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This is pd prologue and it is the preview for the game on sunday, between yakassa, united against spears, which will be a five past, two kickoff hats and james’s park. The game will also be shown. Live on sky as well, so before the international break, we came off the back of that absolute, embarrassing, three, nil, away defeat of brighton. It still annoys me that result. It really really does went into that game and we looked all over the place and we got absolutely wiped completely by a brighton team. Who’S been fighting for relegation, but look how they absolutely completely dominated us in that game all over and spares before the international break. They came off the back of a two nil away, victory and that was against aston villa well, then spears on sunday, easter sunday. I think there’s only going to be one winner with this game. I must see and it’s not going to be us. I think it’s going to be three points to spares, unfortunately, as much as i don’t want it to be, but look at the way everything’s been going on at the football club, it’s it’s full of toxic at the moment and it’s full of negativity um as well. Steve bruce is still here after the brighton game, there was a chance to relieve him of his duties, but no he’s still here, and that is because mike ashley lee charlie and the board that just they don’t they don’t care.

They simply do not care at all. I must say well mike actually said he’s wiping his hands with the club, and he wants out. Lee charnley seems like he can’t be bothered along with the rest of the board at this club m as well. So that is why the hammer leaves steve bruce ever of these duties uh. I must say, and that is why i can only sense one winner throughout this game i must say and it’s and it will be spears. Unfortunately, i hope, i’m wrong. But again, no one is confident at all and how can there be that they just can’t be confident, unfortunately, as much as you want to be, but look at the way it’s everything’s been going on at this football club, it’s just rotten from top to bottom. It really is for players coming back and players are still out well, we could have asm back uh in the side. He has been training, i must say, but would i be starting them in the game on sunday? No, i actually wouldn’t be we’ll. Have that thing of russian players back in the start lineup far too quickly and that when they barely look fit and or they’re just going to pick up another injury – and that is the thing so i wouldn’t be risking esm in the start. Lineup, if a sunday, i would have them on the bench and bring them on with quite a lot of time or with some decent time amount left in the game.

I must say so. That is why i wouldn’t start at asm or a straight away on sunday. Um, it looks like thor could have had colin wilson back, but this is the corner of the bbc that he might. It might come back here too soon for him, but if he was available for the game on sunday again, would i throw him straight back in the start? Lineup again, no, i wouldn’t because again he’s been out with a serious hamstring injury and again you you just don’t, want to throw players that have been out with serious injuries again just back into that start, lineup yeah, i must say so. If he is going to miss the game on sunday wilson, you probably could look, he could hopefully could be available for the game against burnley next week and unfortunately we all hear the news that isaac hayden is now going to be out throughout the rest of the Season now by the by the by the looks of it – and that is a real blow for us, because the lad has been one of our better players there, this season and when he came off on that stretcher, you were feeling the worst when she earned the News was he’s out for the season, and that is a massive massive blow air for us. So hopefully we should. We can try and get some players to fulfill that role and step up and the like. I want to see the long stuffs either.

One of them get involved. I certainly do not want to see shelby or hendrick in that start lineup, because their performances have been horrific. They really really have shelvey’s performances, looks like he’s, uh they’ve been lazy, he looks like he, can’t be bothered anymore and jeff. Hendrick. Has just been shocking of a saying, well, a waste of a sign he really has and he offers nothing. I must say so, yeah for spears. Unfortunately, they’re gon na have son back in the side, and that is the least thing we wanted to hear, because that lad is quality. He really really is and i’ve also got the left back regular fit as well a decent left back as well, but they are going to be without mac, dougherty and, of course, ben davies m as well. If we give spears so much space and let their attackers come forward, they’re only gon na do one thing, and that is punish us massively. It really is, and the players i have picked out for spares is a majority from their attacking line. It really is, and these are the ones we’re gon na – have to really watch out for because, if we don’t there was only going to be one thing as i mentioned, and that and that could be well but yeah tongarin. It really really could be so. The players we need to watch out for for space start off with this man. Hurry, kane and the lad can certainly find the back of the net.

He really can give him the ball, and we give him that much space nine times our ten he’s going to put them in isn’t. He so defense make sure they keep an eye on him. On sunday, second player i’ve picked, and that is son and again the ladder’s quality as well and again if he gets chances on target again nine times out of ten he’s going to put them in as well. So again, if we do not keep watch out for him, he that’s another one who could punish us massively as well, or he will punish us big style as well. If we do not watch out for him next play, i’ve picked and that is gareth bale back. It spears on loan from real madrid and again, if we don’t keep him uh don’t watch out for him. Sorry again, he’s only just gon na cut inside with defense and couldn’t, just uh cut us massively apart and either look to pick about out someone in the box or he’s gon na try and get an effort on target m as well so and the final one I’Ve picked out, and that is lucas mora and again, i think the lad can score goals as well and again he’s the one that can score goals as well. I must say, and also actually i missed one out they’re, the one i’ve picked out and that is deli alley when he starts and he’s on his game, another one who can certainly find the target um as well.

