Newcastle United F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Premier League, José Mourinho, Steve Bruce Revenge-Tottenham vs Newcastle Match Preview and predicted lineup

That does take place this sunday with the quarter past two kickoff, but before we get into the video make sure if you’re new here to smash that subscribe button hit that like button as hard as you possibly can and tap the notification bell. So you don’t miss an upload on the content side things you can expect to see all kinds of tottenham hotspur content, whether it be match previews, match reviews, player ratings, predicted lineups, tottenham updates, transfer, updates debriefing day after shows after every single tottenham hotspot game. The whole shebang so make sure to smash that subscribe button and without further ado, let’s get right into the video, so tottenham hotspur versus newcastle. This sunday huge huge game, massive game for tottenham hotspur, massive game for newcastle, united. Obviously, tom hotspur still believe they can get top four jose mourinho and his group of players still believe tottenham hotspur can get top. Four is our main priority for the rest of the season and it’s an even bigger game for newcastle. If you ask me, obviously a team that’s, looking very likely to go down this season, a team that could go down the team that could get relegated down to the championship and, as i say, getting something out of this game is so so important. Because you look at their runner fixtures, as i say, and none of the next few games are easier to us say a lot of them are relegation scraps.

As i say, on the last day of the season, they have to face off against fulham, who are currently 17th in the league, so i honestly do believe newcastle have a high chance of going down. This season have a high chance of getting relegated. So this game’s absolutely crucial for them. They need to get something out of this game if they get a point. They’Ll be very very pleased if they get three points. It’Ll be an absolute miracle but, in my opinion, as to say it’s, a big big game and it’s a game that tottenham hotspur do need to win. Obviously you know before the international break we were losing and losing and losing three nil to dynamo to grab. You know a lot of spurs fans seem to forget that it hasn’t gone out of my head at all. I can’t be fully positive after i saw that, as i say, and losing three nil to dynamo squad being knocked out of the europa league. You know losing 2 1 in the north london derby, to disgraceful performances in a row, but then we go to villa park and we pick up all three points in a defensive dominance game as we take on aston villa. I say we defend so so well in that game we sit back. While i say we take our chances, two goals to know we’d be aston villa and you know bear in mind. This is not the aston villa from last season.

This is a very, very talented. Aston villa side who were looking to get european football, we beat them two nil, easy as anything. So in my opinion, newcastle could honestly be a piece of cake. I do believe we will in this game, and i do believe we will continue this little running form. Hopefully, we can pick up a good run and form as say you know, arsenal taking on um liverpool, which is we that game’s going to be very, very interesting for the first time ever. I honestly do kind of want arsenal to win. I know that sounds crazy, but if arsenal win that game it gives us a massive advantage, a massive chance of getting top four as say that game takes place tomorrow, night, obviously our game on sunday. So you know big big game, big big game for both newcastle and tottenham hotspur and a big game for jose mourinho. I say because i know a lot of fans haven’t forgotten about that’s, a great three nil, a lot of fans. Haven’T forgot about that uh, west ham, two one, the arsenal, two on the brighton one nil, you know let’s be 100, honest, uh this season off almost been so on and off. We started off the season, fantastically. As i say, we lost one nil to everton, but after that we were phenomenal all the way up until december, when we flopped a little bit, we were on and off then from january.

In my opinion, to early march we were awful. We were absolutely awful, even mid march, has to say to late march. We were absolutely wonderful and now just about now we’re, starting to pick up a little more form. So, in my opinion, you know this game is very, very important for our confidence for our format. To say, and getting top four and if we can’t get top four getting european football it’s such such a crucial game, such you get a huge game. I say when it comes to the predicted. Lineup will start things off in goal, for me has to be hugely sugary no way joe hart starts in this game hugo. He is a top tier goalkeeper. Although he’s been making a lot, a lot of mistakes recently he’s a top tier goalkeeper and saying whether he goes in the summer or not, he needs to start in this game. So hugo and goal for me right that takes us on to the right back position. Now i thought about this one right because, in my opinion, dougherty shouldn’t start dr t shouldn’t start in that right back position. It was between aurier and tanganga, and out of the two i’ve chosen jaffa tanganga, i believe tanganga is the better player. I believe he is the center half, but i know that it shows emino prefers him playing in that right, back position as to say so. He can press eye and also sit back defensively, so our team can breast side.

