondant center that’s. Nothing like a tomb, yeah, no i’m, just brainstorming. So this is how you’ve been commemorating me. Then all these years with chocolate, eggs well it’s, just that not everyone commemorates you, and so i think the eggs is something that we can kind of all jump on board with this has nothing to do with what happened. I agree i i’m on your side. Just remind me, though, what is it that happened today’s good friday, the day that i was executed totally that that’s exactly what i thought so what’s easter sunday that’s the day that i resurrected right, yeah, yeah yeah! I know so. Why did you wait so long? What i mean i’m, just saying if you died on the friday why’d, you wait until the sunday to resurrect well so that you’d have more holidays. Well, it’s, not like. I needed all that time to work through the pragmatics of a resurrection: i’m, the son of god, if i’d wanted to. I would have resurrected myself like that instantly, but if i’d done that you’d only get one day off, wouldn’t you so really when it comes down to it. I stayed alone in a dark tomb for three days, just chalking up bank holidays.

For you lot right. Well, cheers for that and this this is what i get well. We also have those which are a bit more symbolic jesus, you’re, right it’s. Just this thing on the top, it looks like what the romans nailed me against yeah. I think that’s the idea well that’s, pretty intense don’t. You think what is to use a crucifix as a decoration for a pastry it’s more of a bread. What nothing i mean do you know how traumatic it is for me to even look at this right now. Right but now i’m confused, because the eggs are too trivial for you, but the buns are too poignant. Well, it’s a torture device again, i think you’re just reading too much into it for a lot of people. Easter is just about chocolate and bunnies bunnies yeah. They got involved in it somehow. Well, i don’t know why i even bothered coming back. To be honest. Well, i must admit, it’s a bit underwhelming. You know as far as the second coming of christ goes. What are you saying? Well, i mean you’re just sitting in my kitchen getting butter on yourself. Shouldn’T, you be out doing stuff. Well, i’ve just done the grocery shopping haven’t. I yeah, but i mean something a little bit more prophetic than just errands. What the hell is, this oh yeah they’ve got raisins in them. That’S mental yeah, they’re, pretty divisive a bit like religion really so that’s symbolic well, i’m, not happy about all of this i’m.

Just gon na go and get some wine. Then oh, no! You can’t buy wine it’s easter, they don’t sell it, but i love wine that’s, like my whole thing, that’s what we should be having right now, not egg shaped chocolate and torture. Bread yeah, i feel, like we kind of missed the mark, a bit with this holiday. Now, sorry about that, ah it doesn’t matter. I’Ll just get something to tap.

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