JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Johnny Joestar, Jolyne Cujoh Why Jonathan Joestar Is The BEST Protagonist In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures! (Yes I’m serious)

I honestly like phantom blood, but it starts out a little rough because of the whole vampire background and stuff like that. Now, aside from me, liking phantom blood today i’m going to explain in great detail why jonathan joestar is the best protagonist in jojo’s, bizarre adventures and doesn’t that sound weird to me to say right. Jonathan joestar is the best protagonist in jojo’s, bizarre adventures, yeah pretty weird, but whatever i don’t care i’m going to explain exactly why jonathan is the best protagonist in jojo’s, bizarre adventures, and by the end of this video you will probably understand where i’m coming from so Yeah let’s begin so jonathan joestar is probably not the best joe star i’m saying that, because we don’t know that for sure, but he certainly is a special protagonist in jojo, because in the beginning of jojo he played a special part, and that was to introduce jojo’s Bizarre adventures and show what it means to be a joe star. Jonathan joestar is the reason we see our protagonists like jotaro, cujo or johnny joster as heroes, if not for jonathan being so wholesome, righteous and know what loss feels like and done terrible things like what later joe stars did. We wouldn’t see the joestars as heroes, but just rather evil people. We will be going over four categories of jonathan wholesomeness, righteousness the feeling of loss and character and go bit by bit on why jonathan joestar is the best protagonist in jojo’s.

Bizarre adventures. Just keep in mind, i don’t consider him to be my favorite joe star. Jose is my favorite joe star, so yeah let’s begin with wholesomeness at the beginning of phantom blood jonathan doesn’t take too long to show that he wants to be a gentleman and took a beating for arena just to save her from a group, a group of bullies. Whenever one of the people close to him are attacked, jonathan is not afraid to stand up for them and fight for what’s right, even when he manages to kill dio. He cries because deal was like a brother to jonathan and jonathan built, a bond with him even after dio, just practically ruined his life just took a big dump on top of jonathan yeah. You know so, even in his death, which was caused by dio, he would use the last bit of energy. He had to embrace deal with a hug truly wholesome, as even that would have an effect on dio someone who repeatedly rejected the joe star’s kindness and when seeing jonathan died deal looked like he was going to cry. That’S fact i don’t care. If you disagree with me, moving to jonathan’s righteousness because theo sexually harassed arena who is jonathan’s, girlfriend jonathan would use arena as a motivation to fight back and stand up to dio, even when he was terrified he he was just still determined to fight back and even If the threat is bigger than him, he’s also very intelligent and that’s proven when he tests deal about poisoning his father, george jostar jonathan tests deal by making him swear that he isn’t lying and he has to swear on dario brando’s name theo’s father, who george jostar Just thought he had saved him from a car crash.

Jonathan will fight no matter what, even if his life is on the line. He’D done this multiple times and every time he did he kept showing how how righteous and golden his heart is and man, oh, my god, he uses one. He uses the ones he loves the most as a motivation to stay strong, no matter what and no wonder the joe stars always won, they conquered the fates with their strength, pride and golden hearts. Moving to the feeling of loss, jonathan joestar is not only wholesome, but he knows the feeling of loss. He lost his all of his friends, his father, his friend and mentor, william zeppely, and he even no matter what he still stays strong like. Oh, my god bro, you can’t, appreciate him enough man. This is why i admire jonathan joestar he’s, the most heroic protagonist aside from the others. Jonathan was a symbol of justice. He knew what it meant to lose everything and be reset back to zero. Luckily, he wasn’t alone, as there were awesome people by his side, such as arena, speedwagon, william and a couple a couple other but that’s, not the point. The point is jonathan knows what it means to lose and finally, moving on to character. Jonathan is a reference to fist of the north star kenshiro and, aside from him being a reference to genshiro. Although jonathan wasn’t around long in jojo, his legacy will always stay in jojo’s bizarre adventures because of jonathan.

He is a reference to a lot of characters like josuke akashikata, who also has a golden heart or giorno or johnny jostar. The alternate version of jonathan who also understands loss, even the intro great days, is also supposed to symbolize jonathan’s righteousness. People consider jonathan to be boring because he’s not as interesting or unique as the other joe stars or he wasn’t allowed he wasn’t around long enough. Jonathan has his own uniqueness and, like i said before, his legacy will always travel throughout jojo’s bizarre adventures, even deku. From my academia seems very just familiar to jonathan, if you think about it. This is why i admire jonathan joestar, so much man just so much and uh yeah that’s about it for today’s video, yeah, jonathan joestar is the best protagonist and i hope you guys liked it.

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