So you know turn younger for me at right back, i don’t see him starting doggity if he did start doctory. I would not see the point in it. I don’t see him starting aurier tanganga at right back for me that takes us on to our center back partnership. For me, there’s only two players that can go in here: toby alderfield and davidson sanchez now joe roland had a decent performance against villa. But as i say you know, davidson sanchez looks so so much better when he’s um, when he’s next to toby out of rod it’s like lily king and michael dawson. So in my opinion, toby and sanchez has all sent about partnership. Sanchez he’s been one of our best players. Recently he really has been one of our best players recently, one of the only players who hasn’t made a lot of mistakes, so he gets in there without a doubt. For me – and i say you know toby advail – we need that type of command in the center half has to say we’ve had two weeks rest, you know so i don’t i you know i don’t believe in none of this resting players and all of that rubbish. We’Ve had two weeks rest due to an international breaking. Yes, these players have been playing on international duty, but they haven’t been given it 100 because it is international duty. Although it’s world cup qualifies it’s international duty, so you know i’m not i’m, not having any of that rubbish.

So, in my opinion, as saying that, right by position 10 ganga, toby and sanchez also two center halfs, as of left back without a doubt sergio regular need. I say more ben davies, not in this type of game, newcastle type of team who, as i say, they’re, really going to go for a smash and grab they’re going to try and get a goal. If not just sit back and pray for the nil. And then i say that’s the type of game they’re going to play, and hopefully it doesn’t work or not. So in my opinion we need a left back. Who can press high? We need an attacking left back who’s, so direct down that left flank. As i say, you can whip in crosses left right and center, and hopefully one of them crosses lance on the head of harry kane, jingling son, lucas moore only the people up top. So i say regular in that left back position for me. That takes us on to the midfield three, as i say, and for me when it comes to the midfield for you that’s, you have to go with hoibier and donblay, and maura huibian and dumbley they’ve proved it time after time. In that double pivot, they they’ve been absolutely fantastic. Tan guy obviously had that massive skill show against dustin villa that’s, all over the reels on instagram. That was really good tan, guys he’s he’s a fantastic player, and you need that type of skills in these types of games.

I’Ll say you know, especially against the sides who are in a relocations, crap, so tango starts in there. Obviously, you know hoibie absolute midfield, rocker defensive rock fantastic. You know you really need to know your football to see what he does so well. I’Ll say he tracks back brilliantly let’s. No one get past marseille, gandalf, fc, he’s, a fantastic player. You guys know how much i rate hoiber he’s one of my favorite players at tottenham hotspur, so he goes in there and as of the attacking midfielder role, there’s only really one man, lucas moore. He performs time after time after time again in that arsenal game, where no real player performed, he did step up a little bit in that west ham game. He scored the goal. He’S been scoring left right and center as saying that crystal palace game, he was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal the unsung hero because he doesn’t score many goals, he’s an incredible player. He starts in there. For me, i say, and we need that high pressing, because you’ve seen in many many newcastle games this season when they get pressed, they tend to give away the ball because they’re not used to that. They just expect to sit back and say so. We need someone who’s going to put constant pressure onto that new castle back line and lucas smart is the man for me and up top kane and son no need to state the obvious. They both start in this um in this lineup.

For me, sun on the left wing cane up top – i say as of the right wing it’s going to be very, very tough. Now, do we play venetia’s? Do we play um gareth bale? Do we play stephen bergvine? Do we play even eric lamela? I honestly don’t know about this one, but in my opinion, in my opinion, we start goth bell. I still think garfail um deserves to start in this game. Although we made those controversial comments which have gotten a lot of heat, some people agree with him. Some people don’t as say after those controversial comments in his wales press conference. You know i still believe he is a fantastic player and if he’s only going to be here for a few more months get the most you possibly can out of him. I could make an argument for steven bergvine because this defense work, but you don’t need that in a um in the game against the uh relegation side, i’ll say aside, that could go down this season. In my opinion, you know venetia’s definitely up there, but will he suit that right wing role – and this is the type of player in this game? In my opinion, no eric lamela say i have a funny feeling: he’ll lose his temper again. He’Ll be a little bit shaky has to say, because you don’t want to get another red card. He doesn’t start in this game. I say bail on the right wing.

Nevertheless, this has been the video guys.

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Newcastle United F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Premier League, José Mourinho, Steve Bruce 04/04/21, I AM EXPECTING A DEFEAT.

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