So that is the players we will have to watch out for from space’s attack and lineup if they are playing and a lot of us fans are really dreading this game. That really really are. I must say because if we let spears is attacking line, but then players come out when we simply do not keep an eye out for them and close them down. You know what’s gon na happen. You just know what will happen indeed and tips for the predicted lineup. I wan na see four two three one. We should be going with it, even though bruce said he doesn’t like to change your butt. If something’s, not working, you should be looking to go with another plant in another formation and 4231 should be the formation we should be using. We used it last season. Why have we suddenly stopped using it? I must say it really baffles me. It really does so formation four, two three one and what team what we should be going with on a sunday. So here we are stoner finger. Martin de bravka, there was a bit concerns at first, which apologies i forgot to mention that he had been struggling with the stomach air bug during the international break, but it looks like he is going to be back in for training before the space game. So it looks like he should be fine for space. He couldn’t do out about the goals against brighton, so it looks like he should be staying in goal on sunday by the looks of it.

He is number one and he is back in goal now. For a reason into the back four in the right back spot i’m, going to go with having him on kyo, had a stop a disaster game against brighton, but again he’s done well. This season, i must say, and i’ll rather not have emil crap in the side. As well in the start line up so right back is why i’m going to go with javier mancio left back spot i’m, actually going to stick with paul domit, a lot of people thinking? Should we be using lewis but again, lewis’s defending at the minute worries me and if he comes up again against bail, only god knows what bail is gon na do to him um as well, so paul domit. I want i’m gon na stick in a left back as well. He can’t do a defensive duty, so i’ll keep him in the left back spot for sunday, two center backs first of all, the captain jamal sells and he will have to be honest game. I must say because against brighton, that was a absolutely awful performance um as well, but again we all know why he’s in the start lineup he is. He is the captain of the football club m as well, and, alongside them, i’m, going to stick with clark and again, a player who is gon na have to be on his game as well, because, again against brighton, it was abysmal as well, but them two he’s Done well as well, but them two him and lasalles i’ve been doing decent uh as well before that brighton game.

So that is why i’ve kept the back full and the same. The set of midfield rules. We all know haynes over the rest of the season and i do not want to see shelby or hendrick in that start lineup. So, first of all i’m going to go with joe willock and he can’t push forward. You know we all know he can’t push forward. Um as well – and i think he will start on sunday so that’s – why i’m going to keep joe willick in the side for sunday and he is playing against spears. So he will know what it’s like to play in the north, london derby as well. So city did it for arsenal. Well, i think he would he’d probably be wanting to start against air space on sunday and you can guarantee he’ll want to do something to them by the looks of it. So that is why joe will look to start on sunday alongside him, i’m actually going to go with matty longstaff. I want to see him back in that squad now give him that chance see what he can do. I could have picked sean, but i think sean prefers bear higher up the pitch in a number 10 role, so that’s why i’m gon na select mati long stuff to play on sunday? Please give him that chance give him the opportunity to see what he can do into the wingers. On the right hand, side i’m going to go with jacob murphy.

The lord needs a chance to start. He really does give him that chance as well play jacob murphy. He’S got pace and he could certainly whip a ball in the box. So that is why you want to see jacob murphy start on sunday left hand, side i’m gon na stick well: i’m gon na go with ryan fraser. The lad has been exceptional on international he’s been scoring for scotland. Hopefully now he can do that for us in the premier league now throughout the remainder of the season and set those chant given the other players, those chances get balls in the box and see if anyone can get on the end of them as well, so that’s. Why frieza has to stay in the start? Lineup uh for sunday number 10 role i’m going to go with mickey. Hopefully he is now going to be probably fit 100 fit for the game, and we need him to be on his game in the number 10 role and he certainly plays at his best there. He certainly does so. That is why miggy to start on sunday and up front as the striker i’m actually gon na go with dwight gail. If there is talks, he’s still gon na get that new contract. Why not start him up front in his correct position not out on the left and see if he can honor himself to get that new contract if he’s gon na get it so we’ll wait and see? So that is my predicted lineup for what i’ve gone with? I want us to say i want to see four two three one it’s a formation we should be playing so go for it score prediction, as i mentioned there’s, only going to be one winner and it’s, going to be spears, unfortunately, so i’m going to go for A three nil win to spares, so that is my score prediction i must say.

Let me know down in the comments section. As always, how will go in this game? Of course you predicted lineup and, of course, your score prediction will be. Unfortunately, there will not be a quick thoughts and player range after the game this time, because then i am going to be catching up with some friends there afterwards, as well. So after the game and of course, the next day, um as well, because it’s been a long time since i’ve seen them and if the rule about you’re allowed to meet them is allowed it’s awful. Why not? Because it’s been a long time since i’ve seen them and it’d be great to see them again so for apologize i’m, not going to get a quick thoughts in there clearings out there for this game, but to make up for that tomorrow, i’m going to do the 1000 q, a video so now today is your last chance to get those questions. There is a post i’ve got out on twitter. If you do follow me on twitter, if you haven’t, the link is in the description to find my twitter account. You can follow us there. The post is pinned and just drop me a question whatever you want. It, doesn’t have to be about football and uh. If um i do get around to answer your question. I’Ll do my best there to answer free for you as well. So i thought: do the 1000 a q a to make up for that and also tonight on paul’s channel the tune reveal we are doing a steve, bruce press conference live, live stream on there, so be interested to see what we are going to be coming out With after steve is here and steve bruce’s conference today, so do keep an eye out for that comment.

Thank you for watching, of course, don’t forget to give this video a like. Please drop your comments in as well, and, of course, if you have checked me out before, please do hit the subscribe button and i shall catch you all later. Take care.

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