Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Rajon Rondo, NBA, LeBron James Max ranks the Clippers over the Nuggets and Jazz as the biggest threat to the Lakers in the West

Tell you why they didn’t do anything at the deadline to really make themselves better. You know who did the clippers and the nuggets, and let me tell you something about the clippers and the nuggets. I’Ll start with denver and i’m going to go to the clippers. Next, denver and utah had one of the best opening round series you will ever see in any sport and when we think about denver right now, we don’t really think about jamal murray with donovan, mitchell and let’s, say devin booker right he’s, not quite as good as Those guys until it matters most then he’s every bit as good as those guys, then he’s an all time great. At least he was last year they have an mvp caliber player when it comes post season time in jamal murray. We already know jokic. Is we see what porter jr is doing, my god, the way he’s shooting the ball? The way he’s been scoring? And now you add aaron gordon to the mix, see they didn’t just add a little player. Doesn’T mean anything. They added a big athletic forward in his prime who now has to worry about being the third or fourth best player on the team. So your answer’s, the devil, nugget i’m, saying that’s one. I think denver has actually come playoffs, the one who is the threat max kellerman. What the hell are you giving me, sir? I need to ask you for a list, though clippers.

Okay, the los angeles clippers are the biggest threat to the lakers, because you made the argument the other day rondo. I said it would be a marginal improvement, but that marginal improvement can be profound in the playoffs. They went to a game, seven that they were up. 3, 1 against the denver team. I just told you about. It, took an historically bad game by paul george and kawhi leonard in order for denver to squeak. By now they have the floor general on this team. When you look at how deep the clippers go, they got 11 dudes 11 who can really play. They have guys not just like okay, kawhi and paul george, not just like rondo but but batum and ibaka and zubach and reggie jackson, and what i mean and three or four guys, i’m, not even thinking about right now they are legitimately 11 deep. Your boy luke canard, i know you didn’t, love that sham for canard canard’s, shooting almost 50 percent. I don’t care i don’t 50.. I don’t care. You got to shoot more than you got to shoot more than i mean you, can’t be launched, you can’t be taking 11 dudes i’m. Just saying you got if you’re taking eight shots, a game right, but you’re, making 50 of your threes. Why the hell aren’t, you shooting more, you got to give him more opportunities. He has to be a factor i’m, not saying that it doesn’t matter that he makes threes i’m saying it only doesn’t matter if you don’t take enough of them and that’s what he needs to do, especially since you were willing to part ways with lou williams.

There’S. No question that in large part that had something to do with luke canard and how comfortable you’re feeling with them. You talk about a perennial six man of the year and you ship him out. It was never the same. Since ty lu became the coach there. Lou williams minutes diminished, he didn’t seem as aggressive and as involved and as as much of a focus offensively for the clippers that’s because of luke canard. I got to see luke canard jack up some more shots and take over games offensively the way i’ve seen lou williams do in the past, before i’m sold on his arrival, in los angeles with the clippers. I know that the clippers were that close to getting by denver and giving you the confrontation you wanted to see with the lakers in the conference and i’m still holding it against them, and one of the reasons i believe the lakers won the championship the first year. They come together because, usually super teams. It takes like at least a season. Okay was rondo, playoff rondo is real, so they had two guys in the regular season and in the postseason they had three all stars and another floor general to go with lebron james. That dude’s on the clippers now! Well, you know what a lot of people miss about rondo to make your point to accentuate. Your point is this: when they talk about playoff rondo people keep thinking. Oh the playoffs arrive, so he steps his game up.

It’S not that simple. What happens is that it’s the best four of seven? So now you get to focus on one team right that brilliant savant of a basketball player, rajon rondo. If you put him against the same team, you know best four out of seven. He has the ability to figure you out, it’s gon na get worse and worse, you’ll get worse that’s why they say what it is play off. Time is coach’s time right plays out of time. Who knows all the plays? Rondo knows he’s a coach on the floor. That is exactly what the clippers were missing. They got, shooting they have size, they have every single thing they need. The question is: will paul george step up because kawhi ain’t choking again again? I can point this to you. You remember what you saw from donovan mitchell and i mean, and that brother has arrived and when you take into account the fact that you have surrounded him with depth, defense and perimeter, shooting it’s a whole lot. You talk to you, oh by the way, come playoff time. You can expect crowds to be there, maybe not in full capacity that the mlb is talking about doing opening day with the rangers, but you can expect the crowd. Utah is not an easy place to. We want anybody. The west is so gangster. This year we didn’t even mention dallas or phoenix phoenix didn’t lose in the bubble and they’re on fire.

I mentioned phoenix at the start. I didn’t mention dallas because i’m not sold on porzingis thanks for watching espn on youtube.

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