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Coming to you live on this tuesday night it’s, the nba on 2k sports, a quick showdown, so here’s beverly outside george rondo, no good on the triple you can’t, get into much better position for the three than that everything was right on top. If he can convert the free throw, he presents a defender with a serious shout out, always it’s a three point: game back to ibaka and the officials into the basketball correlation, not very careful there. I would send it down to doris burke, who was able to catch up with coach doc rivers first quarter of play, one minute: late, here’s, beverly, now here’s leonard here’s beverly. They get the rebound ivanka in the church, shot skilled by a backup, and something else you can’t forget about is his shot blocking steve. I mean he’s an intimidator down low with it and he knocks down the first one, so he gets them both here’s rondo and here are the nuggets now: magee Applause, my goodness, and the clippers making a change here. Three off the mark. Now, here’s green off touch off the glass and just under two and a half minutes elapsed here in the first gordon pass supporter takes the three and another missed by denver and here’s rondo it’s good. This game is all even to the middle tries to keep it alive: Applause, Music, right side, gordon murray, twice again, but it’s, no good it’s, all tied in denver and don’t go away.

We’Ll be back with the action for the start of the second quarter. In just a moment, Applause, Music, now we’ve got a close game here, as we get back to the second quarter, and then i guess guys what jumps out to you, numbers, wise and so here’s denver misses the lamp. He had him with that bumper, usually if he gets to the rim, he’s converting it into points, but the defense still draws it. They grab their own, miss very nice pickup of the offensive rebound and once he gets his hands on, you know, it’s going back up and back in pushing it up with a nice jam. The nuggets trail hit his foot and it’s whistle to kick and the clippers making a switch here. Applause to the inside two points, with a chance for one more at the future and he’s got his first chance at the line here: Music and around a minute going here in the second quarter outside rondo. They get a hand on it to the point here’s burton and he converts to it that’s exactly what you should do that one’s there a great second quarter here after a difficult first i’d, say: Applause outside george back to ronda there’s, a good screen, Applause right side; London and again it’s the clippers missing. He doesn’t really scare a defense at all. You’Ve seen him miss quite a few, just like those Applause, bull, master, barton and here in the second quarter of action, with a hair under two and a half minutes played.

So far. No good the clippers in the league back to george, plays i’ll. Tell you what the defenders didn’t even get a sniff of him on that move to the heat three for the inbound and he gets it to go. He’S got eight. You know on defense, even on an inbounds play. You can’t leave three point shooters alone on the perimeter they paid for it. There it’s all tied in denver, we’ll, see you after halftime for the beginning of the third quarter, Music, here, Music and now the start of the second half, neither side jumping out ahead for the first two quarters kind of like what will barton has done in this Game, Music, pastor, gordon walls knocked loose, and here they come here’s leonard here’s, beverly and here’s george outside rondo, and he gets it to go. He’S got five Applause, it he’s got five and he gets it to go. Four of their last five makes came off of a high quality shot inside Music Applause man here in this third quarter, just over a minute now, george knocked away and out of bounds as the nuggets gained possession Music Applause back to gordon it’s tipped Applause, Music left Side, leonardo and don’t forget now a walking highlight will every time he steps on the court. This flare for the dramatic makes him worth the price of admission all by himself master leonard right side, leonard uses the glass to finish the layup their prowess inside has been tremendous guys.

I mean it’s been no contest down on the low body in the corner. No luck, boy i’ll, tell you what guys he’s an extremely strong finish: i’m surprised he wasn’t able to power that, through the defense that’s the third bucket in a row from the paint this defense needs to clog those lanes in the middle much more effective. Now, eight seconds, first free, throw is good and the flippers making a change here. Free throws good for millsap Applause, here’s beverly. The feather touch on the fender will beautiful the nuggets trail that’s, the porter Music outside two seconds left. He takes it up and brings it up. He’S got five the defender a little hesitant off the resistance as he’s. The third quarter comes to a close clippers ahead and time to step aside quickly, but we’ll be back in no time with the start of it. Hello and thanks for joining us coming on the assist by rajon rondo, Music, poked away paul george, with the steal left side, george forget about the net and agility. This big fella is all about power and force morris Music yogic misses the three and he used the pump fake well there, but he couldn’t capitalize that’s their third straight make off an assist Music pass. The porter a few possessions into the fourth quarter. Just over a minute, a quick shot there and it’s off charge with the ball and the cougar’s making a switch here. Applause back to george, the shot, blocked, Applause, murray Applause and so here are the clippers about a minute and a half into the fourth quarter.

Just fine here’s leonard trains, the three pointer outside gordon nelson back to gordon, puts up a three and the best it could now. Here’S rondo and here’s george tries from 10. and there’s the bucket staying with it on the offensive glass. Getting it done, here’s, mcgee and lots of contact there missing this shot. Wish you two and the first one at the line is good that one uses not nearly as productive a trip to the line as he’d have liked. They need all their free throws to go down at this point and it’s good, coming on the assist by rajon rondo Applause, now, milsim Applause outside gordon from outside the art and again denver. No good we’ve got a nine second difference between the shot clock in the game: clock outside rondo, here’s, beverly hills goes up the baseline and the clippers getting another bucket right. There. Applause here’s gordon drops in the layup for two Music paul: george, Music, Music, Music, Music.

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