NBA, Los Angeles Lakers, Rajon Rondo, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard Details What Rajon Rondo Is Bringing to the LA Clippers Team | Clippers Post-Game

What have you thought about the pick and roll defense so far? The team um – i mean you know we have our areas uh at times that we struggle but um. You know overall we’re getting better um. You know we just want to keep improving um. You know let’s get to the next game. Now, going to nick hamilton, hey cool, why uh terence man has really come on strong in the last several games? Um? What have you seen with him in practice and what have you seen just in him uh as far as being on the floor? As far as the fluidity of the offense being able to slash the basket and things of that nature, just being aggressive, you know he’s coming out getting downhill, uh attacking the pain making plays for himself and others and um. You know with filming, starting with his defense. Coming out breaking energy getting packed getting him passing lanes, rebounding and uh, you know he’s just giving us a spark off that bench go to kohari, hey what’s, going on for what uh coach uh lewis just talked about how uh rondo uh asked for the playbook already. If you just elaborate on just you know what what he’s gon na bring to you guys offense as a leader, obviously uh she’s, a point guard been there before been been on a previous championship run. You know so he’s gon na give us that uh. You know veteran uh mentality, uh the experience and uh giving us another ball handler and a playmaker that could attack the room and you know, make the defense collapse.

Thanks go to cam, hey kawhi, pregame doc. Rivers talked about defending ben simmons and the best way to do it is kind of get back in transition um. He had only two assists tonight and then you guys could had turned them guys over. Will you talk about that game plan and kind of how you saw that thing play out and is that? Is that exactly what you saw just with them? You know they’re a great uh team um, you know uh, you know leading um in the east over there. Uh, you know and they they get and their offense is great in transition. You know, starting with ben getting downhill, he has shooters um knocking down shots. Tobias is playing great right now and yeah. You know that’s kind of a focal point on our defense uh in general, playing and playing uh them or whoever uh. You know, that’s our challenge. Our transition haven’t been good lately with matching up quick and uh. We pretty much tried to take that challenge tonight. Thanks, john jonathan, you can go ahead. Thank you. Hey koi you’ve talked about wanting consistency throughout the season and now on this little five game. One streak: do you feel like you guys, are starting to find that a little bit as you guys get healthy next game? That’S it let’s stay locked in um, stay living in the moment and just keep getting better and mirror being good. Okay, quiet. I wanted to ask you about your shoes.

Recently you had the mobile shoes, maroon valley, like the crust on the tongue. Um wondered what the inspiration for those were and just whether you had a hand in designing those and what you might be able to tell us about them. I mean. Obviously inspiration is my city. You know that’s, where i grew up. You know uh take a lot of pride where i’m from hell raised me to you know be who i am today and uh. You know that was the focal point around it um. You know.

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