Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Opening Day . Braves Game Highlights (4/1/21) | MLB Highlights

29 runs batted in in the first pitch of the season, is hit in the air to left field towering shot playable for mccutchen he and hasley are there and hazley makes the call and the catch one pitch one set aside max. You know great year last year, a couple things only allowed two home runs last year. I thought that was huge and last year right, he’s hit 209 off him. Lefty said 220.. The first pitch is lying to right field, that’s it for a base hit that andrew mccutchen is aboard to begin the bottom of the first yeah. You got a couple runners on both guys run well and get a ball in the gap here. Phil’S could go up. Two, nothing or launch one here: three, nothing would go a long way in this ball game that ball of the dirt and it hit him and the bases are loaded. You know i’m alec bone right now, ben you know, he’s struggling with his off speed. Pitches looked dead red first pitch like andrew, did try to put a good swing on and put your team up the high in the air to left field. It’S, not deep. Tagging from third is mccutchen. Ozuna is under comes running in the throw to the plate sails to the left, and it is not in time a run scores. The other runners move up a sacrifice fly. The fills are on top one to nothing. Here’S austin reilly, who, a season ago had eight home runs 27 runs batted in curveball rolled up the third base line charging his bone.

This is where he’s improved. He flips it to first dug out by hoskins. Well, he improves and going in to get the baseball and then rhys hoskins improves the play by picking it on one hop and acuna bats. With two outs, his 30th pitch is whacked inside the bag: fair and down the left field line. It hits right off the point of the stands and ronald lacuna. Junior’S first hit of the season is a stand up double with two outs traditionally aaron like a lot of good pitchers buckles down with rudders in scoring position, but ben is right. The guy on deck is not the one you want to face rolls over to the right side and gene segura. Is there there’s a good hook max freight has his third strikeout and two in a row now three strikeouts for freed and rhys hoskins is coming up. Curveball pulled that’s a fair ball down the left field line slowly going toward the corner hoskins on his way to second he’ll get their standing. His first hit of the season and the phillies have a one out double here in the bottom of the third price, was at 233, with runners in scoring position a season ago that one’s off the end of the bat flares in the right center field to base It reece had to hold up so he’ll. Stop at third bryce may have broken his back, but the phillies have first and third with one out here in the third inning, you got a fourth hitter coming up your fifth hitter coming up.

This is their job to drive in runs with with the runners on third, with less than two outs Applause. Oh man, it looked like. He got his hand in there a run scores it’s, two, nothing right now, two outs but i’m sure the phillies will take a look at this one but that’s something in your head. You have to know that bryce is aggressive, sometimes overly aggressive. Oh, they called him out. Riley is creeping into third aaron struck out his first plate appearance. This one’s putted toward freeman he’s going to go to second, and it goes into center fields. Everybody is safe. You want to get hoskins because harper’s on deck and a swing and a miss max needed that 2 2 pitch swing and a mess, he threw him another change up and he deceived him. Five strikeouts ground ball, right, side and segura has got it throws to first hitting is over five shutout innings so far for aranola that’s big run to cut off freya muto at second with one out and strike three that’s, a big yellow hammer curveball right there. Best of the game for freed, who has struck out seven men and he struck him out again. Gregorius has the hat trick. Eight strikeouts for max freed, freddy smoked the ball to center field. His last time up, he’s also bounced out to first, as we told you, he’s been a philly killer. The last couple of years, freddie, a bouncing ball right side, hoskins botches that nola botches the throw freddy’s on his way to second acuna’s on his way to third.

So our first chance to talk about a big problem for the phillies last year. It was their defense, so ozuna’s one for two. He has singled and struck out and a live drive caught by alec ball, jumping high in the air over at third base. Two away: oh, to be six five amen to that. That was trouble once it left the bat yeah that is as good as it’s going to get, and you know two runs are going to score there ozuna’s going to be on second base and it’s been no secret. How nola’s going after darno today lot of fastballs and a cold strike three 91 on the outside part of the plate. Darneau goes down. Looking the side is retired, a little defense from bowm and christian poche. The final seventh inning hope breaks his bat and shoots one down the left field line into the corner. Mccutchen will dig that out and pache will stand at second with a two out double and now the braves will have a chance to go to their bench and get the game tied and it’ll. Be the kung fu panda, pablo sandoval, getting the call Applause and a drive hammer deep right field. It’S a pitch hit home run for pablo sandoval game is tied. Two two on an 02 pitch tries to come fastball in and really or trying to go, fastball. The way pulled this on the inner part of the zone and pablo hammered it and on a day jeff, where erin nola threw 85 pitches.

Only one is one he wants back. The base runners freeman at third darneau at second riley at first pache, doubled his last time up. Swag gon na miss a hundred miles an hour and the side is retired. He strikes out three serves it out towards shallow left center field. D.D gregorius is there? Oh? What a play he falls to his backside and reels it in fighting the wind, the entire time, what a route, what a grab and what a way to end the top of the ninth inning. The runner at second base is the guy that made the last out in the previous hitting so it’s ozzy. All these in this case, as freddie hits this one to the right side. That’Ll be a productive out. Runner is 90 feet away for atlanta and ozzie albees, who could put the braves in front on the hands looped out to center field? Roman quinn comes in all these tanks at third quinn’s got it all. These is coming home. He hesitated for a moment to throw to the plate. He is Applause. He is on a mission to do some damage harper’s at third that’s. What matters gregorius at first over toward third and again ahead of riley down the left field line harper scores easily gene segora was a man on a mission, and the mission was victory and the phillies have won on opening day in the bottom of the 10th inning.

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Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Opening Day . Philadelphia Phillies Highlights | April 1, 2021 (Opening Day)

Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Opening Day . Phillies Game Highlights (4/3/21) | MLB Highlights